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  1. Scottish fishermen must engage with retailers, says Lochhead
  2. North Sea whiting mystery continues says stock report
  3. UK consumers need to eat more oil-rich fish says Seafish
  4. Crayfish confusion costs conservationist £4k
  5. SFF calls for talks to settle shellfish row
  6. Brixham skipper first to be prosecuted by new fishing body
  7. Parliament probes West Coast fishing restrictions
  8. Welsh Assembly given more powers over fishing
  9. Inexperienced crew run fishing vessel aground twice in one day
  10. Rare giant deep-sea crab caught off the Isles of Scilly
  11. Buckie lifeboat rescues small fishing boat
  12. Delegates at mid-channel fishermen’s conference make declaration against...
  13. Fishing industry mourns loss of leading figures
  14. Cornish fishermen go for MSC ecolabel to boost hake sales
  15. Safety set to be a major theme at Fishing 2010
  16. Highlands and Islands companies to showcase at world's largest seafood fair
  17. One-day seminar on market opportunities for sustainable inshore seafood
  18. Financial problems in Spain , Portugal and Ireland
  19. Five rescued from fishing vessel off Isle of Lewis
  20. New catch crisis for Scots fleet threatens 5,000 jobs
  21. Supporting The Rnli
  22. Glasgow fishing exhibition to feature ‘Fisherman of the Year’ competition
  23. New assessment shows more Canadian Atlantic cod stocks endangered
  24. Norwegian researchers claim long-line fishing is smarter than trawling
  25. 'Profound' decline in fish stocks shown in UK records
  26. David Cameron 'drops' in on Grimsby Fish Market
  27. Engine fire in French fishing boat sparks joint rescue operation off Scilly Isles
  28. PISCES unites countries to protect the Celtic Sea
  29. Irish Sea Conservation Zones project holds second stakeholder group meeting
  30. Fishing boat 'Jubilee Intrepid' sinks in Grimsby Docks
  31. Yellow line on hull.
  32. Cod shortage forces up prices
  33. Fishing 2010
  34. White Fish Producers seek speedy announcement on ‘Parking Facility’
  35. Irish fishermen welcome moves to decriminalise sanctions for minor fisheries offences
  36. Shell fishermen may pursue legal claim for damages
  37. Fisherman took unexploded mine home to Shandwick
  38. Reaper
  39. South West fishing industry united in criticism of hopeless MCZ timeframe
  40. Schofield makes way for Brock as Chairman of the SWFPO
  41. Selective fishing might not protect ecosystems, say scientists
  42. Rosslare fishermen dies following vessel capsize
  43. White Fish Producers welcome good news on North Sea cod stocks
  44. Action needed on fishermen deaths
  45. Britain's oldest fisherman is 80 and going strong
  46. Scottish Government announces funding for fishing fleets
  47. Scotlands conservation credentials boosted by investment in five industry-led project
  48. Innovative new net recycling scheme attracts interest at Fishing 2010
  49. Richard Benyon appointed as new UK Fisheries Minister
  50. Environmental lobby must avoid hype and generalisation, says SFF
  51. ‘Fisherman of the Year’ title taken by Peterhead skipper
  52. Irish fisheries minister launches new fishing fleet safety scheme
  53. White fish landings drop, but value rises at top port
  54. French master and owner fined for logbook and net offences
  55. Scottish fishing income increases by 12%
  56. Knowledge gap between science & catch information from fishing grounds must be closed
  57. fly-dragging
  58. Please will a fisherman do a emailed interview with my 8 year old?? xx
  59. Fisherman rescued from capsized vessel Alert
  60. World’s largest herring stock declines
  61. EC closes purse seine fishery
  62. North Sea rescue after fishing boats collide
  63. By Catch
  64. Sky-high demand for big haddock as quota worries continue
  65. Lib Dems warn Conservation Credits Scheme is ‘not delivering’
  66. Britons urged to keep eyes peeled for rare giant leatherbacks
  67. Guernsey tightens controls on scallopers
  68. Alaskan man dies from PSP
  69. Undersized scallops cost dredger owners and skipper £6k
  70. Brixham Trawler Race 2010
  71. Seafood boycott call may intensify after whale talks collapse
  72. New President for the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation
  73. Skippers win battle for Saturday markets at Fraserburgh
  74. Newlyn vessel owner and skipper ordered to pay £11,000 for log book offences
  75. Two men rescued from burning boat off Skye
  76. Scottish Traditional Boat Festival held in Portsoy
  77. Funding offered for English fishing communities
  78. Seafish 2010 fleet survey starts next week
  79. Fisherman airlifted from fishing vessel in English Channel
  80. RIP. Skipper Roger Nowell
  81. Newquay RNLI tow fishing boat to safety
  82. Dutch beam trawler fined for illegal nets and misreported catch
  83. Hopes for cod and haddock boost, but plaice market falters
  84. Endangered thresher shark sighted off Bournemouth
  85. Doomsday reports warn of global and Scottish fishing collapse
  86. Irish authorities fine Spanish fisherman despite Omega net gauge challenge
  87. A46
  88. Anger over European fisheries commissioner’s £300,000 payoff
  89. Gulf spill impacts on UK prawn prices
  90. Fishing fleet hit out at catch restrictions
  91. Fishing must act together on sustainability - summit told
  92. sancta lucia
  93. Cod up, but haddock down in Icelandic waters next year
  94. Key mackerel fishery faces loss of MSC credentials
  95. Sushi-hungry Japan sells monster tuna
  96. Trawlermen TV Series : special on tonight
  97. Retired Lossie skipper was fishing industry champion
  98. Skippers: New series on RTE1 TV.
  99. Very Sad News
  100. what does a non sector licence mean?
