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  1. Solway Harvester wreck described as 'upsetting sight'
  2. Haddock, Saithe and Golden Redfish in Iceland enter certification process
  3. SNH biologists search for sea species off Canna
  4. Isle of Man fisherman rescued from the sea
  5. Coastguard plan raises 'serious safety concerns'
  6. Lochhead attends Skippers Expo
  7. Projects to reduce English fish discards
  8. help wanted on mizzen sail
  9. Teenager missing after boat capsizes off Aberdeenshire
  10. Minister launches combined Safety Initiative Urging Fishermen and Fish Farmers to Wea
  11. Seafish Damage Control Box wins Safety at Sea International Award
  12. Benefits of using Prawnfresh Plus to be highlighted to NE skippers
  13. A fresh approach to fisheries
  14. Decommissioning is happening too slow, says EU report
  15. International watchdog tells Iceland not to change fish quota system
  16. New research says discards ban worked in Norway
  17. GY 18 Royal Lincs
  18. Fisherman search after boat found off Unst coast
  19. Ardgour , beached boat
  20. Fishing the big issue as Iceland formally applies to join EU
  21. Deep-water infrastructure expansion at Lerwick Harbour
  22. New pelagic vessels built to Green Passport standards
  23. Tesco does the Mission proud!
  24. New Sea-Fire range of fire extinguishers introduced to the UK
  25. Trawlers built to revolutionary sperm whale design celebrate 30th birthday
  26. £2.4 million grant-funded harbour development gets underway
  27. O’Neill pledges support for Northern Irish fishermen
  28. Fishermen rescued from boat fire off Fraserburgh
  29. Fisherman fined following collision with sail training vessel
  30. Benyon to meet Cornish fishermen
  31. New UK fishing industry report published
  32. Burry Port Hub to provide secure incomes for Welsh fishermen
  33. Crew of the ST Virginian GY116
  34. French seafood landings have “major potential” for Ireland
  35. Young fishers win boost under new Irish scheme
  36. New project will map important seabed areas
  37. UK fishermen numbers down by 2,300 in ten years
  38. Navy to blow up WWII mine off Pembrokeshire coast
  39. China and Japan clash again over fishing
  40. Falmouth coastguards win award for their efforts
  41. Baby lobsters heading to the Isles of Scilly
  42. New £1.5m lifeboat for Scarborough
  43. Iceland confirms 177,000 ton cod quota
  44. Faroes in MSC bid for NE Arctic cod and haddock
  45. The Fishermen's Association BLOG --Trawling for Truth
  46. Service will mark final chapter for lost Grimsby trawler
  47. Hoax mayday caller which sparked major rescue effort up in court
  48. Lochinver Fishermen's Mission re-opens as local venture
  49. Guernsey fishermen criticise 'secret deal' with UK
  50. Manx conservation zone could 'help' fishing industry
  51. Minister discusses future Marine Conservation Zones with stakeholders
  52. New Executive Director of Community Fisheries Control Agency appointed
  53. Good prices are masking industry’s ills, says industry figure
  54. Scottish saithe fishery enters MSC assessment
  55. New bottom fishing rule is major step forward, say Norwegians
  56. Ross Trawlers - The beginning of the End
  57. Smiles after Whitby Fish Market rescue
  58. Allergy worries lead to fish product withdrawal
  59. European Commission propose higher anchovy catches in Bay of Biscay
  60. Government announces coastguard rescue helicopter plans
  61. Don’t ditch the fish campaign launched by European Conservatives
  62. European fish stocks recovering, says NFFO
  63. Research shows small fish dominant in recovering Firth of Clyde stocks
  64. Fisherman rescued after boat sank off Orkney
  65. Coastguard station updates
  66. Fish Town
  67. Crew rescued after fishing boat Gleaner II runs aground
  68. Jersey lobster receives MSC green light
  69. Sea safety training for Cornish teens
  70. Small-scale fisheries pose threat to marine life, say researchers
  71. BBC2 is looking for a Fisherman
  72. 40+ FBA - Anyone know anything of it?
