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18th November 2008, 19:32
hello lads am just back on site have been away and have got a warning message its a lot of talk about a fetch row and it not been a valid argument and a load more junk any idea what it is and how i can get it of my screen.............thanks

18th November 2008, 19:37
We had a serious database problem a few days ago which has led to some problems in the software of the gallery. We are working to fix the problem and the error message is not critical to the gallery software so it can be ignored.

18th November 2008, 19:53
thats ok then thanks for that...........

18th November 2008, 20:55
lol, not just me then with the same concern :p

18th November 2008, 22:33
is this anything to do with no members viewing names any more when viewing each others personal galleries?:confused: