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  1. Fishermen are the original marine conservationists
  2. Sweden : MacArtney Lobster Monitoring Tech for SLU
  3. Canada : Uncontrolled Seal Population Biggest Threat to Declining Gulf Cod Stock
  4. Michel Roux picks Riley's Fish Shack to feature amongst country's top spots...
  5. IPNLF: No time to waste
  6. Best month ever for Síldarvinnslan’s Gullver
  7. Recreational fishing on a commercial or industrial like level... is it acceptable??
  8. USA : What about Carlos Rafael , his permits and his boats ?
  9. Fraserburgh lifeboat crew help stricken trawler
  10. Acoustic innovation could single out target tuna species
  11. Under 10 catch recording starts this summer
  12. Vísir and Marel strike robotisation deal
  13. Illegal eel exporters exposed by Countryfile
  14. Saving sharks: One woman's mission to protect the hammerhead
  15. Icelandic pair lengthened and refitted
  16. Advances and renewed commitments at Mediterranean conference
  17. Atlantic Ocean 'running out of breath'
  18. Landmark ruling: jail terms and fines for eel smugglers
  19. IVMS implementation paused for English fleet
  20. Spanish tech company collects nets for recycling
  21. Annalijdia LT-43: against the odds
  22. Post count errors
  23. Eyemouth seafood firm DR Collin eyes global expansion
  24. Rockall agreement labelled ‘unconstitutional’ in Seanad
  25. Have your say on Scotland’s Marine Protected Areas
  26. Seventh legal win for Rimfrost against Aker BioMarine
  27. New trawler for Strandby
  28. Three new pelagic trawlers for Shetland
  29. Split codend makes all the difference
  30. Shetland fishermen back Drive to Combat Heart Disease
  31. Rockall dispute: Iceland stakes claim to fishing waters
  32. Resqunit
  33. Mermaid brings new diesel engine range to UK market
  34. New Zealand : The very rocky future of Taranaki's inshore fishing industry
  35. Unexploded torpedo found in Scapa Flow
  36. Tank trip showcases new trawls
  37. Isle Of Man Seabird Populations Plummet As Wind Farms Overwhelm The Irish Sea
  38. Seven foot, 300 pound shark caught off coast of west Cork
  39. Sinking fishing vessel sparks major rescue operation off Margate
  40. Norway : Industry asks for increased snow crab quota
  41. Scientists recommend reduced Barents Sea cod quota,but increases for haddock & Saithe
  42. EU and Guinea Bissau sign sustainable fishing partnership agreement protocol
  43. Trawlermen Celebs at sea
  44. Essex estuary home of oyster restoration bid
  45. RNLI tackles Peterhead 'crew issue' with new training plan
  46. New Lerwick pelagic trawler Adenia taking shape
  47. Top salmon producer opts for latest innovation in cage cleaning technology
  48. Fisheries APPG highlights need for joined-up action on seafood careers
  49. Fines for hiding bass in the bin
  50. Isle of Man : Scallop industry must be saved says MHK
  51. Progress on sustainability at IOTC annual meeting
  52. Combi seiner for northern Norway
  53. Australia : Jail time for second strike offender
  54. Iceland : Heading for blue whiting
  55. Irish naval vessels tied up due to lack of sailors
  56. Man in fatal Loch Torridon accident not wearing lifejacket
  57. Shipyard focus at DanFish
  58. Flagship police action as EUROPOL hits eel smuggling gangs
  59. Reaper returns for museum's 50th
  60. Thieves keep stealing furious fishermen's lobsters in late night raids
  61. Spanish skipper accused of stabbing his first mate at Scrabster Harbour faces trial..
  62. USA : Camera tracking option for US West Coast groundfish fleet
  63. New fly-shooter heads for Norwegian coast
  64. Firefighters tackle fishing boat blaze in Macduff
  65. New tv mini series on tonight
  66. Fire destroys total stock at East Mersea oyster fishery
  67. Taiwan’s yellow card lifted
  68. Innovative trawl technology approved for NZ inshore fisheries
  69. Roger Nowell The Skipper BBC series.
  70. Karro Food Group acquires Young's Seafood Limited
  71. Skippers call for tougher controls on plastic gill net and longline fishing
  72. Fishing vessel runs aground at Port Lewaigue
  73. Good catches reported in queenie fishery
  74. Icelanders help each other out
  75. Trawlermen Celebs at sea
  76. Injured fisherman winched from boat in 'choppy' seas
  77. Great White Sharks are prowling the waters off of Britain's coast...
  78. Bringing together shipbroking services around the North Sea
  79. Ending the capelin Yo-Yo
  80. Martin Exel appointed new head of SeaBOS
  81. Omani presence at ItechMer 2019
  82. USA : Two Friendship men charged with sinking fellow lobsterman’s boat
  83. Honduras fishing boat capsizes killing 26
  84. Premium Australian oyster fishery returns to growth
  85. Marks – Set – Go… Ten hour fishing windows for Pacific halibut season
  86. ‘Deadliest Catch’ Captains Discuss What Happened In Destination Tragedy
