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27th December 2008, 04:00
Hi, scanning through the gallery and came across the oldman's oldboat,Meldarnic(BCK 157), i have been thinking with a keen interest about building it. Being a newbie ,anytips on where to start and where i could get the parts would be greatly appreciated.

bill wood
27th December 2008, 13:23
M Jappy,
First thing you need to do is try and get drawings of the boat. Where was it built? Are there still similar boats on the go? Get an old Almanac and get the dimensions etc. Presuming you have photos .

From the above you will have to decide on the size of the model and from this establish the scale.

If it is a display model for a house about 20-30 inches is big enough and for a sailing model 30 -35 inches is about right without being too big and cumbersome

Next is to find out if you want to build her plank on frame,solid wood or see if similar GRP hull is on the market.

There are not many parts on the market that fit Scottish Fv's but it is easy to make these yourself(see the build of Alis Wood and Faithful

Once you have decided what you are doing come back on this topic or send a pm

Bill W

27th December 2008, 22:42
the hull was designed by the same guy who designed the campbelltown hulls.
80ft in length(simillar to the INS cowrie and kiloran).Any ideas where to get one?

bill wood
28th December 2008, 11:31
I have a grp hull of the campbeltown 80'
It is 30" long at a scale of 3/8"/ft or 1/33

It comes either with a full 3/4 shelter with square edges or one with round edges which can be cut to be a whaleback and shelter

price is 48 + 8 p&p


28th December 2008, 23:23
i take it, it has a cruiser stern.

bill wood
29th December 2008, 13:23
It has a cruiser stern
See the model boats -Build in progress where Shaun is making one up as the Daisy