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6th December 2008, 15:10
anybody know what ever happened to a fisherman, called 'black joe'? (i think his surname is pachino?? but might be wrong!). he used to fish from ramsey, and i believe he left in the late 80's/early 90's.

he had a wooden trawler called the 'MK Noah' then went on to a steel one called 'Phoenix Girl'. then, he cleared off!!!

also, anybody know, what happened to 'The Kelly' ? Kenny Evans used to skipper her, then was sold to the late Rhuban Reed. i almast bought her from rhuban in 1990.

just a couple of those things i've been pondering over while reading this sight!!

any info would be interesting.



26th December 2013, 14:11
I am also looking info on the Kelly ex ros mor owned by the late jack millar bangor co down last I heard she was in dun larie then sold to corn wal to be converted to a yacht jack rebuilt her in 1970/71 put thornie croft in her but I think she had a gardiner fitted in iom regards skiboo

Manx Venture
31st December 2013, 15:17
Kelly went from IOM to southern Ireland, she was then as said above converted to a motor yacht. reuban was last owner in iom, he had her after the acclaim fell heavy on the grid in ramsey, he sold the Kelly 97 I think before he got the radiance. 1990 I think she would have been owned by ramsey shipyard, reuban had don bosco in 1990, she sank nov 90 he then got acclaim