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Bruce Buchanan
10th May 2007, 21:32
I have just had some great news about an old fishing vessel owned by my father and his brother. MYRTLE has been bought by a member of this forum and the good news is she is to be restored by him and his partner. she is due to go into dry dock in Beverly Humberside next week. I wish them all the best in this venture. It's so good to hear that someone is helping to keep these old fishing boats afloat after all the news of decommissioning of fishing vessels of late. My thanks goes to TRAWLER PHOTOS as it was through them I received this information. Many thanks Bruce Buchanan

25th May 2007, 20:15
where and when wasMyrtle built?

Bruce Buchanan
25th May 2007, 21:26
Myrtle was built as Inter Nos AH25 in 1927 by J N Miller & Sons St Monans. for a T Swankie Arbroath. She was the first boat to be fitted withelectric lights by Miller's.
Bruce B

27th May 2007, 08:54
Thanks, Bruce, that's about the same time that they built Celtic, now called Bruces, which lies at Charlestown, Fife.

Bruce Buchanan
27th May 2007, 13:19
Hi Grahamtowa,
The Bruces is still moored in Charlestown. I was along there a few weeks ago. The next time I go along I will take a photo and post it. Bruce B

15th March 2010, 13:22
Does She Still Have Her Kelvin I Remember Her When She Was Up The River Trent For Many Years I Cant Remember The Mans Name Who Owned Her But I Believe He Was The President Of The Kelvin Owners Club Last Time I Saw Her She Was In A Sorry State All The Best With Her Restoreation

Bruce Buchanan
15th March 2010, 20:49
hi Fairlie,
I was informed a few months ago that Myrtle had sank at her mooring on the river Hull. This has not been confirm. Any one with any news about Myrtle can you please let me know.
Bruce Buchanan.