View Full Version : seals opening creels

12th December 2008, 22:58
hi anyone know or heard of seals opening creels before and wots the best way to stop the b*****ds had 46 out of 50 creels on one string opened today any ideas or previous expencience of this before never happened with us before

12th December 2008, 23:23
Easiest way is cable tie the doors shut takes a wee bit of time but the bar stewards cant get in either that or tak your hook inside the frame but with experience the cable ties are the best method ,we had to do it for years up in Loch Dunvegan when we had the boat here

12th December 2008, 23:30
what they do here is have two hooks-one outside as normal-one inside that you hook on by putting your hand in through the eye. the lovely,friendly,adorable creatures are that bad here at the moment that they were smashing the ends out of the shrimp pots.

14th December 2008, 01:50
We Had Many Problems With Them Whene Fishing For Lobsters Close To The Shore In Barra !! A Good 12 Bore Should Sort Your Problems Out!!

14th December 2008, 22:01
:rolleyes: i like the barra answer to the problem only thing is this f***er is a real good deep diver he got 25 creels down at 65 fathom on sat mornin didnt think he could swim that deep think i might need depth charges bring him up to the surface then blow his brains out thanks for the help have tried a few things so will find out tomo wot works dont think ill be allowed to kill him they would probaly shoot me or you first the seals are a endangered species ha ha they are breeding like rats

15th December 2008, 01:12
few bits of old gill net around a few pots and drown the fecker??

31st December 2008, 17:17
the small seals used put there heads in the bucket pots and take the bait out of them when l was fishing them as its been said b4 take the shot gun out lol.

Bruce Marshall
4th February 2009, 18:39
gill nets are about the best to get rid of them, if i had a pound for every one i caught id be pretty rich by now, we tried barbed wire across the eyes, rings, but they still pester u so good luck