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4th November 2008, 21:36
hi guys,

Can I ask maybe a 'daft' question for the lobster fishermen?

Like you would do in many types of freshwater fishing, would it be possible to 'ground bait' an area to attract in lobsters and crabs, before putting some pots down?

Small scale and very localised, ground baiting with clams, mussels and other fishy stuff (prawn/fish heads) surely that would attract in the scavangers?

Do you think the theory would work? This is more for selling smaller numbers of catch to our local restraunts, etc. I thought if I spent some time ground baiting first to draw in the beasties?

I'd be interested to know if anyone has tried the technique.


4th November 2008, 21:53
Never heard of this being done Spooter, actually the opposite :D

I always keep all my old bait aboard after fishing a creel , and dump it somewhere there is no creels, logic being if the food is lying at their feet they won't go into a creel :)

5th November 2008, 11:43
See where you're coming from, was thinking more ground baiting over a period, without the pots to draw the beasties into the area, then when the bugs are looking food, the pots have it.

Just a thought, maybe not practical for commercial purposes.

Just struck me when I saw a handful of boats sorting the catch of prawns and dumping the bycatch, dump it where I'm potting and bring em' crawlers in.

If it's not broke, don't fix it I suppose.

cheers fastcat

5th November 2008, 18:57
only problem spooter, lobsters are reckoned to be very territorial-they do not travel far for food-or migrate like crab they are an opportunistic feeder-feeding in their local area when it presents itself-lobsters will also most times make its way back to the place it was caught-sometimes travelling miles.
in kincasslagh one of the fish factorys offal discharge pipes flowed into the local harbour-but it didn`t draw any more lobsters in-it just made them harder to catch as they were well fed.
by all means try it-you never know-but i don`t think it`ll work!:)

big wheels
5th November 2008, 21:42
Had this argument for years, with a heavily potted patch to south of the island, With maybe a ton of old bait a day going back into the water some of the guy's reconed it brought crab on to the ground. I personaly dont belive it as my best catches over the years were always on fresh ground also lobsters dont eat a lot and not every day feed em for free and they wont go in the gear. As restless says lost lobsters will try and make their way back to where they were caught,when a friend was run down in the English channel with a few ton of lobsters in the well they had a good walk, he caught them west of the Hebrides by my reconing they had about four hundred miles to go. We often wondered if they made it lol.

cailín dána
6th May 2009, 20:35
Hi Spooter
Just saw your query tonight. I spent a few years working on lobsters on a research project and are difficult animals. They are highly territorial, the only time they get together is to mate and that is only after the female releases a pheromone. They can also spend several months without eating the colder the water the less they will feed. I hand fed thousands of them and there was a higher growth rate in the ones that were thrown into a huge tank with loads of shelter even though they got all their food from the incoming seawater and were never hand fed. There is also a theory about the migration of lobsters in a bay throughout the year i.e. they move further inshore during the summer months this might have to do with the spawning they tend to spawn during a full moon perhaps to ensure a higher survival rate for the larvae which can spend several weeks in a planctonic state but again the higher the water temperature the quicker they will settle out the theory being that the water is warmer in the summer months.
I have seen areas where there has been a higher concentration of brown crab velevets and spiders where an area has been baited whether on purpose or accidently I am not sure. Any other questions message me :)