View Full Version : fishing vessel sizes

12th June 2007, 15:17
can anyone tell me if the vessel sizes is overall
length , as i placed a photo in the over 9.9m
gallery and this was shifted, the boat looks small
but is 11m.

Davie Tait
12th June 2007, 15:23
It goes by registered length and she was under 10m registered thats why I moved it. I've moved a few boats in the last week or so and also put in name changes where needed , its just to try and keep the site searchable thats all.

Nothing personal lol

12th June 2007, 19:43
nothing personal davie
i was just puzzled, as a new member i am
still getting the hang of things. i noticed
someone has added some registration numbers
on some of my photographs, just aswell as i
could not remember them .