View Full Version : First vessels IUU listed by SIOFA

Davie Tait
24th July 2018, 15:00

http://www.fiskerforum.dk/nyhederpic/SIOFA.1ae030_71953780ee41403e9eaff194d15fe702~mv2. jpg
Rogue fishing vessels have been IUU-listed by SIOFA and GFCM. Image: Trygg Mat Tracking

The newest operational Regional Fisheries Management Organisation, the Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement, one of the newest operational RFMOs, which covers species other than tuna in the Indian Ocean, has adopted its first IUU vessel list.

Delegates to the Fifth Meeting of the Parties, held in Thailand, agreed to the proposed listing of the Comoros flagged fishing vessels Diego Star 2 and Diego Star 3, both of which fished in the SIOFA area without being on the Record of Authorised Vessels.

Meanwhile, GFCM, the Mediterranean non-tuna RFMO, has just agreed its second direct IUU listing (ie. a listing not following another RFMO). The Egyptian flagged fishing vessel Al-Amir Muhammad was listed for illegal fishing in the Straits of Sicily.

Source: Trygg Mat Tracking