View Full Version : Seaflower BH458 Any Photos or info?

6th November 2008, 17:10
After doing a bit more research I have found that my coble Margaretta BK 239 was also named Seaflower BH458 and worked out of Blyth. Anyone with info or photos would be appreciated.

11th November 2008, 08:02
There used to be a`coble out of Sunderland with that name in the 60-70's she was painted white at that time, lay alongside the Glad Tidings and the Enterprise, in the North Dock.

This may jog Someones memory .

11th November 2008, 19:42
Was It Not The Sunflower, That Your Thinking Of Dave ?.

billy the fish
18th April 2009, 15:43
The Coble Seaflower was taken in the seventies to seaham and she was owned by A jeffries a butcher from Murton Co Durham .A few years later it was bought by my late father George Thompson .Her number was SD269 and her salmon licence number was WT114 .MY father transferred the licence to mr Jeffries when he purchased the coble Boys Own IN the late eighties the Seaflower was brought back to Sunderland and was moored at pallion shipyard for a couple of years and then sold Since then i have no knowledge of her but would love to find any info about her Hope this is the right coble Regards Billy Thompson