  87. Release highlights plight of European eels
  88. Norway’s best ever half-year for seafood exports
  89. UK Government pumps cash into fishing industry safety
  90. Shetland skippers demand tougher controls on gillnet and longline fishing
  91. €6m EU funding for Irish fishing suspended in ‘hostile’ row
  92. First mackerel of the season
  93. Double christening at Thyborøn
  94. The link below is one of the biggest examples of unadulterated bollocks yet
  95. USA : N.B. baby rides ‘rare’ gigantic lobster on lucky Canada Day catch
  96. Industry’s lack of trust in authority
  97. Australia campaigns to keep 1% Indian Ocean tuna quota
  98. With billions at stake, Canada to show U.S. its fisheries protect whales
  99. IoM : There is not enough data to justify queenie cuts says fishermen's group
  100. Latest in Nueva Pescanova series launched at Armon
  101. SIOFA stamps out under-regulated fishing for toothfish
  102. Southern Star heading for South Atlantic red crab
  103. Tri Marine sells tuna business
  104. Skippers and owners of fishing vessels urged to take part in UK fleet survey
  105. Whitby's fishing industry at risk as visiting trawlers damage lobster pots
  106. Irish restaurant named best seafood restaurant in the world for the fourth...
  107. Full trip for Vigri in Russian waters
  108. Skorpion launched at Pella yard
  109. Marine Accident Investigation Branch launch investigation
  110. Kiribati chooses Satlink technology to modernise fisheries management
  111. Iceland : Minister follows advice in setting quotas
  112. NOAA Scientists Film Shark Swallowed Whole during Deep-Sea Feeding Frenzy
  113. US tuna operator to slash fleet by half
  114. Ocean Fish takes controlling stake in Stevenson
  115. USA:First in Over-Regulation: NC House Votes to Suffocate Commercial Fishing Industry
  116. Canada : Scientist says DFO may be overestimating N.L. cod stocks by 35 per cent
  117. Iceland : Busy summer at Akureyri shipyard
  118. Modelling nephrops populations around Ireland
  119. HB Grandi to acquire UR’s Asian sales arm
  120. Resqunit Floatation device for lobster traps
  121. First of Yantar trio on sea trials
  122. House of Lords committee slams landing obligation implementation
  123. Cornwall fishing boat fire: Two men rescued
  124. USA : Trull: Don't Blame The Seals
  125. Scottish marine wildlife under threat from ‘smash and grab’ trawling
  126. New Shark Species for Ireland
  127. Plastic waste throughout North Sea
  128. Breakthrough Chilean contract for Stranda Prolog
  129. Resqunit launches on Canadian market
  130. Iceland : New Vestmannaey – Something to look forward to
  131. A Taste for Sustainability?
  132. Fisherman gets £180,000 compensation as judge says his livelihood was destroyed...
  133. NFFO : The Seafood Innovation Fund
  134. Iceland : HB Grandi to become Brim
  135. Faroes : Gitte Henning stands in for Tróndur í Gøtu
  136. Export Credit Norway finances Icelandic trawler series
  137. Morocco-EU fisheries agreement ratified
  138. Iceland : Síldarvinnslan’s mackerel season gets underway
  139. Canada ratifies Port State Measures Agreement
  140. EU-Mercosur agreement opens export opportunities
  141. Australia : Blue grenadier catch increase approved
  142. Salmon petition calls for 'emergency' fish farm inspections
  143. Shrimp grid developed to keep langoustine by-catch
  144. Russia : RFC expands retail sales
  145. Consultation on new approach for allocating English quotas
  146. A Cornish Fisherman's Irish Diary
  147. Science with industry initiatives
  148. East Baltic fishermen risk becoming an endangered species
  149. Supporting fishermen to attend inshore conference
  150. Iceland : Minister reserves 31,000 tonne special purposes quota
  151. Iceland : Strong showing of north coast cod
  152. van Dijck – Good for another twenty years
  153. Shrimp wrapped: Scots firm developing biodegradable packaging
  154. Fisherman found dead on South Uist shoreline
  155. INTERPOL supports apprehension of suspected IUU vessel
  156. Namibia : New trawler delivered to Pescanova
  157. Body found in sea is missing fisherman
  158. USA : Daring Rescue Off the Coast Of Maine Earns Rescue Swimmer Bravery Award
  159. Alaska : Bristol Bay sockeye harvest blowing away forecast once again
  160. Baie de Seine Scallops Wars ruled out for this year
  161. Canada : Operation Ghost recovers traps and rope from the Gulf of St. Lawrence
  162. Langoustine trawler’s new thinking
  163. Trust works both ways
  164. UK sets up Seafood Innovation Fund
  165. Positive talks with the new European Parliament
  166. Fukushima fishing port hit by 2011 tsunami reopens after 8-year hiatus
  167. Norway Aquaculture : An electric future
  168. North Sea cod at critically low levels, study warns
  169. Scottish summer herring ticks all the right boxes
