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  1. Mediterranean artisanal fishers form new Association
  2. EU-Morocco agreement approved at February Fisheries Council
  3. Loch Torridon Nephrops Management Group (TNMG) proposals to close even more ground.
  4. Glasgow Fishing Expo 2011 cancelled by QD Events
  5. NFFO offers advice to Hugh on his Fish Fight campaign
  6. Funding boost for Northern Ireland’s small scale coastal fishing sector
  7. Fisherman saved from sinking boat off Moray coast
  8. Kilkeel Harbour to benefit from new safety system
  9. Under 10 metre fishermen told to hurry for innovation funding
  10. NFFO says Damanaki isn’t listening to the fishing industry
  11. Fishermen rescued from rocks on Coquet Island
  12. 2011 wwf competition to net best hook, line and sinker announced
  13. NAFC marine centre annual prize giving sees nine students pick up awards
  14. Fishermen admit £3m 'black fish' scam in Shetland
  15. Boats rush to the aid of sinking fishing vessel
  16. Spain penalised for overfishing mackerel
  17. trying to find out about my farther
  18. Belgian Vessel lost.3 missing.
  19. Defra may introduce TACs and quotas for shellfish management
  20. Crush injury French fisherman rescued off Scilly Isles
  21. Divide over Arctic overfishing claims
  22. Hull MP battles for trawlermen's 'lost' pensions
  23. Pembrokeshire Fish Week is back and it’s better than ever!
  24. South Korean fires on Chinese trawler, wounding fisherman
  25. New Northern Irish fisheries protection vessel commissioned
  26. Trawler towed to safety by Stornoway Lifeboat
  27. Mussel eradication scheme starts in Loch Etive
  28. US scientists find fishing industry dating back 12,000 years
  29. Grimsby skipper launches new seafood restaurant venture
  30. New Chairman for the Scottish Whitefish Producers Association
  31. MMO extend deadline for signing up to Sole discard reduction trial
  32. Changes to Atlantic Canada and Quebec fishing licences announced by Minister Shea
  33. Great memories.
  34. Alderney lifeboat rescues five French fishermen
  35. UK fishing rights at risk of 'privatisation by stealth'
  36. Fish campaigner suggests charging for quotas
  37. NFFO seeks fisheries liaison general manager
  38. Catch report failure costs fisherman his boats
  39. All aboard for launch of seas atlas
  40. U.S. 'turning a corner' in ending overfishing
  41. Seafish gear up for Supreme Court levy appeal
  42. Fishing for Litter Campaign nets 200th tonne in North Sea
  43. NFFO urges rethink on MCZ reference areas
  44. Probe into reported collision between container ship and Chinese fishing boat
  45. New Fishing Expo format to be revealed
  46. Sustainable seafood certification update
  47. Atlas of Scotland’s seas launched
  48. Five crew rescued from fishing vessel
  49. New by-law in the clyde?
  50. Cumbrian fishermen's fears over turbines
  51. MMO unveils new five year fishery plan
  52. Minister coveney highlights importance of the irish marine sector
  53. Stonehaven chippie first to offer MSC certified Scottish haddock
  54. Iceland skippers reports Barents Sea brimming with cod
  55. Faroes access agreement failure will impact whitefish sector, says SWFPA
  56. Record sentences in NZ fish trucking case
  57. 'Giant lobster' caught off Sussex coast
  58. Guernsey fisherman finds 'rare' albino ray
  59. Isle of Man tightens fishing regulations
  60. Consultation launched on National Marine Plan for Scotland
  61. MMO consults with stakeholders on Cod and Sole Days at Sea Schemes
  62. Scottish fish landings value fell in 2010
  63. Fish landing figures underline importance of fishing industry to Scottish economy
  64. New eu funding for fishing communities
  65. Decreased prices for mackerel lead to 3 per cent dec
  66. TV chef increased cod sales by 800 per cent, export conference told
  67. Irish lobsterman saved from drowning by Regatta Fishermen trousers
  68. Productive SWFPA-Scottish Government meeting
  69. NFFO Trust Fund Grants now available
  70. Community Fisheries Control Agency highlights successful 2010
  71. Chance to sail with Trawlermen star
  72. Wigtown Bay wind farm bid knocked back by government
  73. Fm announces boost for fisheries
  74. Scottish Government gives go-ahead to developers at six offshore wind sites
  75. UK-wide Marine Policy Statement published
  76. Funding to support Welsh fishing communities announced
  77. Northern Irish Trawlerman Prosecuted for Scallop Fishing Offences
  78. Norwegian fishermen raising thousands of kroners for Japanese quake victims
  79. Funding for redevelopment of Scrabster Harbour
  80. European Commission penalise Spanish for over-fishing mackerel
  81. New centre to study effects of sea warming on cod
  82. Extra protection for seal breeding areas
  83. Lighthouse Board should take over running of MCA tugs, says Crichton
  84. Shark taggers turn to skate
  85. Tragic Death of Skipper Neil Murray
  86. Trawlermen rescued from boat fire off coast of Amble
  87. wheres jordan ??
