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  1. Iceland Fisheries Minister invited to Grimsby
  2. Cromer crab plant under threat
  3. South East voice on fish protection zones "must be heard"
  4. Offshore platforms could be hot spot of fish abundance
  5. Scottish saithe fishery enters full MSC assessment
  6. Help Save Studland Bay from the Conservationists
  7. Annual uk fishing industry report published today
  8. MMO sets October start date for south coast cod
  9. MEPs vote on taking Morocco agreement to court and allocate CFP reform reports
  10. Area VII Scallop fishery to close immediately
  11. European Commission warns Italy on illegal use of drift-nets
  12. Campaign to save Cromer Crab Co under way
  13. Science success for aberdeen pupils
  14. Lossie Seafoods boss praises employees following prestigious export award
  15. Greenpeace and ICIJ claim Spain overlooks IUU fishing
  16. Cornish fisherman receives bravery award
  17. NFFO draws up shellfish poilicy
  18. Scottish shellfish conference opens in Oban
  19. Scottish food exports reach record breaking £1 billion mark
  20. SNH report reveals world beneath the waves
  21. Huge waves tracked off Lewis by Lews Castle College UHI
  22. Malliag Harbour has bumper year
  23. Business as usual for NFFO South West Committee
  24. Takeover of our fishing villages
  25. Fishing Vessel Personnel standards come into force in 2012
  26. Seafish kicks off new programme of industry Data Workshops
  27. New maritime skills course offered to Highland pupils
  28. Six crew members rescued From Amy Jane.
  29. Inquiry into Burghead fishermen deaths off Skye
  30. Jersey feel 'left out' of Guernsey fishing agreement
  31. Scottish fishing industry to receive £12m
  32. Scottish fishing industry will remain at forefront of developing new initiatives
  33. Seafish invites industry to demonstration day at Brixham
  34. Ireland toasts creation of 90 seafood and marine research jobs
  35. Mystery skin disease hits Australian fishermen
  36. Trawler pictures and information....HELP
  37. Cumbria fishermen drift four miles in sea as boat sinks
  38. More calls for Iceland to scrap quota change bill
  39. EU fishing fleets “fail to deliver” best value to society
  40. Brussels demo backs artisanal fishers fair deal demand
  41. Scots warn of “triple blow” for marine safety
  42. Military jamming of GPS in Scotland suspended
  43. Nafc head of marine science and technology speaks at european forum
  44. South west fishermen to discuss several key issues
  45. Injured skipper of Peterhead boat airlifted to hospital
  46. Seafish launches campaign to "net" mothers
  47. Barents Sea 2012 cod quota set at bumper 751,000 tons
  48. Gas prices too high to be used as trawler fuel, say owners
  49. Changes to fishing vessel outboard engine rules
  50. Crab habitat complexity reduces predation, say researchers
  51. Fishing fears over New Zealand oil spill
  52. Sainsbury's annouces £1-billion sustainability plan
  53. Cromer shellfish plant workers' petition to save jobs
  54. Any good fishing songs ?
  55. Landmark fishing industry discussions will take place in Edinburgh to shape future
  56. Iceland's new super fishery protection ship on way
  57. Brown crab handling and quality guide launched
  58. Man rescued after fishing vessel capsizes
  59. Med Bluefin tuna catch 'unabated'
  60. Report suggests Lion Capital may split Findus Group
  61. Damanaki turns focus on Black Sea fishing
  62. Eye am for real: One-eyed albino shark-clops 'is not a fake', say experts
  63. UK's 10 best fish & chip shops named for 2012
  64. Arctic warming will affect everyone - Fisheries Commissioner
  65. EU watchdogs to concentrate on “core” business
  66. Abuse claim trawler allowed to leave
  67. John steps up as NFFO South West Chairman
  68. English fishing industry handed £560,000 funding
  69. Key Scots interest raised at high level Morocco fisheries talks in Gibraltar
  70. Oceana proposes 28 atlantic marine habitats for protection under ospar
  71. Seafish should remain single national body, says Humber Seafood industry
  72. Picture in fishing news
  73. Jersey fishermen threaten to protest in Guernsey waters
  74. £566,000 boost for key fishing projects
  75. NFFO South West Committee Elects New Chairman and Vice Chairman
  76. Norway and Russia clash in Arctic fishing dispute
  77. Pros and cons of pole and line tuna fishing
  78. Orkney Fishermen’s Society wins excellence award
  79. The Euro crisis and a Glasgow shell-fishy business
  80. Donegal seafood businesses aim for more jobs and bigger sales
  81. Eyemouth lifeboat assists trawler
  82. Our "Fisheries Commissioner" ... oh dear this looks bad for ALL fishermen
  83. Spanish fish delegation visits Grimsby in trade boost bid
  84. Orkney tidal stream turbine hits milestone
  85. Can i move a licence between England and Scotland
  86. Fish with three eyes caught near atom plant
  87. Cocklers barred from Ribble estuary after coastguard checks
  88. Northern Irish fishermen discuss Irish Sea MPA concerns with Benyon
  89. Young's to keep crab processing in Cromer
  90. Newhaven lifeboat assists stricken scallop trawler
  91. Norway a seafood superpower - Minister
  92. Norway to speed up fleet modernisation
  93. Mystery yacht found by fishing boat
  94. Fisheries sector faces battle for survival says SWFPA
  95. Difficult to be green when you’re in the red, says Park
  96. RNLI approve year's trial of lifeboat for Harris
  97. Fishermen deaths report calls for safety improvements
  98. eyes for shrimp pots
  99. Mcleod welcomes reopening of scallop fishery
  100. RACs have exceeded expectations says retiring Lambourn
  101. 'WILLIAM MARY' Scallop trawler fire! saved by RNLI Newhaven, on scene photos.
