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8th November 2008, 20:42
I'm trying to find out the whereabouts of a former Guernsey registered boat.

It is a 14 metre Vivier Crabber and was formerly registered in Guernsey as "Jean Rene" "GU 163"

It was sold to Alderney and then we believe to Ireland. Now we believe it maybe part of the Harvey Fishing fleet in Penzance/Newlyn.

Any information or photos of/about this boat would be most appreciated.

8th November 2008, 21:11

From this I believe she left the fishing register on the 29th of April 1996 , if that means sold for a live aboard or decommissioned I do not know

8th November 2008, 21:15
Pictured here incase you haven't seen this......some of the posters may be able to help?


martin johns
8th November 2008, 21:32
Jean Rene did indeed become part of the Harvey's fleet, Edward Harvey - PZ 242, She was then sold to Wick & became Osprey - WK 14 where she remains.
Photo here:- http://www.trawlerphotos.co.uk/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=26929

Unfortunately the fleet register fails to trace a boat if it passes from the Channel Islands to mainland UK or the other way. I have found this on several occasions.

8th November 2008, 21:39
The EU Fleet register is a strange system Martin , they list the Channel Islands fleets under the UK list yet remove them from the list when they move to the mainland........

10th November 2008, 00:08
think the problem with the eu fleet register may be due the fact that the channel islands are not actually in the eu they just have trading concessions