  88. French fisherman seriously injured in ferry crash
  89. £1.9 million eu funding boost for english fishing industry
  90. Whitby fights to save historic fish market
  91. Talks on trawler fishing in Gulf of Cadiz
  92. Exciting new plans revealed for Fishing UK 2012
  93. Peterhead harbour area closed over 'explosive' find
  94. Historic Hull fish and chip cafe closes
  95. Illegal cockle harvesters fined £22,000
  96. Cameron speaks of extraordinary risks facing fishermen
  97. Irish concern over fish mis-labelling
  98. Contract awarded for new Discovery
  99. Companies sentenced for conspiracy to mislabel salmon and shrimp
  100. Norweigian long liner arrested for fishing in an SAC.......
  101. Cargo ship aground at Roa A Mhíl
  102. Seabed leased for SeaGen tidal farm off Skye
  103. Two Fishermen missing.
  104. Mersey rescue after Troon vessel runs aground
  105. Dutch marines kill pirates in fishing boat rescue
  106. Minister sees Seafish work on fishing safety
  107. UK Fisheries Minister visits Brixham today
  108. SFF calls for a refreshed vision for the Scottish Fishing Industry
  109. Oil Price Nears 2008 Peak
  110. looking for pot bait
  111. double purchase blocks
  112. Three People Injured loading ferry onto cargo ship
  113. Ais
  114. Japan imposes fishing exclusion zone as industry anger grows
  115. Cornwall to get new fishery regulator body
  116. Devon fishermen fined for setting illegal nets
  117. Newry fishing boat Lynn-Marie in Isle of Man collision
  118. Lewis harbour death man was from Aultbea
  119. Any good fishing songs ??
  120. Jim Portus' 10th London Marathon for the Fishermen's Mission
  121. Icelandic fishermen want Icesave referendum declared illegal
  122. Vessel collision and vessel sinking in Isle of Man waters
  123. Mackerel boat crashes into Cornish rocks
  124. Marine planning for england gets underway
  125. Penalty points system for EU fishermen
  126. cat boat crews gy
  127. MMO highlights fishing harbour funding possibilities
  128. New fish pot design may replace damaging trawls and long-lines
  129. Trawler company says it will not catch blue whiting this year
  130. Merchants win assurances on Iceland fish supply
  131. Sustainable fishing no longer an option, says Faroese Premier
  132. Belgian owner and master fined for catch composition offences
  133. Brixham Trawler race 2011
  134. Isle of Man Trawler Race 2011
  135. New order for Macduff Shipyards
  136. Fishermen applaud defunding of wasteful catch shares programme
  137. Sustainable Seafood Coalition formed to eliminate fish discards
  138. Long-running case results in fines and confiscation orders
  139. Dead whale found washed ashore on North Uist beach
  140. Waitrose and Scottish fishermen help MSC reach 9,000 products
  141. Summer surveys scheduled for NAFC Marine Centre
  142. Many Mediterranean fish species under threat - study
  143. Value ahead but tonnage drops at Peterhead
  144. Expert panel analyses maritime accident records
  145. Irish Minister confirms personal commitment to agri-food and fishing sectors
  146. Energy H286
  147. Sweet Promise/St Uny SS192
  148. Marine life 'flourishing' at Lamlash reserve
  149. Ruswick bay rescue boat weekend july 30th & 31st."30th aniversary"
  150. gill net clearer
  151. Crew rescued after trawler sinks in North Sea
  152. Mine is found near offshore pipeline
  153. Store chains pledge investigation into fish mislabelling claims
  154. Coastguard plan scrutiny reaches key stage
  155. SWFPA elect nephrops committee chairman
  156. Fisherman Drowns
  157. Fishing boat finds 'torpedo' in Firth of Forth
  158. North Sea shrimp fishermen on strike
  159. Whitby fishermen move north to land catch at North Shields
  160. New England fish stocks recovering, says report
  161. Ireland lends support to international fisheries protection
  162. Whats The Isadale doing now?
  163. Peter Johnstone ( member : KY340 ) has passed away
  164. Good news on Iceland cod stock may mean higher quota
  165. Norway oil plans under attack by fishing industry
  166. SFF congratulates Mike Park on receiving prestigious conservation award from WWF
  167. Iceland starts whaling season
  168. Iceland trawler firm in £80m takeover deal
  169. Onlooker’s vigilance saves fishing crew
  170. Fisherman death at Talmine investigated by police
