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13th November 2008, 14:12
Hi again.

Was wondering if you folks'd mind answering a few questions that will help me understand a bit more about trawling and how it all works while at sea? I think they're pretty basic ones but they'll really help me out so that I can think about what features to concentrate on in my project.

1. With nets like the Eliminator being designed to cut as much cod out of the catching of haddock and whiting as possible, do you think that you will be able to make up the economic loss of cod by catching more haddock and whiting? What I'm really asking is, if cod was totally taken out of the equation, would you be able to survive on haddock and whiting catches alone?

2. What percentage of a catch is allowed to be cod when you're targeting another species, and how does this work with the quota system? For instance, if your catch is 7% cod, can you buy quota for that whole 7% or is there only a certain amount you can keep?

3. When out at sea, if you get a lot of cod mixed in with your target fish is it possible to buy quota for it in order to keep the fish, or do you have to throw them back?

4. Do you use a net drum or a power block to pull your nets in?

5. Is it possible to catch too much haddock or whiting in one trip? Even though there's more quota available do you ever have to discard some or can you keep it all?

6. When cod stocks become more stable would you target them again, or is the market for other species too good?

7. Cod are maturing younger now, at about 2-3 years old. In the interests of making cod fishing more sustainable would you consider using a device that targeted cod of maybe 45+cm, as opposed to the MLS of 30-35cm, so that there was more chance of the spawning stock growing?

8. When you eventually sell your fish is it priced by the box? If so, does the box have to be a certain weight, and is this what can lead to smaller fish being discarded? I'm asking because if the box is sold by weight then does it matter on the sizes of fish that are in it, as long as it makes weight?

9. If using a new design of net was more fuel efficient and earned you more days at sea would you be willing to buy it?

10. Have you ever used knotless twine in your nets and, if so, do you have a good method for repairing it?

I know that there are a lot of questions here so if you think you can answer 1 or 2 of them well and leave the rest then that's still really helpful. Some of the questions obviously only apply to whitefish trawling, but there are some more general ones that everyone should be able to answer.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out with this, and apologies if I've asked something totally stupid.

Dan Watson