  101. EU "must act" to curb Faroe and Iceland
  102. Irish fisheries minister has faith in cod
  103. No plain sailing for Cornish tuna fleet
  104. Combined effort ends Barents Sea illegal cod hauls
  105. French owner and master fined £15,000 for illegal nets
  106. Irish ""Green" Fishing
  107. Irish polyvalent mackerel fishery certified
  108. False fishing returns punished in New Zealand
  109. Arbroath chippy creates fish and chips-flavoured ice cream
  110. Whitefish values up, as Peterhead figures power ahead
  111. Museum benefits from rare shark find
  112. Irish fishing minister launches compliance guide for inshore fishing
  113. Kent Coast fishermen facing quota crisis
  114. Tory spokesman slams ‘irresponsible’ SNP comments on Icelandic fisheries
  115. Sound of Canna marine wildlife survey starts this week
  116. Breton purse seiners net MSC certification
  117. Search Ongoing For Missing Fisherman Fishing (vessel Homeland)
  118. Skipper - Malcolm Sanderson
  119. Blejan Eyhre - FY 527
  120. Saithe closure makes management sense, says MacSween
  121. Major changes planned for Glasgow fisheries show
  122. Uncertain month ahead for fish supplies
  123. Mourne herring fishery licences available from September
  124. Fishing: The most dangerous job in the UK
  125. Crayfish surveys will leave no stone unturned
  126. Seafish Industry Project Fund announced
  127. Coxn Matt lethbridge BEM
  128. Concord 111 (SD38) any photos please
  129. wood or Steel
  130. 2 fishermen have been taking swansea hospital friday night
  131. Fleet must not lose rewards from high cod price, says Stevenson
  132. Fishermen rescued after capsize off Buchan coast
  133. Lifeboat crewmen memorial unveiled in Fraserburgh
  134. Minister defends delay to fishing vessel decommissioning scheme
  135. Devon trawlerman returns home with super yacht and new bride
  136. Trawlers damaging precious sponge beds
  137. Fishermen’s families face anxious wait after wreck is discovered 45 after years
  138. Quota landed to re-open North Sea sole fishery
  139. Scottish SPCA calls for guga hunt ban
  140. Shetland fishermen admit £14m worth of illegal landings
  141. NFFO attacks marine site plans
  142. MAIB releases report into injured fisherman
  143. Funding announced for fishing projects
  144. MPA Fishing Coalition ‘holding Natural England to account’
  145. MMO calls for input into quota management
  146. Fishing training school to close
  147. Yachts built by Scottish Yards
  148. Skipper ordered to pay £7,200 for going wrong way in traffic separation scheme
  149. Earthquake recorded in North Sea
  150. Gildernew announces £2.5million modernisation funding for the local fishing industry
  151. Merlin
  152. Cod crisis was ‘unavoidable’
  153. Norwegian coastal fleet fails to catch quotas
  154. Scientists call on ‘failing’ MSC to reform certification procedures
  155. Sixth French fishery aims for MSC certificate
  156. Efforts to save boats in Fife harbour
  157. National marine body appoints chief scientist
  158. Damanaki plans £41 million research projects
  159. Leading fisheries advisor to give lecture in Argyll
  160. Thousands of tons of haddock remains uncaught
  161. Sustainable Scottish seafood celebrated
  162. Wreck of lost Grimsby trawler found
  163. Landings set to be more varied as fleet looks for alternatives
  164. Protection for sensitive Shetland habitats
  165. Maryport drop-in day praised
  166. Fish smoking workshop proves popular
  167. New nets to have conservation role
  168. Owner Of Brixham Fishing Vessel Appears At Court In Folkestone
  169. needs some help on engine
  170. Trawler Wars on Discovery.
  171. Move to boost home sales of Scottish langoustines and prawns
  172. Scottish fish value soars but fleet size and crew numbers lowest ever
  173. Draft agreement between the EU and Morocco will benefit fisheries sector
  174. Iceland’s whaling increase out of line with EU membership bid, say grouping
  175. Rescue bid after boat fire off Shetland
  176. Fishing video recordings
