View Full Version : Photo Reproduction

14th November 2008, 10:49
Can another field be added to the photo upload section that would allow those submitting their photographs to say yes or no to others reproducing their pics?

14th November 2008, 13:32
Considering that hardly any members use the additional information boxes when uploading a photo it is very unlikely that anyone will use a box for this.

The issue of copyright is one of Law and no one may use a photo without the permission of the photographer. Copyright lasts from the instant the photo was taken until 75 years after the death of the photographer ( with the rights passing to the executors of the will ) so some photos well over 100 years old will still be covered by copyright.

We do not allow photos younger than 40 years old to be uploaded unless there is permission where they are being uploaded by someone other than the photographer and even then if the copyright owner contacts us to ask for the photos to be removed we will always remove the photos.

It is a common misconception that just because a photograph is on a website that it can be used by anyone. It cannot. It does not matter if there is a clear instruction on the website that no copies are used the law is very clear that permission must be given before copies are used on other websites for any other purpose.

No one minds their photos being downloaded onto a members pc for viewing at anytime off-line. That is considered reasonable use. The problem lies when those images are then used on other websites without permission. When we are alerted to images uploaded without permission we take immediate action to remove , or if the original photographer is a member reallocate to their account , images from the site.