  170. German fishermen slam EU Commission’s Baltic cod measures
  171. French artisanal bluefin tuna fishery gets sustainability label
  172. Britain exports more than 50 tonnes of shark fins in two years
  173. EU signs fishing agreement protocol with Senegal
  174. Golden Dawn working from Fraserburgh
  175. North Korea releases detained Russian fishing vessel
  176. Bugaled Breizh: Inquest to conclude 15 years after fishermen's deaths
  177. Spanish electronics company ERB becomes part of Satlink
  178. EMK: North Sea crisis
  179. Scrabster Harbour wins £3m boost as giant cruise ships edge closer
  180. Russia : Work starts on third Kapitan trawler for Norebo
  181. Europêche: Fishing industry losing grounds
  182. USA : Seals On Cape Cod Are More Than Just Shark Bait
  183. Police Scotland acted as ‘private security’ for fish farm, claims campaigner
  184. USA : The hidden cost of fishery monitoring
  185. Securing rights for Western Australia’s fisheries are top priority
  186. Faroese operator prepares for new trawler
  187. North east ports ‘perfectly positioned’ to be granted Freeport status
  188. 15 angling vessels to receive authorisation as part of Bluefin Tuna Data Collection
  189. USA : Local teen reels in 700 pound tuna over the course of 10 hours
  190. USA : Crabbing in Oregon brings Florence’s Novelli family together
  191. Ireland : Killybegs extension gets green light
  192. WASSP releases Firmware updates for F3 and F3X Multibeam Sonar
  193. Seafood processors receive EMFF funding
  194. Fishing crew rescued in Shetland overnight operation
  195. First of new Russian fishing fleet ready for handover
  196. Arctic Corsair moved from home of 20 years
  197. Norwich's eel counter says they could 'disappear in our lifetime'
  198. D-Day for new fish farm landing craft
  199. Cemre starts work on Irish Sisters
  200. Scrabster Seafood plant destroyed in fire is 'huge blow'
  201. North-east has some of the best fish and chip shops
  202. Lives of basking sharks caught on 'SharkCam' in Inner Hebrides
  203. NFFO : The Future of Our Inshore Fisheries
  204. Irish rope-grown mussels get MSC blue label
  205. Norway : Pilots complete record pickup trip
  206. New man in charge at MMO
  207. Canada invests in clean technology
  208. Canada : Ocean Choice’s new trawler floated off at Tersan
  209. VIOLA, Salvage & Repatriation - The Technical Challenge
  210. Norway’s record-breaking July
  211. First newbuild from Karstensen’s Polish yard on the way
  212. Worker seriously injured after getting leg stuck in ice machine
  213. Irish sea herring quota applications
  214. Tasty, healthy-to-eat and sustainable – new herring season gets underway!
  215. Canada and Nova Scotia invest in new technology and trade
  216. Mackerel all the way to Svalbard
  217. Norway : New seiner/longliner for Østervold
  218. Norway : Compact wrasse catcher
  219. Crew and inspection team rescued from purse seiner
  220. China fishing vessel safety workshop looks towards treaty ratification
  221. Iceland : Good fishing, fine mackerel
  222. North-east harbours ‘should team up for free port status’
  223. ISSF’s 2019 snapshot of tuna purse seine fleets
  224. Özata Shipyard starts cutting steel for new Vikanøy
  225. Egersund Ísland – back to IceFish in 2020
  226. Ireland : BIM – Supporting Safety at Sea
  227. Iceland : 1100 tonne trip for Vigri
  228. Flyer provides lift in Channel fishery
  229. USA : Heavy penalties for pollution violations
  230. Fishermen in over 12m fleet urged to register now to be ready for EU exit
  231. In heroes’ footsteps for fishing communities
  232. First Pacific regional judicial symposium promotes responsibility in fisheries
  233. June dates for 2020 Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia
  234. Isle of Man : Douglas inner harbour to close for two weeks for flap gate repairs
  235. Beverley's shipbuilding heritage on show in new film
  236. Stromness Lifeboat tows in trawler
  237. Public consultation opens on the Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard
  238. Shetland Pelagic fishermen to donate £100,000 to MRI scanner appeal
  239. Catch recording – ready to record with or without signal
  240. New programme manager to boost Tuna Australia’s advocacy efforts
  241. Iceland : HB Grandi shareholders vote for name change
  242. New Scottish crabber looking for luck in Denmark
  243. New Harðbakur floated off at Vard
  244. 'Mackerel wars' Scottish fishermen at risk as Iceland & Greenland plot to target ...
  245. Crews called to fire on boat at north-east harbour
  246. Crew rescued from sinking Fraserburgh trawler
  247. European fishing industry at a critical point
  248. Royal Greenland’s Sisimiut christened in Nuuk
  249. Australia : Commercial fisherman Ross Miller, 90, still building prawn trawlers...
  250. EU fleet maintains high profitability