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19th November 2008, 21:10
A friend at the marina told me today that there is a picture of my yacht 'Raniki' leaving Eyemouth. I have signed up to the site, and looked where he told me, but can see no sign. We were last off Eyemouth in 2006, and the most recent pictures I can see on the site have 2007 dates. Is there a way to find older photos?


19th November 2008, 21:19
I think this is the photo you mean??

If you go to the gallery and click on the search button ( the lower of the 2 the other one will only search in the forum ) you can put in a name in the left hand box then click on search , if nothing comes up repeat but change the tick box below the long data box to search comments and try again.

19th November 2008, 21:33
Thanks for the help. I found the photo! Eyemouth is about my favourite place along the NE coast, always a pleasure to call in for a few days