View Full Version : Idea fornew album

Alexander West
20th May 2007, 15:58
Since We have pictures of boats from the past and boats from the present why dont we have a new album for boats that have bewen decomissioned my only concern is that somepeople may not have pictures of any boats that have been decomissioned and we are not allowed to take from other websites do you think thit is a good idea if so post a comment underneath and hopefully a moderator will see it !!! thanks

Davie Tait
20th May 2007, 16:21
For the decommisioned boats I can see where your coming from so i'll Email Dave and see how he wants to deal with it. It may be that he just wants them in the normal photo galleries with a note saying when they were scrapped.


Alexander West
20th May 2007, 17:32
ok no problem

Dave Leishman
21st May 2007, 22:55
I'll look into creating a new gallery at the weekend.

Alexander West
22nd May 2007, 19:44
Okey dokey