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28th November 2008, 21:57
Does anyone have any info pics on this vessel - probably 1960's possibly French built?

29th November 2008, 14:04
dont have a lot of info but there was a green plover working out of guernsey early to mid 70s she was about 45 foot looked like a scottish or east coast build dont know where she went from guernsey tho. hope this is some little help to you

29th November 2008, 16:51
Hi Scarborian,
There Was A Green Plover Working Out Of Sunderland In The 60s, She Went North To Seahouses/ Amble. Check Out Knavestones Gallery, Sure Theres A Pic Of Her In There.
Cheers, Paul.

martin johns
29th November 2008, 18:31
Pretty sure the Green Plover your talking about was built by Harrisons at Amble. She was in Guernsey at one time & was registered as GU 460. She later operated from Shoreham & is now a total wreck lying in Oare Creek near Faversham in Kent.

22nd December 2008, 20:21
think the Green Plover was a sister to my old boat Green Cormorant except Green Plover had the wheelhouse aft.

25th March 2009, 20:20
Does anyone have any info pics on this vessel - probably 1960's possibly French built?
she came to shoreham by sea i worked on her she was a french trawler i spent happy day welking on her she was green and black built like a brick s house late seventys

25th March 2009, 20:50
there's a picture of the green plover that was in guernsey in my gallery

6th April 2009, 04:39
Was built for Old Ernie or was it Danny? Ingram, at Amble in the sixties, moored next to John Weston's coble "Margeret Weston" in the north eat corner of the North Dock at Sunderland. Was always kept immaculate, and only fished part-time, as the family had a buliding business ,including a hardware shop. Was a bit of a pipe dream, but one of the sons, stayed at the fishing, I think Paul, (Dogsbody ) fished with young Ernie in the coble "Star of Nazareth" .
Actually the best person to clear this up would be Barry Owens of the "Golden Lily" his memory would be a little clearer than mine.and he spent his formative years around the North Dock.