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  1. Documenting the Atlantic Sea Scallop fishery - Winter 2019
  2. Irish Skipper Expo 2020 heading for Limerick
  3. Karstensen yard delivers Norwegian pelagic catcher
  4. Arctic Swan heading home
  5. ANGLERS : UK fishermen urged to stop targeting endangered shark
  6. NFFO Calls for a Rethink on Catch Reporting for under-10 metre vessels
  7. Welsh Government Should Do "Everything They Can" to Save Research Ship Used by Bangor
  8. Nichola of Ladram
  9. VSV trawlers’ record-breaking March
  10. Scotland's shellfish 'at risk' from invasive species from Japan
  11. Work begins on new tuna catcher for Klokan Fishing
  12. Commercial fishing company becomes first to be banned in New Zealand
  13. RCMP say Port Hardy man at helm of out-of-control fishing boat had blood-alcohol...
  14. NFFO: Rethink needed on under-10 catch reporting
  15. Catch handling deck contracts go to Akureyri yard
  16. USA : Fishermen seek voice in offshore wind power planning
  17. Free fishing for Iceland’s coastal fleet, recommend independent scientists
  18. Landmark fishing ban plus fine for NZ company
  19. Top Scottish chef rages over fad diets and special request ‘f***witarians’
  20. DSI establishes Russian subsidiary
  21. Peruvian fishing company is first to order Sounder USV
  22. Skipper Expo Bristol pushed back to 2020
  23. N.S. seafood company accused of bilking 2 European firms out of $33K
  24. Nichola of Ladram joins South-West fleet
  25. New weapon launched by Angus villagers in ‘Blue Planet’ fight
  26. Posh Eco-Loon: No Holidays… Except For Me
  27. Blue whiting on the way
  28. Made in New Zealand: Lee Fisheries’ Friend of the Sea certification
  29. Sunken boat in Oban Bay “risk of pollution”
  30. Canada : Sambro fisherman nets extra $50K fine after catch violation
  31. Ten years and 36% more fish in the sea
  32. Basque fishermen protest against seine netters
  33. MPI and BKW in strategic fish farming partnership
  34. Construction underway on second RFC supertrawler
  35. “Ongoing incident” at Moray harbour
  36. New rules to protect Barents Sea habitats
  37. UK to export live langoustines to China under new deal
  38. China ranked worst country in new illegal fishing index
  39. Concerns over changing Baltic environment
  40. Assessing the consequences of oil spills on commercial fish
  41. Three crews full of courage, one town full of tears
  42. 'Drowned' whale washes up on beach in East Lothian
  43. RFC newbuilds and shore plant get green light
  44. Promoting sustainable fisheries and decent work in Italy
  45. UK's biggest fishing trawler sails up Thames in Brexit warning
  46. Moen Marin delivers Emilsen’s new Aslaug
  47. Iceland’s burst of blue whiting landings
  48. Laura Jane report and flyer published
  49. Type 23: Love at first sight
  50. Voisinage agreement reinstated
  51. Images of Hull's maritime attractions revamp plans unveiled
  52. Ireland : New anti-slavery rules for fishing
  53. Attacks on fishing vessels – pirates held
  54. Peterhead leads the way on Responsible Fishing Ports Scheme
  55. Rare blue lobster caught off West Wales coast
  56. A lifeboat crew in Co.Cork has rescued a fishing vessel in the middle of Storm Hannah
  57. Baltimore RNLI was launched this evening(Friday 26 April) to assist a fishing trawler
  58. Piriou establishes Côte d’Ivoire shiprepair company
  59. Vestmannaey afloat
  60. Fishermen find whale ‘trained by Russian military’
  61. Europe's biggest aquarium Nausicaa sued after death of last hammerhead shark
  62. Nffo agm
  63. European industry warns against CITES listing of shortfin mako shark
  64. Strengthening Iceland’s coastal fishery
  65. Cook Islands and the FFA look to strengthen co-operation
  66. MAIB starts investigation into accidental death
  67. Valka unveils Water-Jet Cutter for pre-rigor salmon at SPG in Brussels
  68. Australia’s Northern Prawn Fishery industry leads innovation in by-catch reduction
  69. More details of Fraserburgh harbour masterplan unveiled
  70. Fisherman Tony Jones died trapped in capsized boat
  71. Skipper rescued off Salcombe 'had done all the right things'
  72. Fisherman ordered to pay £27,000 after tax evasion