  102. Tuna fished 'illegally' during Libya conflict
  103. Trials to reduce fish discards could be expanded
  104. Suspected e-coli forces closure of Welsh shellfish beds
  105. Marine science meeting brings science and industry together on the Isle of Man
  106. Porbeagle sharks protection extended by the EU
  107. Nafc marine centre completes sisp funded study on ling
  108. Northern Ireland shellfish business goes Dutch with crabmeat
  109. Lifejacket Safety Awareness Campaign launched in Ireland
  110. Radio Debate on Irish Fishing. Interesting listening!
  111. Lochhead to visit fishing towns for a series of meetings
  112. 8th Annual Show - A Sell Out
  113. Ireland launches campaign to persuade fishermen to wear lifejackets
  114. Greenpeace boat capsizes in protest off Western Isles
  115. Cash boost for fraserburgh harbour
  116. Last call to get involved with public consultation on marine site
  117. Public to have their say on maritime red tape
  118. British travellers warned on whalemeat imports
  119. Eastern Baltic cod fishery certified as sustainable
  120. Shetland fisheries trust launch website
  121. Irish company develops new long life crab products
  122. Young's Annan scampi site in jobs revival
  123. Hunter and morrison trust launches website
  124. Written ministerial statement on marine conservation zones
  125. Warning on data from European Fisheries Fund
  126. Peterhead heads for new record
  127. EC increases guide prices for most fisheries products
  128. North Sea watchdogs find possible cod infringement by beamer
  129. Scottish west coast prawns to be sold by Sainsbury's
  130. Marine Science Park construction underway in Argyll
  131. IUU regulations to be reviewed
  132. Offshore wind farm could create 1400 new jobs
  133. Cumbrian fishing communities receive £2.2m funding boost
  134. Trawl net offences and undersized lobsters lead to fines
  135. Anglo-North Irish FPO questions viability of Irish Sea Fisheries Science Partnership
  136. Fishing vessel runs aground at entrance to ardglass harbour
  137. Crew of capsized boat picked up off Barra
  138. Whitby Fishing School - Apprentice of the Year Award
  139. Moray Seafoods appoints 2 new procurement managers in move that will boost shellfish
  140. Confident Norway orders more new trawlers
  141. Yorkshire coast fishing industry gets European cash
  142. East of England marine planning report published
  143. Simon coveney td, minister for agriculture, food and the marine
  144. Ship lost of Holyhead Major Search & Rescue Operation in progress
  145. seamark workboats
  146. Jersey 'could run out of fishermen'
  147. Fish seller fined for not submitting sales notes
  148. Norway interest in UK white fish market worries Iceland exporters
  149. A new era for search & rescue
  150. French coastguard translates for Irish rescue
  151. RSPB questions Benyon over marine conservation plans
  152. New offshore wind development areas identified
  153. Iceland fisheries minister under fire at home
  154. Donegal man is new Irish Shellfish leader
  155. Stevenson scoops MEP fisheries award
  156. Jerry Gallagher elected as Irish Shellfish Association chairman
  157. All Norwegian cod and haddock certified sustainable by MSC
  158. Net spreads for UK fishing show as it broadens scope to cover all sectors of seafood
  159. Trials prove GPS technology helps habitats and fishermen
  160. Irish lifeboat launches to assist fishing vessel in force 8 winds
  161. fishing vessels of britain and ireland book
  162. Project under way to help “define” Channel scallop fishery
  163. Bridlington harbour row over hotel and car park plans
  164. info needed
  165. Prawn boat crew member airlifted to hospital
  166. Argentina detains foreign fishing boats in new Falklands tension
  167. George lou n
  168. Fishing industry on dvd
  169. Ireland’s top scampi processor makes a key acquisition
  170. UK chefs show unprecedented support for local fishermen
  171. Multi-million pound wind turbine plans revealed for north-east port
  172. RNLI crews remember 125th anniversary of Mexico disaster
  173. Report confirms massive misuse of eu fisheries funds