  177. Shetland fishing boat returns to harbour after fire
  178. Gemeni/Coln Catz - in receivership
  179. Celtic Sea users voice their questions to Europe
  180. Producers warn fishing crisis is no idle threat
  181. Port meetings validate long-term langoustine plans
  182. South-east sole fishery to remain open
  183. Clinton outlines plan to boost Northern Ireland economy
  184. Whalsay Fish Processors in administration
  185. RNLI lifeboat assists East Lothian fishermen
  186. South west inshore vessels equipped with VMS equipment
  187. New regulations to force smaller vessels out, warns fishing organisation
  188. Sign of the times as last Mission centres set to close their doors
  189. Creel boat needed to take minister to Rona cave wedding
  190. ACE Refrigeration expertise behind Braehead langoustine factory
  191. Cornish fishermen thrown into the water after vessel capsize
  192. Rules and Regs.
  193. James Sutherland , former mate of the FR Sans Peur , has passed away
  194. Fisherman dies after falling overboard near Shetland
  195. Search for missing fisherman stood down - Discovery FR994
  196. Scottish and English fishing groups present united front
  197. Dutch beam trawler fined for failure to maintain logbook
  198. help pls im looking for info/pic's of a fishing boat.
  199. Raised levels of algal toxins in Argyll lochs
  200. Norwegian fishing boats detained in Lerwick
  201. Children's Friend owner and master fined for fisheries offences
  202. Guardian Angell nets a violet stingray
  203. EFF selection panel awards grants to English fishing industry
  204. RNLI lifeboats rescue broken down fishing boat drifting onto rocks
  205. Defiant sinks off Whitby
  206. Innovative scallop dredge designs could reduce environmental impact
  207. NFFO fears displacement from fishing grounds
  208. Audio slideshow: Southwold Harbour wall to be rebuilt
  209. Fishing Gear/Net-Making lecture
  210. INS boats video
  211. Duver 23
  212. Cumbrian Seafoods launches first online traceability scheme
  213. How to get kids to eat more fish
  214. Helping to reduce scallop dregding marine impact
  215. NFFO cheers curbs on quango
  216. Owners and officer fined after collision off Netherlands
  217. Plenty more cod in the sea
  218. Euro Parliament moves to stamp out illegal fishing in Atlantic
  219. Mary Croan (sputnik) Dimensions
  220. Maritime surveillance roadmap launched by Commission
  221. Fife squid vessel assisted by Dunbar lifeboat
  222. Fight For Our Fleet
  223. Scottish fisheries get £11m of European funding
  224. Innovation award for Hook Marine’s vessel stability monitor
  225. Athena
  226. Sustainability assessment for Iceland’s cod and haddock fisheries
  227. fiber glass
  228. Sea floor study may change Georges Bank fisheries regulations
  229. North Sea haddock fishermen celebrate sustainable stock status!
  230. Sailing Ship
  231. Fishermen Rescued
  232. New commercial fishing library project backed by Scottish Fishermen’s Trust
  233. Atlantic bonito tuna caught in the North Sea
  234. Boat lost off Donegal
  235. Marine Management Organisation Chairman steps down
  236. Post-harvest shrimp treatment spat leads to court case
  237. Busy time for Barra lifeboat
  238. Irish authorities host Fisheries Consultative Group meetings
  239. Macduff mourns former teacher and lifeboat stalwart
  240. New West Country MCZ progress report published
  241. International investigation reveals massive fraud in Mediterranean bluefin tuna
  242. Campaigner launches strong attack on Scottish Government over scallops
  243. halfish 24
  244. Stevenson says European aquaculture should replace catfish from ‘filthy’ Mekong River
  245. Donegal SW By Election
  246. West Coast mackerel fishery saved with extra quota
  247. Irish Skipper Expo 2011, huge demand on stands
  248. Fishing vessel rescued in storm force winds
  249. Trawl-caught cod quality can be improved, say Norwegian researchers
  250. Iceland raises quota, but fish must be processed at home