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  1. MPI’s new JetMaster prototype at AquaNor 2019
  2. Isle of Man : Major restrictions imposed on Isle of Man queen scallop fishing
  3. Irish Water halts Lough Foyle sewage plant investigation works due to protests...
  4. USA : Electronic Monitoring Can Provide Better Data
  5. Russia : Delivery and keel-laying on the same day
  6. USA : New Bedford’s Codfather gets life fishing ban
  7. Grieg Seafood firm assessing Skye fish farm operations
  8. USA : P.E.I. company testing new bait for lobster and crab fishery
  9. NetTag aims to track lost fishing gear
  10. USA : West Coast fishermen have few options against sea lions
  11. South Africa’s trawl sector welcomes postponement of long-term rights allocation
  12. Norway : Fisherman and trawl reunited
  13. UK fishing returns £1 billion turnover
  14. Canada : Gulf of St. Lawrence cod extinction 'highly probable,' says DFO
  15. Skipper claims Kirkcudbright scallop boats being displaced from fishing grounds...
  16. Isle of Man : Financial support for fishing and agriculture fall by £800k
  17. Armon delivers Swedish research vessel
  18. Iceland : Lightning fibre-optic link to the fishing gear
  19. Norway : High Arctic Salvage Operation for Grounded Trawler Resumes
  20. Extinction: Last chance to save 'rhinos of the oceans'
  21. Iceland : Mackerel moving fast
  22. Threat of sanctions against Greenland and Iceland over mackerel policy
  23. Immigrations rules putting Scots fishing industry at risk
  24. USA : Researchers use DNA in seawater to monitor scallop reproduction
  25. Port to sponsor new ‘Fishing Village’
  26. Russia : New gensets triple trawler’s auxiliary power
  27. Norway : Karstensens delivers Odd Lundberg
  28. Isle of Man : Royal Navy ship 'HMS Mersey' docks in Douglas
  29. Canada : Ropeless traps not easy for crabbers testing them in whale-protection effort
  30. USA : Lobstermen at NOAA meeting oppose new fishing regulations
  31. Russia One new vessel delivered, another one’s keel laid
  32. Taiwan : Search continues around wreckage of missing longliner
  33. USA : Collision Course:Offshore Wind Turbines Present New (Unnecessary) Mortal Danger
  34. Canada announces gear retrieval initiative
  35. Italy : Friend of the Sea certifies L’Acquachiara Srl
  36. USA : Acoustic technology enables ropeless fishing system
  37. Canada : In light of seal predation report, FFAW calls for government action
  38. Canada : Scott Kenneally, the halibut man of Harbourville, reflects on....
  39. UK women in fisheries meeting; October 17th 2019 - Exeter (exact location tbc)
  40. Iceland : Samherji returns solid 2018 results
  41. Invergordon's new lifeboat to have 'sea-going memorial'
  42. Canada : Strong start to fall lobster season in P.E.I.
  43. Denmark : Brisling quota too low, says Hanstholm skipper
  44. Faroes : Tórshavn hosts EUfishmeal biennial conference
  45. Netherlands : Expect storms, Dutch skipper tells MEPs
  46. Russian Fishery Company commissions Murmansk factory
  47. Norway : 1200 snow crab traps retrieved from the Barents Sea
  48. Isle of Wight fishermen warn of 'environmental and economic disaster' after dredging
  49. Canada : Showdown over salmon: First Nations along Fraser River want sport fishing...
  50. USA : Proposal would kill more sea lions to protect fish
  51. South Africa : Mystery: One-time “Shark Capital of the World” Cape Town.....
  52. Russia : Nuclear-powered freighter brings fish to Europe
  53. Northumberland fisherman Jordan Richardson's life at sea
  54. Unwanted fish being dumped despite new laws
  55. Giant trawler breaks harbour record in north-east town
  56. Ireland : Giant tuna weighing more than 100kg lands on Dublin street
  57. 'We're hoping against hope': Falklands' fishing boom threatened by no-deal Brexit
