View Full Version : Looking for Info on Deo Volente, Alec Hutt (Allan)

28th December 2008, 19:23
I've just joined to look for any info or better still photo's of my grandfathers boat. ( I think called the Deo Volente)

My grandfather was Alexander Hutt, lived in Station Road in St Monans opposite the Police station, I think before that in Hope Terrace. He fished out of St Monans but had to give up due to ill health, accident (lost his hand in the winch and had a hook) and died quite young in the early 60's. Married to Jessie Allan my grandmother. I was born in late 58 and dont remember him, I think he died when I was 2 or 3.

My father is still alive (is 86) and fished one season with his father going to Peel but I think was quite young, he was the cook!

I see some reference to Alec Hutt and the Paragon, I think he was my fathers cousin.

Any info on the boat would be great if any members remember it, and if there are any pictures of it.

Alastair Hutt