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28th November 2008, 21:19
Coastal and Fishing Scene is a website which has photos on Coasters and Fishing Vessels. The site latly has bought a domain which means the address is differant. Have a chat in the chat box, have a discussion in the forums and most of all see and upload photos. in the attachment below is a picture of the site.
This link: www.coastalandfishingscene.co.uk

30th November 2008, 19:38
Please only leave this thread , I have removed the other thread you have posted as it is a duplicate.

1st December 2008, 12:41
ok i did not know that I had 2 threads the same!!!

13th December 2008, 21:51
Why does it say that the name is " Coastal and fishing scene?

21st December 2008, 14:33
The site has changed its name latey so it would not get mixxed up with other sites.

23rd December 2008, 21:42
ok thank you.

14th February 2009, 21:30
A quick update on the site the site has just bought a domain and we have a banner for the site. We have also 1100 photos, which is a great site that has only been running for 4 months.

1st March 2009, 18:59
cmon join us :)

1st March 2009, 19:03
I think this topic could be deleted and start a new topic becuase it says Coaster Photos.

Davie Tait
1st March 2009, 19:07
name on the thread changed

1st March 2009, 19:16
Thanks for that Davie. :)

7th March 2009, 09:29
A quick update on the site.

We have got 51 members, most active
Young Knoxy is now our new Administrator
John Baird has left the Admins team.
We have got rid of the Coaster Section.
We will soon be getting a new banner

22nd March 2009, 06:48
I am so excited to say that we have loads of new features which has taken me half a year to make/install. Here is just a few but to find out even more about the update you will have to register on the Coastal and Fishing Scene.
The new features are:

Moving Flags
Members Gallerys
Point System
V.I.P New system
Vbulletin Version Profile
New Chat Box

And More! To find out how these features can offer and what other secret features are coming soon all you have to do is join the Coastal and Fishing Scene.

22nd May 2009, 13:48
We have just updated the skin and the forum has been re-arranged to look better and easier to post in. here is the differances.

24th May 2009, 18:57
Fantastic work Tayne, Well done the site is looking much better keep it up!!! :) :)

13th November 2009, 10:24
Thanks Jordan!