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  1. Spain prohibits hammerhead and thresher shark fisheries
  2. Two far north creel boats in £10,000 claim
  3. Irish Common Fisheries Policy review workshop in Dublin
  4. Rescue teams search for fisherman
  5. Fisherman airlifted after injury
  6. Helicopter gearbox checks ordered
  7. SEALS on BBC Inside our
  8. Suspected mine blown up by divers
  9. boat names
  10. Death of North Devon skipper
  11. Fishing deaths 'despite advances'
  12. Massive killer whale pod sighted
  13. john robb
  14. Gm 32
  15. NSRAC appoints office bearers at Netherlands meeting
  16. EU fishermen face 'driving licence' style penalties
  17. Plans to establish conservation zones in the Irish Sea
  18. Pelagic does well, but port’s figures underline other problems
  19. Pacific hake mid-water trawl fishery wins MSC status
  20. Southern bluefin tuna quota cuts could be “too little, too late”
  21. Groomsport fisherman fined for undersized brown crabs
  22. Illegal fishing countries may be denied EU funding
  23. Crewman airlifted to safety
  24. Wind Farm
  25. John Lawton (john Taylor Bennett)
  26. Ireland opens its first dedicated seafood development centre
  27. Ups and downs for Lerwick Harbour activity
  28. NFFO attempt to ‘water down’ Marine Bill blocked at third reading stage
  29. Boa Pescador WH115
  30. Welsh extension of scallop closed season will not help stocks in Isle of Man waters
  31. Manx scallop ranching project could transform the Island’s scallop fishery
  32. Consultation on Marine Strategy Framework Directive launched in Northern Ireland
  33. Edinburgh Stages International Fisheries Conference
  34. Anchovies and sardines provide rich reward for West Country fishermen
  35. Researchers show northward shifts in Atlantic fish populations as ocean temperatures
  36. Barent Sea to boost haddock and cod supplies
  37. Staithes cobles
  38. rip off ireland?
  39. Antifoul
  40. Overnight RAF rescues suspended
  41. Fisherman dies after Channel fall
  42. coble Bramblewick
  43. Shalona - Help Needed
  44. Boat rescue incident investigated
  45. 'Last chance' for tuna authority
  46. Scottish fisheries scheme hailed as model of reform
  47. Bristol Channel ray fishery starts MSC assessment
  48. Norwegian researchers probe possible new lobster disease
  49. DAFF Announces Temporary Closure of Support Schemes
  50. Who makes these?
  51. Hundreds turn out to greet new Grimsby trawler
  52. Spain does u-turn on armed trawler guards
  53. Full steam ahead for crucial selective gear trials
  54. UK fish prices set to come under more pressure
  55. Fishing vessel book 2010
  56. Search as fisherman lost off boat
  57. EX MFV Sinks on mooring
  58. Fall fisherman dies in hospital
  59. Ocean Soviener II
  60. slipway trolley wheels wanted
  61. belle fleur
  62. Shell fish ban near sewage plant
  63. Government seeking sharks project officer
  64. Recalling a black day in Wick's herring history
  65. Prawn skippers time to fight for your industry
  66. McArthur motion on fishing net gauge attracts cross-party support
  67. Huge gill nets to be banned by New Zealand
  68. Stornoway prawn trawler nets shocking catch
  69. Storm delays rescue of injured fisherman
  70. £9.3 million boost for Scotland's fish and processing sectors
  71. Fishing vessels caught on police helicopter camera fined for illegal pair-trawling
  72. Anyone needing a deckie learner?
  73. How the Irish Government treat people
  74. Marine Stewardship Council and Moody Marine under fire over proposed toothfish rules
  75. Collapse of EU-Guinea Fisheries Agreement means European fleet must leave
  76. shipmate / deccafishmaster problem!