  58. Delicate ecosystem of fishing industry must be maintained
  59. Iceland : End of the line for abandoned trawler
  60. Leigh-on-Sea fishmongers fire tackled by crews
  61. Sweden : Pelagic trawler Rockall changes hands – becomes Ceton
  62. Iceland : Summer turned out well for Brim trawlers
  63. USA : Maine group backs out of right whale agreement
  64. Dense Antarctic water returning to the Atlantic
  65. Russia : Vyborg launches Nord Pilgrim’s lead trawler
  66. Greenland : Successful Kelp Harvest in Greenland
  67. Russia : Putin presses start button for Gidrostroy processing plant
  68. USA : Port Alberni fisherman found dead after getting caught in net remembered as...
  69. Canada : X15-powered lobster fleet
  70. Faroes : Gitte Henning joins Faroese fleet
  71. Iceland : T90 Hemmer trawl scores all round for veteran factory trawler
  72. Canada : Final sentence handed down in the case of $1M lobster theft
  73. Canada : Blame for fisheries woes lies with the union
  74. Darwin Mounds coral reef scientists check for regrowth following trawler damage
  75. Iceland : Energy efficient slurry ice from Thor Ice
  76. Norwegian exports: herring down, mackerel up
  77. Fish and chip shops found 'serving endangered shark to unsuspecting customers'
  78. £2 million invested in Highland and Moray fishing communities
  79. Norway : Teige Rederi places pelagic vessel order with Turkish yard
  80. SFF welcomes government’s commitment
  81. Fishermen, Our Unsung Heroes
  82. Ecuador : Gear recycling project nets Satlink Green Latin America award
  83. Greenland : Loppa breakthrough in Greenland
  84. Deadly algae on French beaches 'releasing toxic fumes that can kill in seconds'
  85. North Sea herring fishery draws to a close
  86. New Zealand : From pest seaweed to future food
  87. Hull’s maritime heritage plans get green light
  88. USA : Incredibly rare 2-toned lobster found off the coast of Maine
  89. Russia : Vladivostok in the lead as Russia’s top fish port
  90. New industry-led Youth Board aims to help shape fishermen’s future
  91. Fishing vessel owner and skippers ordered to pay £88,777.60 for fisheries offences
  92. Ambition to make fishing fastest growing sector of economy
  93. Deep sea habitats survey spots shipwreck off Orkney
  94. Fishing boat engineer tells court of alleged knife attack in Highland harbour
  95. Blue shark filmed off the coast of Cornwall
  96. Video competition celebrates Women in Seafood
  97. Krill survey conclusion: 72 million tonne Antarctic krill stock
  98. Stranraer oyster festival returns to action
  99. Scottish pelagic fishermen spearhead marine research
  100. Europêche defends sustainable fisheries subsidies at WTO
  101. Norway : Tersan’s 100th newbuild goes to Ervik Havfiske
  102. Faroes : Rock’s Sea Hunter doors make Icelandic debut
  103. Denmark : Marel opens the doors for the 5th Whitefish Showhow
  104. Scottish pelagic​ fishermen spearhead marine research
  105. USA : Nation’s first mega-offshore wind project stalled for additional study
  106. RNLI buys burkinis for Africans as it axes 100 UK jobs
  107. Ireland : Skipper appears in court after trawler is escorted to shore
  108. Russia : RFC secures quotas for new vessels and shore plant
  109. Scottish Skipper Expo 2020 – New name, new venue
  110. Fears slipway has become unusable at Moray port amid accusations dredger...
  111. Javier Garat re-elected ICFA President
  112. Russia : Training programme for RFC’s supertrawler crews
  113. Iceland : Nesfiskur orders new trawler from Spanish yard
  114. New coral growths found at damaged deep sea reef off Scotland
  115. Flawed MSC standard, say pelagic associations
  116. Russia : Second Murmanseld 2 trawler launched by Pella
  117. France : Biscay bass fishermen predict end-of-year limits
  118. Don’t Call Me Lobster
  119. Seal captured on video being flipped into air as orcas put on show
  120. New Adenia readies for sea after trip via Killybegs
  121. Virtuous christened at Parkol
  122. South Africa fishing industry turns out to honour renowned fisheries scientist
  123. Canadian firm to reopen Invergordon fish feed mill
  124. Ireland : Celtic Sea Herring Fishery Closed Due to Small Size of Fish
  125. Geir II sold to Faroe Islands
  126. Brussels Expo relocates to Barcelona
  127. Vietnam : Vard secures trawler contract for Russian Far East
  128. Greenland : Vigo yard delivers second Greenland shrimp trawler
  129. MSC says no to reinstating mackerel certificates – despite healthy stock
  130. Iceland : Grindavík companies look at merger options
  131. MMO’s positive approach on Landings Obligation welcomed