  174. Morocco bans EU fishing vessels amid Western Sahara row
  175. Scottish fishing vessels do their bit for marine clean up
  176. Fishermen query "dubious science" behind conservation zones
  177. New non-Executive Director appointed to Cefas Board
  178. Pelagic skippers pay heavy fines over "black fish"
  179. Jersey fisherman hit by severe weather
  180. Allegiance
  181. Supplies Reach Ship Stranded In Antarctic
  182. Fire on independent in ramsgate
  183. Sussex rescue fisherman 'severed hand in rope'
  184. Another sad loss just before Christmas.
  185. Surgeons replace fisherman's lost thumb with one of his toes
  186. Kyle of Lochalsh RNLI get new lifeboat
  187. Funding available for Cornish fishermen to complete under 16.5m Skipper’s Tickets
  188. Salmond accused of ducking call for help for prawn fleet
  189. MCS speaking first and “thinking afterwards,” say NFFO
  190. Happy Christmas and a good New Year everyone
  191. Body find in Ullapool harbour after search by divers
  192. The White Rose BF 358 built in 1900 at Port Gordon
  193. Guernsey fishing boat adrift near rocks saved
  194. Three vans destroyed in suspicious Eyemouth fire
  195. Iceland outlaws all fishing for halibut
  196. eurocutters derricks ends
  197. compass rose
  198. Loose salmon cages cause hazard for boats
  199. Southbank Fresh Fish delivers groundbreaking Coastal Fish campaign to London chefs
  200. More speculation as Findus tackles debt burden
  201. Scot gov - buckie fishing visit
  202. More worrying news on Oil prices
  203. Irish mussels enter MSC assessment
  204. MPA fishing coalition “take stock”
  205. Jon Bjarnason loses Iceland Fisheries Minister post
  206. First langoustine landing of the year into Buckie provides a flying start to 2012 for
  207. Japan tuna sale smashes record
  208. Trawldoor manufacturer confirms attendance at fishing show
  209. Northern Ireland and is it worth working there(WAGES)
  210. Fisherman found dead off Lewis after search
  211. Seabirds 'believed to have died in fishing net' off St Ives
  212. NFFO anger is no surprise, say analysts
  213. Scottish Pelagic Processors Association takes over from Herring Buyers
  214. Guernsey fishermen enjoy a bumper season
  215. ‘Project WhiteFish’ to provide environmental accounting for cod and haddock
  216. Environmental accounting project launched for cod and haddock
  217. UK fishing industry "facing pivotal year"
  218. Cefas agrees five-year alliance with university
  219. Eyemouth fishermen call for greater Government support at Ministerial meeting
  220. Fish trader pioneer Tom Omley dies at 76
  221. Major search for missing fisherman off Anglesey
  222. Portuguese sardine MSC certificate suspended
  223. IrishTrawler Lost..
  224. Scottish fishing communities offered project funding
  225. Fishing boat collides with oil tanker off Milford Haven
  226. Spanish master fined for twine
  227. Crewman pleads guilty of failure to keep a proper lookout
  228. Norwegian fishermen set in their ways
  229. Start date for year-long Harris lifeboat trial
  230. Missing Fisherman body found in Killybegs
  231. Stornoway helicopter in long range fisherman rescue
  232. Brixham trawler Provident joins Queen's Diamond Jubilee
  233. Dutch Fisherman Airlifted from Trawler off Irish West Coast
  234. Body recovered from Tit Bonhomme this morning
  235. Seafish seeking charter vessels for selective gear trials in the Irish Sea
  236. Isle of Man fishing closure to protect stocks
  237. Diamond Jubilee: Essex boat to sail in Thames pageant
  238. Stolen World War II rescue fishing boat to be returned
  239. Ex minister tells of Cod War death threat
  240. Buchan lands new role in SFF Services
  241. Overturned lorry spills mackerel across field in County Down
  242. Cygnus workboat set to feature at SECC
  243. Norab Services will help keep you at sea!
  244. Fishing news
  245. Looking for a berth
  246. French fisherman is fined £1,500 for illegal fishing off Jersey
  247. Climate change could affect shellfish growers
  248. Environmentalists aim for deep-sea reforms
  249. NFFO weighs up options for under-10s
  250. Arguments for alternatives to British MPAs