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9th June 2007, 17:10
Hello all, I'm a wee bit concerned that the T.V. guide for next week that came with my paper today doesn't show the new series of Trawlermen starting on Monday. Has anyone heard anything?
Best Wishes

Davie Tait
9th June 2007, 17:45
Just had a look thru the advance TV guide on Sky and its not showing on there either. Just checked on the BBC TV website and its not showing on there either so looks like its been put back from next week. I'll update everyone when I find out when its on.

9th June 2007, 18:32
Thanks Davie, my problem is that I'm off on holiday with my caravan on the 15th (heading for Macduff for a look at a few boats !) and if the screening dates aren't known by then I'll no be able to set the dvd recorder. Have they no shame these BBC people. By the by do the boat modellers still sail at Tarlair on a Sunday - I'd like to take a look in when in the area
Best Wishes

Davie Tait
9th June 2007, 18:51
As far as I know the model boat club still meets at Tarlair on a Sunday Douglas.

You'll probably still see the Sylvia Bowers at MacDuff lol , be a miracle if shes gone lol. There's a few boats getting work done up there just now too.

I'll be recording it so if you miss it let me know :D :cool:

10th June 2007, 17:30
hi all
the trawlermen is on in august o7

Davie Tait
11th June 2007, 19:52
Jus had an Email from William Ancell from the SFIA and its been put back till next Monday. So its now due to start , provided the BBC don't put it back that is , on Monday the 18th of June

Davie Tait
18th June 2007, 21:59
Well thats the first episode past and some great bits in this one so far. The autotrawl computer breaking down on the Ocean Venture just goes to show that things can go wrong at any time lol

Dave Leishman
18th June 2007, 22:36

I forgot it was on...


Oh wait...you lot are in God's country...I'm stuck down here in the heathen South...it wasn't on!

It must be scheduled for later (once they add subtitles!)...

Davie Tait
18th June 2007, 23:10
Dave i'm putting it onto DVD ;) if ya miss it don't worry lol it'll be repeated later on in the autumn like last year i'd think

Davie Tait
19th June 2007, 20:17
I WAS putting it onto DVD.....:mad: the damn machine just died half way thru tonights episode so i've lost everything on the disk :mad: :mad: i'm lucky my cousin is taping it so i'll get it on dvd eventually :eek:

Davie Tait
20th June 2007, 20:27
News of an hour long special episode for later in the year guys. Spoke to one of the crew of the Ocean Venture and the camera crews have been out to Denmark filming the engine repairs/replacement for the extra episode.


24th June 2007, 09:56
Hi Davie, you the same Davie fae the Broch?, if so, gees an email

Edited out your Email to stop you getting flooded with junk Emails Brian lol

25th June 2007, 16:07
davie i have them on dvd and the fiest series if you've not seen them m8

28th June 2007, 11:36
Just recieved a note from Seafish advising that the first series of Trawlermen will be released shortly on DVD from the BBC around 27th August.

Also they say it is available for preorder from the usual suspects, Amazon, HMV, etc. however using the search DVD Pricecheck (http://www.dvdpricecheck.co.uk) gives DVD.CO.UK (http://snipr.com/1nn40) the cheapest at 10.99 DELIVERED compared to the BBC's equivalent 14.44 (a bit cheeky eh?) and Amazon's 13.47

You pays yer money .....

back to 16

edit:1st Sept - cheapest now at www.blahdvd.com (http://snipurl.com/1q6o8) 10.50 delivered
edit: 29th July 08 - cheapest now at play.com here http://snipurl.com/3700m (http://snipurl.com/3700m) for 5.99 delivered

Kev Munro
31st August 2007, 19:59
one hour special of trawlerman on BBC 1 next wednesday (5th september), 8.00 pm