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Davie Tait
19th March 2018, 14:55

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Breki VE-61
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Páll Pálsson ÍS-102
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Breki and Páll Pálsson
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Breki’s skipper Magnús Ríkharđsson raising the Icelandic flag on board Breki

Two new Skipasýn-designed fresher trawlers for Icelandic owners Vinnslustöđin and Gunnvör are about to start the 50-60-day delivery trip home to Iceland from the Huanghai yard at Rongcheng in China, via Singapore, Sri Lanka, Suez and Gibraltar.

Breki, built for Westmann Islands company Vinnslustöđin í Vestmannaeyjum and Páll Pálsson, built for Hrađfrystihús Gunnvör in Ísafjörđur, each measure 50.70 metres overall with a 12.80 metre beam, accommodation for crews of 18 and each has fishroom capacity for 525 x 460 litre tubs.

The pair are designed with exceptionally large 4700mm diameter propellers and MAN propulsion systems that will provide more power per litre of fuel than conventional vessels, with a projected fuel saving of 30-40%

‘Our calculations show that a five-metre propeller is 30-40% more economic than a three-metre propeller,’ said Skipasýn project manager Rakel Sćvarsdóttir, adding this super propeller is a good option for areas where ports have enough depth of water to cope with the deeper draft that the propeller requires.

The two trawlers have taken longer to complete at the Huanghai yard had had originally been planned, and originally there had been a scheduled 2016 delivery date. The two owners had hoped to take delivery last summer, but delays in putting the finishing touches to the trawlers took longer than had been anticipated, which consequently ruled out the option of steaming the two trawlers to Iceland via the shorter route north of Siberia.

Vinnslustöđin’s managing director Sigurgeir B. Kristgeirsson was quoted as saying that they feel they are taking delivery of a very good ship at a good price, but the last few months have been difficult, with an inexplicable delay in handing the trawlers over.

Source: Skipasýn