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13th May 2007, 19:38

First time on and i am in need of guidence on the Building of the Maggie M for my young son, i have built a number of Billing wooden fishing boats as static models but this is my first venture with fiberglass and plastic. I would like to get as many working parts as posible to work on this model ie, radar winches engin sound and lights. With 4 young kids under 5 i only get an hour a night if i am lucky so they will be leaving school before i get the deck on:). any help photographs or advice would be greatly appriciate as it might help me get there before they leave home.


Alli in sunny Inverness.

13th May 2007, 19:48
Hi Alli have you had a look at model boat forum on www.modelboatmayhem.co.uk (http://www.modelboatmayhem.co.uk) ther should be stuff on there that could help you as for photos just check the gallery

15th May 2007, 20:39
Hi Alli,
I'm in the middle of building this boat. If you have a look at the post titled Campbeltown 87' you will see some of my questions and the helpful photographs Davie Tait put up.

As far as the actual build goes I've found that the drawing not being to scale is a bit of a pain.
The instructions on how the wheelhouse goes together are hard to follow but if you take your time and have a few "dry runs" you'll be o.k.

When you get to glueing the deck on try to make sure you don't have too much Araldite squeezing out from the joint. I didn't bother and then found out just how hard it is to sand away when dry.

If you think it would help I'd be happy to talk to you on the 'phone (send me a p.m.)
Best Wishes
Douglas (aka Westcoaster)