  77. John Edward CS 628?
  78. Job Fish Farm
  79. Call for 1959 fishing boat disaster memorial
  80. Still haddock on the market, despite SFO closure
  81. Seriously ill fishing boat skipper transferred to helicopter by Teignmouth RNLI
  82. Reporting of illegal fishing
  83. Faroese minister speaks of problems facing fishing industry
  84. Plea for Scottish Borders fishing industry
  85. Lifeboat tragedy crew remembered
  86. AIS sites
  87. Sailor thrown overboard in fishing boat accident
  88. UK SAC's/MPA's/MCZ's
  89. seiwa plotter
  90. Sardine name given EU protection
  91. Fishing On My Boat [VIDEO]
  92. The Real Price Of Fish
  93. electric net hauler
  94. Fisheries planes stuck in hangars for months
  95. French fishery threatens critically endangered sharks
  96. Pacific fisheries meeting adopts proposals on sharks and swordfish
  97. Last trawler to leave Great Yarmouth
  98. Fish shoals moving north to colder waters
  99. Rutherford to retire from Seafish
  100. Rutlandshire GY335
  101. Rising seas 'clue' in sunken world off Orkney
  102. Coastal and marine spatial framework released in the US
  103. Oceana urges EU Spanish Presidency to champion protection of the oceans
  104. Pembrokeshire’s seriously fishy festival
  105. He would still be here today – MCA lifejacket podcast targets fishermen
  106. Emergency closure of Ramsey Bay to scallop fishing
  107. Fisherman missing in Channel collision
  108. Cost of raising toxic sub in key fishing area doubles
  109. Brits go crackers for prawns this Christmas
  110. Illegal fishing vessel intercepted by New Zealand authorities
  111. Merry Christmas from Brixham
  112. Prawn Trawling Info
  113. All the best for 2010..
  114. Fishing trawler fire off Scilly Isles sparks sea rescue
  115. Long-term conservation measures need to be continued, says WWF Scotland
  116. Manx fisherman fined for landing undersize lobsters
  117. WWF welcomes new rules to stamp out illegal fishing activity
  118. Irish government approves new regulations and bye-laws for management wild salmon
  119. Falmouth coastguard assist in long distance rescue
  120. Consultation on Isle of Man Fisheries Bill to end shortly
  121. All EU over 10-metre skippers required to use new conversion factors
  122. helmsdale
  123. Irish scientists and fishermen join forces on fisheries science
  124. New president for the North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission
  125. Fears UK-Iceland spat could affect fishing relations
  126. Fraserburgh Lifeboat Memorial
  127. US authorities propose port entry ban for illegal fishing vessels
  128. Offshore wind farm decision took account of wildlife impacts, says Natural England
  129. Lundy Island becomes England’s first Marine Conservation Zone
  130. A decade of discovery for Irish marine science
  131. crewman airlifted off Niamh Eoghan
  132. End of era nears for once-great fishing port
  133. Thousands of dead crabs wash up on Kent beaches
  134. Light shed on fish gill mystery
  135. Clever stingray fish use tools to solve problems
  136. Fishing boat and five crew saved
  137. Trawler abandoned by 17 fishermen moments after it was swamped by a giant wave
  138. One dead after two harbour falls
  139. Can fisheries co-exist with the UK’s awe-inspiring offshore wind proposals?
  140. EU’s Commissioner Designate for Fisheries impresses Scottish Conservative MEP
  141. Major fishing investment almost completed
  142. Fishing boat towed to safety by Eyemouth RNLI after running aground on rocks
  143. UK’s Southwest beam trawlers start MSC assessment
  144. SNP President invites Damanaki to Scotland to learn from Scottish conservation effort
  145. German North Sea brown shrimp fishers apply for MSC certification
  146. Fishing trawler towed away from rocks by Tynemouth lifeboat
  147. Meridian crew remembered in new Scottish Fisheries Museum education pack
  148. US seafood group warns about Indian prawn imports
  149. Fisherman from Gipuzkoa dies, boat overturns in southern France
  150. Fishing boat towed off after running aground
  151. English white fish fleet banned from the North Sea until February
  152. North Sea fishing firms urged to become involved with conservation zones
  153. Fish trader fined
  154. Icelandic trawler return to port in protest
  155. Vesta FY529
  156. Trawler collides with 2,500 tonne cargo ship
  157. Six men in court over fish fraud
  158. Overboard fisherman dies in hospital
  159. Seafood supplier pulls critically endangered species from their product list
  160. International tuna trade ban backed by France
  161. European Commission guilty of maladministration in Clyde days-at-sea decision
  162. Bill to protect Scottish sea life passed
  163. Date set for this years Brixham Fish Festival