  73. Conservation organisation's flagship impounded in Shetland
  74. Seafish announces a £700k boost for fishing projects
  75. NFFO warns of "minefield of laws" facing fishermen
  76. Trebilock elected as new NFFO Chairman
  77. New Montrose lifeboat after £1.5m donation
  78. Associated Seafoods nets Moray prawn processor
  79. New claims over fish mislabelling in UK and Ireland
  80. Friend of the Sea certification for Dutch Noordzee Vissers Consortium III fleet
  81. Dorset anglers urged not to try and catch bluefin tuna
  82. Seafish Industry Project Fund funds consultant for Scottish Fishermen’s Federation
  83. West Country fisherman to be new NFFO chairman
  84. Misreporting by Spanish fisherman costs him catch and gear
  85. Amity sets sail with eco-friendly trial nets
  86. Bridlington fisherman to get NHS health trainer
  87. MMO seeks volunteersto help shape inshore fishing
  88. Grimsby Fish Market upgrade due to begin this week
  89. Marine SAC review supports Natural England’s designation of three case study areas
  90. Europe urged to follow scotland and help safeguard future fish stocks
  91. Plea for return of stolen fishing memorial
  92. Scotland’s Conservation Credits success championed at European WWF event
  93. Crystal Kay assisted by St David’s RNLI lifeboat
  94. South Devon fishermen has got 9 years in Jail for knife killing
  95. Management control failure means Loch Torridon langoustines leave MSC programme
  96. Pirate fishing vessel seized in Liberia
  97. Aberdeenshire fisheries area to benefit from European sustainable development fund
  98. Shetland Council considers challenge to ETV removal
  99. MMO issues alert after bluefin tuna caught off UK coast
  100. Selective fishing more important than creating markets for new species
  101. US outlines why it may impose sanctions on Iceland
  102. UK has thrown away enough cod to support 711 jobs for 46 years, says nef
  103. World Conference on Marine biodiversity takes place in Aberdeen
  104. Under tens see regionalised pooled quotas as the way forward
  105. Peterhead fisherman's head injury sparks air rescue
  106. NFFO furious about proposed ‘sell-out of English fishing interests'
  107. DARD announces availability of Mourne herring fishery licences
  108. Busy half-year but lower fish landings at Lerwick Harbour
  109. CFA slates damaging Australian demersal fishing report
  110. Congress Introduces Legislation to Hold Federal Agency Accountable For Lost Fishing J
  111. Coastal salmon fishermen fear new pressure from anglers
  112. Seafish welcomes the return of ‘Hugh’s Fish Fight’
  113. Dutch beam trawler fined £50k for fisheries offences
  114. Fishing industry leader warns that sector is 'spiralling out of control'
  115. Fishermen rescued after boat sinks off Skye
  116. Fishing boat nets 'torpedo' off the coast of Fife
  117. SNH to assess Western Isles gannet harvest licence
  118. Scotland Bill amendment proposes statutory Scottish representation at EU meetings
  119. Under 16 sea safety training declared a great success
  120. Two fisherman rescued by Sunderland RNLI
  121. Hughs "Fish Fight" tonight C4 9pm
  122. England and N. Ireland fury over fishing "sell out" to Scotland fears
  123. More fish fighting required to convince Spanish fishing industry, says Greenpeace
  124. Irish fishing vessel arrested over illegally landed fish
  125. Fishing boat fraud lands father and son in court
  126. EU says most fuel efficient trawlers show the highest profits
  127. Aberdeenshire events arranged to discuss Local Fisheries Development Strategies
  128. Consultation on fishing in luce bay
  129. Environmental factors forcing Atlantic mackerel stocks into north-east waters
  130. Isle of Whithorn boat fire investigation under way
  131. Grimsby trade mission to head for Iceland
  132. Four weeks to go until Fishstock Brixham 2011
  133. UK fishermen asked to help map alien lobsters and black spot disease
  134. prawn tubes/boxes
  135. New reports suggest east coast of Canada cod in recovery
  136. Man airlifted to Plymouth hospital after losing fingers aboard Newlyn beam trawler.
  137. Jamie Oliver launches new frozen range using sustainable fish
  138. North Sea prawn undershoot must be avoided, says MacSween
  139. Good prices mean summer boost for white fish fleet
  140. 'Heart attack' fisherman rescued off Cornwall coast
  141. Erin Harbour boats vandalised in black paint attack
  142. Aberdeenshire Council Committee approves efforts to draw down European fisheries fund
  143. Call for skates to be listed under Endangered Species Act
  144. Clyde Coastguard seeks support for campaign to keep station open
  145. Anglian Earl incident shows Emergency Towing Vessel’s worth, says KIMO
  146. Trawler tow information wanted??
  147. Superior Seafoods closure hits Grimsby jobs
  148. Increase of quantity and value of fish landed by uk fleet
  149. Hull leader pledges to replace stolen fishing statue
  150. Hake study finds sea warming helps population growth
  151. Fisherman airlifted to hospital
  152. Three men airlifted after North Sea boat incident
  153. Former Guernsey fisheries boss demands details of deal
  154. John Buchan of JSB Port Seton has passed away
  155. Raised algal toxin levels in another Argyll and Bute area
  156. Orkney waters surveyed for special marine features
  157. Great white sharks 'could be in British waters'
  158. SFF hosts visit of Scottish Parliament Information Centre
  159. Sealord threatens legal action against Greenpeace
  160. Funding for fisheries students from Scottish Fishermen’s Trust
