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Davie Tait
26th November 2017, 14:33

Sander Andre is in the final stages of completion at the Larsnes Mek Verksted yard in Norway
Siw Røstgård, owner Kristian Benonisen, Sander Andre’s godmother Anita Benonisen, Kristian M. Benonisen from Mirsel AS, and Larsnes Mek’s general manager Jarle Gunnarstein
Sander Andre’s wheelhouse

A new multi-role fishing vessel has been christened at the Larsnes Mek Verksted yard in western Norway. Sander Andre is in the last week of completion and is expected to be ready to start fishing at the beginning of December once the finishing touches have been added to the new seiner.

Built to Naval Consult’s NC126 design, Sander Andre is the first of a pair of near-identical fishing vessels capable of alternating purse seining, seine netting and other fishing methods for Sørvågen company Mirsel AS. The second vessel in the series is being built for Arvesen AS for delivery in the first quarter of next year.

Shipbroker Maritime Competence has been closely involved in the design process, managing the fishing allocation transfer process and locating buyers for the older vessels that the newbuilds replace.

The steelwork of the two vessels has been completed at the Stocznia Wisla yard in Gdansk and the two were towed to Larsnes for fitting out, a roughly three-month process from arrival at the yard in Norway to delivery.

The 38.65 metre, 9.25 metre beam Sander Andre is laid out for purse seining for mackerel and herring, and seine netting for roundfish such as cod and haddock, with combination winches with a 25 tonne pull and capacity for twelve coils of 54mm seine rope. There are two net bins aft for fishing gear.

Sander Andre has a CO2 RSW system and six RSW tanks with a 420 cubic metre capacity, providing options for landing chilled pelagic fish or live cod, as well as a vacuum pump system capable of delivering fish from either purse seine or seine net direct to the RSW tanks.

Accommodation is for a crew of up to ten in four single and three double cabins.

Sander Andre has a Yanmar 6EY22-AW main engine driving Finnøy Gear & Propeller AS stern gear, and a pair of Scania DII3 M74 gensets.

Source: Larsnes Mek Verksted/Maritime Competence