  73. Suspected ammonia leak at Macduff Shellfish in Mintlaw
  74. Havyard signs wellboat contract with Norsk Fisketransport
  75. ENGIE introduces DI freezer at Seafood Expo Global
  76. M/v resolute sold and delivered
  77. Clive Palfrey joins Seafood Cornwall Training as Regional Safety Adviser for Cornwall
  78. HRAS issues new UK Share Fishermen Briefing Note
  79. First World War mustard gas leaks from Belgian underwater grave
  80. Video about Peterhead
  81. 27 shipyards under one roof
  82. Tough competition for Boulogne’s fish trade
  83. Equipment installation goes ahead at RFC’s Russian Cod factory
  84. Number of angel sharks in Irish waters have declined by almost 95%
  85. Holiday tragedy as trawlerman Steven dies at sunshine resort
  86. New Scottish seafood logistics company’s launch at Seafood Expo Global
  87. Conegan – being inventive in packaging
  88. Australia's shark shame
  89. Australia nabs poachers off Northern Territory
  90. Helga María heads for Greenland
  91. Export of live wrasse banned by Sark's government
  92. Milford Fish Festival – back in 2019
  93. Frozen fish comes in compostable packaging
  94. Working together on small pelagics research
  95. Mission to host online auction fundraiser
  96. Slippurinn to deliver catch handling for new trawlers
  97. ValuePump offers a host of handling options
  98. All about Christmas – all year round
  99. Why are our oceans filling with squid?
  100. Seafood Expo Global: Scots firms showcase produce at major trade show
  101. Another man’s job goes to the girls
  102. Dutch fleet faces fishing gear shortage
  103. Big challenges headline key Micronesia Fisheries meeting
  104. How We Safeguard Atlantic Tunas
  105. Spanish tuna fleet kick-starts full MSC process
  106. Marel FleXicut completes the picture for Icewater Seafoods’ cod plant
  107. Autonomous boat makes oyster run
  108. New evidence 'casts doubts in Isle of Wight fishermen drugs case'
  109. Buckie Lifeboat crew named top Moray and Banffshire Heroes
  110. Broken down boat’s distress call answered quickly by north-east crew training
  111. Fraserburgh : Have your say on Harbour improvements
  112. Top choice wipers for the fishing fleet
  113. Squid show on F3X multibeam sounder
  114. Cepesca: Strengthen RFMOs
  115. Fishermen in plan to stage protest at Greystones Harbour
  116. Optim-ICE systems for Samherji fleet
  117. Castletownbere’s €23.5m development project, quay space doubled
  118. Taiwan workshop on fishermen’s working and living conditions
  119. Mariana Trench: Deepest-ever sub dive finds plastic bag
  120. Coast Guard rescues four who abandoned ship south of Atka Island, Alaska
  121. European Commission launches new tool in the fight against IUU fishing
  122. Maintaining key industry skills
  123. American angler almost lands the "big one".....
  124. House of Lords to quiz minister on landing obligation
  125. Recommended increase to sandeel quota
  126. Russia and Iceland strike fisheries deal
  127. New alliance for Indonesian one-by-one tuna
  128. Skipper Expo ready to roll in Aberdeen
  129. Investment secures the future of Hirtshals Yard
  130. 2019 quality award goes to longliner O. Husby
  131. Scottish Fishermen's Federation chief executive Bertie Armstrong to stand down
  132. Wilful Ignorance
  133. SFF: Bertie Armstrong to stand down
  134. Mustad gear package for new Icelandic longliner
  135. Scottish fishing; tonnage down, value up
  136. Ending Slavery at Sea headlines key Regional Fisheries Meeting
  137. First open forum for Fisheries APPG highlights recruitment
  138. Brixham fishing crew honoured with first ever 'Life Saver Award' after miracle rescue
  139. Fishing gear gurus hold international trawl gear training course
  140. Slow fishing on dispersed blue whiting
  141. Finding the sweet spot in every tow
  142. Make way for the new gangway
  143. Norfrigo sets up in Dunkerque
  144. Skipper Expo showcases fishing industry
  145. Dredger damaged Loch Carron reef secures protected status
  146. Isle of Wight: WW2 sea mine detonated by Navy
  147. Newlyn fish expert is first UK female master fishmonger
  148. Pensioner airlifted after Montrose harbour fall
  149. Antarctic order signed at Aberdeen Expo