  164. Scottish or English?
  165. Scottish Government organises ‘mapping’ workshops for the whitefish industry
  166. EU organic logo turns over new leaf
  167. Canada - Denmark fishing dispute looms
  168. Giant bizarre deep sea fish filmed in Gulf of Mexico
  169. Video: Fishing aboard the Favourite, St. Abbs
  170. Welsh scallop fishing ban to protect habitat and stocks
  171. Photo Competition results
  172. Captain Phil Harris RIP
  173. Member Theolaird
  174. MEPs vote for tuna trade ban
  175. sutton work boat 8 and 10 metre
  176. Baltimore RNLI Lifeboat Crew in search for fisherman lost overboard
  177. Growing angerover electronic net guage
  178. The Skipper - Roger Nowell Documentry 1993 (youtube)
  179. Trawlermen DVD
  180. Brixham Trawler Race 2010
  181. Kerloch J235
  182. Skipper airlifted to hospital
  183. £5.25 million grants boost for English fishing industry
  184. Portree lifeboat crew rescue fishing boat rescued
  185. The latest EU Proposal
  186. FSA issue food alert over illegally produced smoked mackerel
  187. Sat-nav systems under growing threat from 'jammers'
  188. Skipper fined £2k for fishing in a prohibited area
  189. The Skipper - Roger Nowell do they have dvd
  190. pink shrimps
  191. Irish Minister launches ‘Review of Irish Shellfisheries’
  192. Historic Norway-EU agreement on electronic reporting from fishing
  193. Cod by-catch trials report published by Marine Scotland
  194. Temporary arrangements for non-European fishermen
  195. NAFC’s Discovery Zone plots unusual Shetland marine species
  196. First Faroese herring fishery awarded MSC certification
  197. Medical evacuation from fishing vessel
  198. southern star fy 125
  199. Stevenson advocates ‘super food’ solution for Scottish discards
  200. Double whammy for elver fisherman caught with illegal net
  201. New monitor that will help save fishermen’s lives set to be major attraction
  202. Retailers pledge support for Scottish seafood
  203. SNP hits out at opponents over historical fishing rights
  204. Frozen at sea fish ‘the unsung hero' of the Fish & Chip awards
  205. Welsh fishing industry initiative making waves
  206. Scotland’s Marine Bill receives Royal Assent
  207. Stevenson slams EU stalling on seabird fishing line deaths
  208. EU ‘subsidises illegal fishing’, claims website, as it publishes convictions list
  209. SAR reduction for Irish Sea
  210. Aberdeen to get powerful new trawler
  211. Fishermen land big recording deal
  212. Methil docks crash man previously stole £150,000 trawler
  213. Pilot help?
  214. Sustainability certification for Scottish Atlanto Scandian herring fishery
  215. Shock for Seafish as British Seafood win levy case on appeal
  216. Jts
  217. Lochhead sets out Scottish fishermen’s priorities in Europe
  218. Eight hour callout for Ballyglass RNLI to assist fishing vessel
  219. French trawler fined £6,000 for fishing inside closed cod box
  220. White fish fleet restructuring ‘inevitable’ given economic worries
  221. lowestoft trawlers
  222. Scottish marine strategy goes step further as report is unveiled
  223. Urgent action needed to ensure viability, says Park
  224. Gatt moves to pelagic grouping as Duthie heads for federation
  225. NFFO urges Irranca-Davies to support Channel undulate ray initiative
  226. Fleetwood trade welcomes progress on new fish park
  227. Herring fishery’s Silver Darling celebration
  228. Cefas seeks participants for cod catch quota trial
  229. Overfishing exacerbated by EU fisheries subsidies, claims new study
  230. New Irish fisheries minister meets EU Fisheries Commissioner
  231. New Bridlington shellfish dispute threatens
  232. Hello
  233. Future of Scotland's seas
  234. New conservation proposals to safeguard Manx fisheries
  235. Marske Fishermen's Choir visiting Fraserburgh
  236. New FishSAFE unit helps fishermen avoid underwater oil and gas structures
  237. New science advisory board for Marine Scotland Science
  238. north sea sole quota
  239. Scientists call for more fisheries research on potential wind farm impacts
  240. New Irish atlas features results of detailed seabed mapping
  241. New marine body pledges to become fishing champion
  242. SFF unveils manifesto for Scottish fishing for General Election 2010
  243. Photographs and Info wanted
  244. Help Tracing Fishing Records
  245. New research shows shellfish consumption doesn’t affect cholesterol levels
  246. Dutch delegation to study Scotland’s Conservation Credits Scheme
  247. Awards for RNLI lifeboat crew after rescue of three seamen
  248. Pledge made to support Northern Irish fishing fleet
  249. Labour and SNP fighting hurts Scotland’s fishing industry says Scott
  250. Lengthy journey for Tynemouth RNLI lifeboat to bring fishermen to safety