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  1. Revisions Proposed for Crab and Lobster Fishery Consultation Deadline Nears
  2. Grant aid available for innovative under 10 metre fishing projects
  3. European fishing organisations join the MPA Coalition
  4. Irish fishermen assisted by RNLI as boat sinks
  5. Genetic studies link Mediterranean great whites with Australia
  6. Ranger fishing company North Shields
  7. Fishing quota proposals for mackerel and hake in Spain
  8. Top paper launches strong attack on CFP
  9. Top port heads for new records as pelagic business booms
  10. EU tuna position is a “pitiful” compromise
  11. Pursers
  12. Uk Mep Stuart Agnew To Lead Delegation To See Fisheries Minister
  13. Herring quota may be cut
  14. Environmental juggernaut a serious danger for the fishing industry
  15. Cornish scallop dredger assisted by Penlee and Sennen Cove lifeboats
  16. HIE grants awarded to Scrabster, Kirkwall and South Uist
  17. Achill Island turbot harvests first fish for top chefs
  18. Icelandic whale trade criticised by US Commerce Secretary
  19. German fisherman lands monster halibut
  20. European Fisheries Technological Platform holds its first general assembly
  21. Sustainability certification for Barents Sea cod and haddock fisheries
  22. Marine Stewardship Council welcomes new board members
  23. Rare shrimp discovered on beach in South East
  24. English Fishing Communities Chosen To Share €4.6m European Fund
  25. Harbour Commissioners Welcome £600,000 Pound Grant
  26. Legal action threat halts publication of inspections of Scottish salmon farms
  27. MSC Enhanced Fishery first for North Menai Mussels
  28. Rose Duncan
  29. Fisheries minister visits Marine Institute facility at Newport, Co. Mayo
  30. Norwegian cold water prawn fishery enters MSC assessment
  31. Some companies in the UK Fish Merchants industry aren’t worth lending to, say analyst
  32. Danish fisherman fined for fishing in no-take zone
  33. Someones making money on crab
  34. MPA Coalition ensures fishing industry has a voice in conservation zone process
  35. Iceland secures more haddock and cod quotas
  36. Marine ecologist appointed as interim deputy of Seafish board
  37. Spanish fishermen fined for illegal fishing activity
  38. I.p 24
  39. Skippers invited to participate in discard-reduction plan
  40. Three crew rescued from sinking creel boat
  41. Four fisherman saved after ship sinks in North Sea
  42. Peterhead skipper ejected from over-fishing CCTV scheme
  43. Oban r.n.l.i. Lifeboat attends crab fishing boat in oban bay
  44. Scallopers sign up to Responsible Fishing Scheme
  45. South Korea ship sinks off Antarctica
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  53. CMS Adsense Question
  54. Forum Home tab gone squiffy
  55. Forum Database reset
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  57. how to deal with ads that slow down the loading of my pages.
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  59. Forum Upgraded to 4.1, New Posts Issue
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  62. vB4 Default profile problem after upgrading to VB 4.1
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  64. Forum Strange size download VB 4.1 kit
  65. how can i improve search index on my forum?
