View Full Version : Wanted: more shrimping in the Barents Sea

Davie Tait
29th January 2018, 15:32

Norway’s Ministry of Fisheries aims to boost shrimp fisheries in the Barents Sea and Minister Per Sandberg has announced that proposals are sought for ways to make this a reality.

‘We would like to see measures that can ensure a stronger shrimp fishery in the Barents Sea, and therefore more raw materials for the shrimp industry in northern Norway,’ Per Sandberg commented.

‘This would be a biologically sound development that would provide a significant boost in this fishery’s activity.’

The ministry has invites interested parties and others to put forward proposals.

There is currently a requirement for a licence to fish for shrimps in the Barents Sea for vessels over 19.81 meters. One option would be to recall dormant licences and to relax regulations on the requirements for licences, such as by lifting the vessel length threshold for licensing.

‘It is logical to consider repealing regulations that do not have a particular function,’ Per Sandberg said.

Source: Nærings- of Fiskeridepartmentet