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30th November 2008, 21:54
Wonder if anyone can help here. Am writing about the fairly small scale fishing industry of Spittal. It's a project that I was busy with last winter, and am only now finding the time to continue with it.
Does anyone have any info or old photos relating to this? Thank you, Graham

5th December 2008, 09:22
Graham, I take it you've trawled through the Fishing Boat Registers at the Berwick Archive. References are SB1/5 and SB1/6 (think SB1/1 to SB1/4 are the Merchantile Registers). Do the Spittal boats just get noted as Berwick, because in the extract I made I see I've got references to Eyemouth, Coldingham, Seahouses, Beadnell etc but nothing specifically Spittal. It is probable that you'll have to check owner/skipper addresses. Would the boats you are interested in only have operated within a few miles of Berwick or would they have ventured further afield. e.g. the motor coble STAR TREK (Ex. ANN B SMAILES) built 1957 was wrecked 14 Nov 1973 at Loch Ewe. I have her as being a Berwick boat. Ian

9th December 2008, 17:04
Hi, Ian. Thanks for reply. Have here copiesof lists of BK reg boats 1869-1916, compiled by Dennis Nicholson. Presume that is what you are referring to, altho there is no reference numbers. 21 pages, divided into boats from, St Abbs, Coldingham, Eyemouth, Burnmouth, Berwick, Spittal, Holy Island, N Sunderland, Beadnell, Newton, Boulmer and Craster. A lot of the Spittal owned boats seem to be in the Berwick list, rather than the Spittal one.
As for venturing further afield, it is recorded that Spittal boats (and gutting teams) attended the herring fishing as far afield as Shetland and Lowestoft.

10th December 2008, 17:02
Graham, I'm sure it was the 'real' registers that I looked at. e.g. SB1/6 is a Register of Fishing Boats. Remember that I was only extracting data where it indicated the boat was lost e.g. on page 58 it has WELCOME HOME (BK 294) a 10ton lug 34ft in length. Skipper Stevenson. Boat 'destoyed' approx 31 Dec 1890. and on page 149 we find ALICE & WILLIAM (BK 1094) a 52ft 18ton boat which was lost in a collision off Eyemouth pre-20 April 1892. Skipper Dougal.
Would you like me to pop into the Archive to check? Ian

10th December 2008, 19:21
Only if it's no trouble, Ian. Should go myself, but with them only being open a couple of days a week, I'm usually working. If you go, mention to Linda that it's for Graham Toward. she knows me, did a talk on BK shipyard for them last year.

11th December 2008, 12:43
Graham, I was in Berwick today so called in to the Archive. Can confirm that the SB1/x series are the official records. Had a quick look at SB1/5. It does give the home port but only name and no address for the skipper. It does give the registration numbers. Ian

11th December 2008, 16:11
Cheers, Ian. Will have to see if can find time to call in next week. Is it wed and thurs that theyre open?

11th December 2008, 17:03
That's what it was back in 1998 when I was doing my research. Certainly the Thursday is still OK. This is the number I have 01289 330044 and ask for Archives.