View Full Version : Quackers at Midnight

23rd October 2008, 20:46
As no one has started a thread in this one yet I thought I would kick it off.
One of the places I used to fish for eels was in a river which ran through a very public place so I only fished at night.
One dark, balmy summers night I was just pulling some nets when I heard voices coming along the riverbank, so I decided to keep absolutely still until the people passed, hoping that they would not see me.
Alas that was not to be, it was a young couple out for a stroll' when they drew level with me I heard the young girl say 'whats that? there someone in a boat' and she stepped closer to the rivers edge to look ..... all of a sudden
QUACK, QUACK, QUACK a mallard flew up almost in her face and she let out a piercing scream. 'You should be tucked up in bed this time of night I said'