  161. Student really needs your help today
  162. Jersey fishermen's hopes over lobster study findings
  163. Gael Force owner to sail final 7,000 miles of world voyage single-handed
  164. Dogger Bank becomes special area candidate
  165. “Myths” still hitting UK fish consumption
  166. Industry invited to join a discussion on shaping the future of Seafish
  167. Mackerel prospects excellent as white fish and shellfish stay buoyant
  168. Mission Council visits North-East Scotland
  169. Fishermen and scientists working closer together
  170. White fish prices excellent in Scottish fishing sector
  171. Top marks for marine sciences student
  172. Fishermen welcome visa announcement
  173. Federation gears up for busy autumn
  174. Open day for Friends of the Sea
  175. Tourist complains about sight of fish in harbour
  176. Prawn treatment firm Xyrex in US move
  177. Crew winched from Oban fishing boat in Pentland Firth
  178. New Grimsby fish plant go ahead
  179. Whitby Seafoods nets nationwide Tesco contract
  180. Seafish invites applications for new round of Industry Project Funding
  181. Fishing People of the North symposium to discuss social, environmental change
  182. Fish analysis after north sea oil leak
  183. Framework conference to develop rights to fish tuna
  184. Danish fishermen and processors set to reap benefits of new distribution
  185. Online survey system means new status for fishermen’s knowledge, say NFFO
  186. Have your say on cod options, say MMO
  187. Newquay fisherman suffers finger injury
  188. EU watchdogs on pelagic patrol
  189. Fishing industry must be safeguarded in drive for MCZs, say industry grouping
  190. Historic Highland mussel beds firm folds
  191. Peterhead Lifeboat launched after vessel capsizes
  192. Fishing coalition raises concerns over protection zone sites
  193. Scottish Skipper Expo, Aberdeen re-branded
  194. Fish taste panel confirms ‘all clear’ after North Sea oil leak
  195. Peterhead Port opens new Smith Quay storage facility
  196. Alderney fishing restrictions to be debated by States
  197. Oceana is calling for an immediate stop of all capacity enhancing fishing subsidies
  198. Cove fishermen press minister on commonsense policy
  199. Exhibitors sign up to Fishing UK 2012, Glasgow as exciting plans for 25th anniversary
  200. Andrew duff mep wants controversial eu-morocco fish pact to go to european court
  201. Fishing industry "aiding Iceland econmic recovery"
  202. Scientists call for closure of most deep-sea fisheries
  203. £435m of fish caught by Scottish vessels in 2010
  204. New SC2 VMS launched to improve commercial fishing industry
  205. Maximising the Value of our Maritime Resource Seminar
  206. New first aid training course will improve medical care for fishermen after accidents
  207. Volume down, but Peterhead values ahead of last year
  208. Guy who got Assulted in Crown&Anchor Pub in Brixham
  209. A RETURN to the sea can generate new jobs for young people
  210. MMO releases socio-economic study on marine planning
  211. Commission proposes Baltic Sea fishing opportunities
  212. New legislation set to enforce use of flotation vests by fishermen
  213. Peterhead RNLI open day nets a whopping £2000
  214. Fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea 2012
  215. Fish discards research supported by Scottish Fishermen’s Trust
  216. Warming waters are shifting northeast Atlantic fish stocks
  217. Surge in interest in fishery certification highlighted by wide range of assessments
  218. Scottish seafood is king in France - and other countries
  219. MSC certification for Swedish North East Atlantic mackerel fishery
  220. NFFO discuss capping crab and lobster fishing effort
  221. Fishermen support a new Bailiwick 12-mile fishing deal
  222. West coast prawn fleet to supply Sainbury's
  223. Aker Seafoods placed £86m order for new trawlers
  224. The great shellfish debate is about to begin
  225. Queenie Management Board Introduces Voluntary Tie Up Scheme
  226. European fisheries funding boost for Northumberland
  227. EU and Russia reach agreement on Rockall Haddock Management Plan
  228. Scottish Seafood Association mooted by new Seafood Scotland vice chair
  229. Elver fisherman given suspended sentence after assuming false identity
  230. not good
  231. Cadmium levels cause concern in Norwegian crabs
  232. Search is on to find buyer for Hull fish auction
  233. Controversies of ocean science in spotlight as world marine experts arrive Aberdeen
  234. Kilkeel’s Fishing Industry honoured by Royal visit
  235. "Ainmire" sinking reoprt
  236. Drama on the high seas as crew of 120ft yacht are rescued after losing mast
  237. Lifejacket law to cut deaths of fishermen
  238. Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition Opens tomorrow!
  239. Fish may not be heart health elixir - study
  240. Sculptor to work on newfishing memorial
  241. Norway to undertake major review of fishing industry
  242. Historic Visit by Two EU Commissioners to Marine Institute in Galway
  243. South West hosts international marine workshop
  244. NAFO Performing Well
  245. Rockall seas mapped for first time – 200 years after first landing
  246. UK fishing industry discussion dates announced by Seafish
  247. Longline fisheries continue to drive albatross declines
  248. Crew of fishing vessel rescued following epirb alert
  249. Fishing gear causes ferry damage, says Steam Packet
  250. Sainsbury’s First with Year-Round Fresh Kippers..and a tip for keeping the smell away