  66. Fishing vessel HA 38 Frisia capsized , 1 man saved 2 missing
  67. 2011 Irish Quotas
  68. South Korea mourns loss of 22 fishermen
  69. Vietnam demands WWF apology over catfish 'slur'
  70. Quota “circus” has continued, say WWF
  71. Sustain BCK62 ashore near Stornoway , boat now back in harbour
  72. New records in sight at top port
  73. Fishing fears over Coastguard cuts plan
  74. Highland Seafood Firm Cooking up New Business
  75. Kiwi fishery officers rammed in serious incident
  76. Over 700 Irish vessel owners benefit from BIM Fisheries Grant Assistance
  77. Marine Conservation Society criticises Welsh Assembly Government’s sea protection pla
  78. Winter prawn season 2010
  79. Sailor dies in fishing boat fire off Isles of Scilly
  80. Dvds
  81. Devon seafood firm signs up to responsible scallop scheme
  82. Extra time for the Marine Conservation Zone Project
  83. New milestone for Iceland cod fishery
  84. Marine biologist calls for end to scallop dredging
  85. Seafood processor awards design and build contract
  86. Construction contract launches next phase of major developments at Lerwick Harbour
  87. Rising summer ocean temperatures may reduce feed availability for North Atlantic cod
  88. North Sea states cooperate to boost migratory fish stocks
  89. Public consultation on Ramsey Bay Marine Nature Reserve proposal
  90. Conservation groups call for trade sanctions against Iceland
  91. Three rescued from fishing boat near Thurso
  92. Queenie Management Board to Close Isle of Man Fishery
  93. Anglers Giving commercial fishermen a bad name.
  94. Secret papers reveal Thatcher's fury during 1980 crisis
  95. Scotland's fishing industry faces 'challenging 2011'
  96. Fishing vessel crew rescued after running aground outside ardglass harbour
  97. Crew of sinking fishing vessel rescued by portland coastguard
  98. Warning over lives at risk if lossiemouth closes
  99. Industry concern mounts over TV chef's latest series
  100. Three trawlers trapped in ice-bound Okhotsk Sea
  101. MBE for Irish port superintendent
  102. WWF says Scottish fleet has bright future
  103. Japan new year tuna sale sets price record
  104. Fishing 2011 to feature interactive flume tank display
  105. License Traders
  106. Cromarty Firth fishing vessel assisted by Invergordon lifeboat
  107. Danish hake, haddock and North Sea sole fisheries enter MSC assessment
  108. Oceanic “garbage patch” claims are grossly exaggerated, says scientist
  109. Swedish cod fishermen to get whole year quotas
  110. Saithe fishery awarded sustainability certification
  111. Anstruther herring drifter presented with National Historic Fleet ensign
  112. Seafish gears up for Channel 4 Fish Season
  113. Waitrose launch Cornish sprats and Welsh flounder in their fish aisles
  114. Tows
  115. TV fish week to urge public to try new species
  116. More marine areas part of key protection boost, say Commission
  117. Shellfish safer to eat thanks to breakthrough by Queen’s scientists
  118. Search for eleven Russian fishermen called off
  119. Retail giants commit to sell only pole and line caught tuna
  120. Co-management found best for fisheries
  121. Top US scientist says overfishing is over
  122. Three-hour fishing boat rescue in gale force winds for RNLI Portsmouth & Bembridge
  123. Naval officer killed and three fishermen wounded in Mid-East clash
  124. Canadian Atlantic halibut fishery seeks MSC certification
  125. Fisheries chief dies working on Broch vessel
  126. Sapphire SY108 sunk after collision Skipper safe thankfully
  127. Fisherman fighting for life
  128. Illegal fishing ban is working, Damanaki tells conference
  129. Nine men face fish fraud charges in Peterhead
  130. Sprats and flounder launched at Waitrose
  131. Judge orders fishing vessel to be forfeited
  132. £1m expansion for devon seafood company thanks to eu grant
  133. Fishermen’s Mission website trashed
  134. Brixham rejects electronic fish auction to save jobs
  135. £10,000 boost for ‘vital’ harbour facilities in whitby
  136. Peterhead fishmarket is first in Europe to reach benchmark
  137. "Dead zone" growing in Atlantic; billfish affected
  138. Fears over Canadian lobster threat to UK species
  139. Prawn boat missing off Shetland
  140. Consultation invited on marine regions
  141. Council leaders demand rethink over tugs
  142. NOAA illegal fishing report
  143. Fuel stolen from boat in Douglas Harbour
  144. New Fishing game
  145. James McCaughey Boat Builds wick
  146. Prawn creel
  147. Extra funding available for improving fishing safety
  148. Fishermen feared lost in separate incidents
  149. Scottish seafood tops menu in Lyon
  150. trawler sebastian
  151. Organisers visit North East Scotland fishing ports
  152. Scottish seafood goes down well in France
  153. Getting the Message Right
  154. MSC certification suspended for Loch Torridon langoustine
  155. Cod and haddock fisheries in MSC assessment
  156. State of Northern Ireland seas revealed
  157. Tuna protest in Taiwan
  158. The loch ness dash..a charity sail in aid of the rnli
  159. Ireland set to lead Europe in research vessel productivity
  160. Port of Falmouth development blocked
