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13th June 2007, 22:58
My nephew is doing this project at school about the Fishing industry and diffrent groups get appointed diffrent areas, so his group has got from Lossie to Burghead, so if anyone has any photos of Burghead boats or the harbour, same with Lossie and they dont mind them being used in a school project it would be great if you could post them on the site or e-mail them to me.
He's got a good lot now but the more the merrier.Cheers.:)

25th June 2007, 16:19

taken about 1963 - Bon-Ami in front Nimrod INS4 behind - other 2 I,m not sure - think one of them was the Rosebud.

brgds awy

10th July 2007, 09:18
Thanks away nice old photo. Thats the school summer holiday's now so i suspect that will be the end of this project. Thanks to all who posted photos in the site, the nephew was fair chuffed :)