View Full Version : Scottish Seine Netter Hull Plans

Martin Currie
29th August 2017, 23:32

I've been looking on ebay and came across this model hull of a seine netter.

Does anyone have any information on her as to a set of plans. I've read online that the associated plans of a seiner called the Sheila were originally designed for this hull however I've also read that these plans are not suitable as there inaccurate.

Can anyone shed any light on the topic?

heres a link to the ad on ebay:

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-SCOTTISH-SEIN-NETTER-FISHING-BOAT-HULL-GRP-MODEL-BOAT-/322653160169?hash=item4b1fa082e9:g:CPkAAOxyyF5RT4I 6

its a really nice looking hull, also does anyone know what scale she might be? I spoke to the guy who produces the hull and all he can tell me is that the hull is 34" long.

This evening I spent a little time online and I think that the Minerva BCK24 looks similar, certainly around the stern. If i can get an idea of possible scale i'll go down this route with the Minerva, as she's a bonnie looking boat.

Thanks for looking


31st October 2017, 16:01
I built the model, did a bit of research and was advised that it was based on Flourish 11. On looking at any pictures it certainly looks like it. I've worked on it for several years and pleased with model. I'll try and post picture of it.