  161. Island Queen Scallop Industry wins Sustainable Seafood Awards 2011
  162. Funding bids invited for fisheries research
  163. 2011 Irish Two Faced Eel Hunting Season opens on Tuesday
  164. Fishermen warn against new Welsh protection zones
  165. New seal legislation and licensing system
  166. Talks held on Dogger Bank conservation
  167. Challenges identified in the Irish Sea
  168. Crew rescued from fishing vessel grounded off Scotland
  169. Kingston Steam Trawler Company
  170. Iceland fish workers threaten strikes
  171. Welsh fishermen want halt to marine conservation zones
  172. “Alien parasites” could be to blame for mystery cockle deaths
  173. Port chief praises Peterhead’s achievements
  174. Fish quay regeneration wins funding
  175. Fisherman worried about 'unknown damage' from windfarm
  176. Independent study validates economic and environmental benefits of dyneema® based net
  177. Seas the Future conference
  178. US re-opens Gulf to deep water shrimp fishing
  179. Few Malaysian seafood firms fail to meet EU standards
  180. First Scottish enhanced fishery enters MSC programme
  181. Morocco begins withdrawal of driftnets
  182. Businessman 'breaks back' during round-the-world trip
  183. UK fish leaders at successful Iceland fishing conference
  184. Vessel breaks loose in hurricane winds
  185. Arctic fisheries catches 75 times higher than previous reports say researchers
  186. NFFO committed to the small scale fishing fleet
  187. New programme will try to solve Norway’s cod riddle
  188. Crippling fuel costs underline need to boost catch income, says Park
  189. PPS launch a new ‘Easy-Clean’ fish box
  190. Conference told Iceland may raise haddock quota by 2014
  191. Jimmy buchan.
  192. Anger over wind farm plan for rich lobster grounds
  193. Scottish pelagic fishermen enter fourth fishery for MSC assessment
  194. Aggressive squid behaviour linked to pheromone
  195. Humber Gateway wind farm gets government approval
  196. Torpedo pulled clear of cross-Channel shipping lane
  197. Suffolk fishing boat hit by 200,000-tonne tanker
  198. Fishing landings in Peru
  199. Worrying growth in fish fraud cases
  200. Herring pelagic trawl fishery in MSC assessment
  201. Seafood industry moves up a gear in addressing discards
  202. Scottish Fishermen’s Federation lays out first demands for a new Scottish Government
  203. Newlyn fishing vessel assisted by Penlee RNLI lifeboat crew
  204. Two men rescued after Plymouth beamer involved in collision at sea
  205. Hull Lost Trawlermen's Day service held
  206. World War II sea mine destroyed off Weymouth
  207. John Comben ex of Copine fish Portland
  208. ships hits beam trawler
  209. Iceland faces fishing crisis as strike looms
  210. Drift net fishermen fighting back against angling lobby
  211. Grimsby Port Missioner tastes life as a fisherman
  212. Scottish discard reduction scheme expands to 26 vessels
  213. Scottish Government seeks views on coastguard closures
  214. MPA Fishing Coalition to use Fishing 2011 as platform to highlight concerns
  215. Top fisherman throws weight behind college trawler plan
  216. Friend of the Sea observers board Pevaeche's tuna purse seiners
  217. Regional Fishery Body Secretariats Network meets in Rome
  218. New Zealand row over '' fishing jobs shipped overseas" claim
  219. Apply now for chance of innovation funding – english fishermen urged
  220. Scottish Fisheries Museum hosts ‘A Taste of Europe’ exhibition
  221. Brittany-based saithe fishers celebrate successful MSC certification
  222. Iceland holds Responsible Fisheries Workshop in London
  223. Belgian trawler fined for taking the wrong route in the Strait of Dover
  224. Orkney inshore fishing pilot launched
  225. Royal Navy snatches fishing crew from pirates
  226. Snapper ban in Queensland
  227. Celtic Sea herring, sprat and sardine fisheries enter MSC assessment
  228. Fifty jobs go at fish company Fresh Catch in Peterhead
  229. Iceland's Samherji wins contest for Faroe Seafood fleet
  230. Celtic Explorer is Newfoundland's first fisheries research vessel
  231. Regional Seafood Skills Project gets underway in Devon
  232. Former fisherman invests in new catamaran for Western Isles angling trips
  233. Namibia orders fisheries research vessel from Finnish boatyard
  234. Crewman Missing off Duncannon..
  235. stern drives etc
  236. Greenpeace tuna fishing protest at Liver Building
  237. Pacific fishing: Tuna and other stocks 'at risk'
  238. Capelin quota increased by 65,000 ton
  239. Local newspaper join fight to save fishing industry
  240. South African lobster stocks under threat
  241. Fewer big fish but more small fish in the sea, say researchers
  242. Assault on Irish Fishery Officer leads to jail sentence
  243. Intrafish now 100% owned by NHST Media
  244. boa pescador m115 prev w115
  245. Scarborough chippy in 'terror target' warning
  246. Fishing history attracts overseas interest
  247. NAFC director takes on additional management responsibilities
  248. McCully calls for increased fisheries surveillance in the Pacific
  249. ISSF calls for tuna fisheries closures and catch limits
  250. Oceana urges ‘fins attached’ amendment to deeply flawed shark finning ban