  171. Brixham fisherman injured by acid fumes
  172. Historic vessel visits Moray Firth
  173. High cod and saithe uptake spark early closure concerns
  174. Six fisherman in airlift rescue off Burra
  175. On fire for the fourth time.
  176. Iceland fishing reform move angers industry
  177. Fish quay project wins major engineering award
  178. Monumental challenges ahead for Fisheries Minister, says SFF
  179. Norwegian company orders super fuel saving trawler
  180. Fisherman dies off Mayo coast.
  181. Grundens Oilskins
  182. Death of two fishing industry pioneers
  183. Fish volume falls, but white fish value up at Lerwick
  184. Iceland honours Grimsby trawler crew 57 years on
  185. Prawn landings in north-east Scotland 'at poorest level'
  186. Fishermen’s grouping show commitment to end by-catch problem
  187. "Dan Rather Reports" Investigates Fisheries
  188. Mackerel row "an independence opportunity for Salmond"
  189. NFFO says it is fighting on many fronts
  190. Young Fishermans Body Recovered from Newlyn Harbour
  191. Bluefin tuna fleet urged to stay within its commitments
  192. Isle of Man queen scallops crowned sustainable
  193. Libyan tuna catchers on track to be dubbed "illegal"
  194. Traditional Scottish Boat Wanted
  195. UK coastguard station closure plans 'scaled back'
  196. Ex-MP Elliot Morley jailed for expenses fraud
  197. Castlemaine Harbour commercial fishing to be re-opened
  198. Prawn shortage even worse as skippers’ problems pile up
  199. australian tv series
  200. Boat off Dorset coast sinks after father and son saved
  201. PD 829 the Margaret
  202. Five fishermen rescued as vessel sinks
  203. Rowella sunk but crew safe with RNLI Video
  204. Consumers challenged to try UK hake
  205. Many tributes to fishing pioneer John Ross
  206. Coastguard 'not being devolved' says shipping minister
  207. Iceland's proposed new quota system could by against the Icelandic Constitution
  208. Change of certification body for North Sea Nephrops
  209. Storm Damage
  210. First fishing industry contract for Dales Marine in Leith dry dock
  211. SNH report identifies species and habitats of conservation interest
  212. More radiation worries for Japan's fishing industry
  213. Small-scale fishing focus at Slow Fish event
  214. PFA North Sea herring fishermen kick off new season with MSC re-certification
  215. Basking shark caught in creels in Loch Broom
  216. Skipper of Trawlermen fame takes fishing fight to London
  217. Dutch fishing delegration head for Grimsby on June 6th
  218. Isle of Whithorn launch for new phase of Fishing For Litter project
  219. New jobs announced in Irish seafood processing companies
  220. Rock lobster plan public consultation ends soon
  221. Faroes conference focus on safety at sea in the North Atlantic
  222. New crab and lobster conservation measures introduced in Isle of Man
  223. Searching for a small Fifie Yawl...
  224. Net to Plate project launched in Cornwall
  225. Government plans may unintentionally finish traditional cove fishing
  226. Norway fishing has bright future - leader
  227. Record sharks caught off South-west Scotland
  228. New funding programme for Aberdeenshire seafood companies
  229. Fishermen pensions scheme's untraced members lose out
  230. Russia climbs world fishing league
  231. Donald joins CHEP as new fish box operations manager
  232. Commission closes Spanish purse seine bluefin tuna fishery
  233. Danish North Sea plaice trawl fishery receives MSC certificate
  234. Feared 'Deadly Shark' Spotted Off Cornwall
  235. Barkie
  236. Long journey home for Kalisto
  237. Shortage of fish imports forces Hull auction closure
  238. Inquest into Crewmans Death
  239. Jersey and Normandy lobster fishery awarded MSC certification
  240. Fisherman lost overboard
  241. Scottish Skipper Expo approaching in Aberdeen
  242. MSC ecolabel boost for Shetland shellfish
  243. Welsh First Minister launches marine science drive
  244. Scotland's shellfish to land eco-label
  245. Hello
  246. Fishing vessel skipper found guilty for failure to keep a proper lookout
  247. £48,000 funding boost for english fishing industry
  248. Iceland research institute signals 17,000 ton cod increase
  249. Full speed ahead for Seafish
  250. Researchers want fishermens’ views on the Cod Recovery Plan