View Full Version : St Nectan 1/30 Mountfleet Models

11th December 2018, 20:25
Good evening everyone

i have just joined the community, thank you for accepting me

i have just received the St Nectan and hoping that i can find useful information to making a decent representation of my build, But i am hoping to go futher than just the exterior build, but hoping to do a cutaway of a large section off the hull to show some interior detail

11th December 2018, 20:29
i dont know if this matters but, i am not a fisherman, and i dont think i have ever been on a trawler, but did serve 30+ years in the Royal Navy

Davie Tait
12th December 2018, 15:12
If you go into the gallery and do a search for the St Nectan there are a few photos of built versions of the model showing the detail , as for doing a cut away well getting photo's of the fish hold or engineroom isn't easy. I'm sure the best place to ask for help on this would be our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/TrawlerPhotos/ as most of our active members are using that now instead of here.


13th December 2018, 21:58
Thank you Davie