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  1. Greenland’s latest shrimp hunter
  2. Raptor concept takes off
  3. Staying stable
  4. Life jackets law shock Life jackets law shock
  5. Every fish alive with split codend
  6. Technology leap from Thyborøn Trawldoor
  7. Fresh from the boat
  8. Newfoundland : LETTER: Seals to blame
  9. Bergey breaks ten billion barrier
  10. First of Russian fleet’s new generation approaching completion
  11. Johnson Marine orders net cleaning robots
  12. Two men jailed for Ramsgate migrant-smuggle bid
  13. Lerwick harbour reaps benefits of growing tourism and fishing
  14. Shark on UK plates highlights trade in endangered species
  15. Hirtshals Yard back in action
  16. Northern Shipyard lays latest longliner keel
  17. Iceland’s fish farmers merge with vessel owners association
  18. Disappointment over MSC mackerel suspension
  19. Disappointment over MSC mackerel suspension, but work in progress to evaluate...
  20. Disappointment over MSC mackerel suspension
  21. Iceland’s nephrops fishery limited to research quota
  22. Pescapuerta places freezer trawler order with Nodosa
  23. Macduff Ship Design: looking forward to a busy 2019
  24. Fishermen pulled from water after their boat sinks
  25. Proposal to modernise shipyard in Ramsey
  26. Wave of newbuilds at Padmos yard
  27. First Asian nation to ratify Work in Fishing Convention
  28. Crew safe after shrimp trawler breaks apart in surf near Frisco
  29. Lorient’s new seiner/trawler
  30. Paying a heavy price for illegal fish
  31. Irish eyes are smiling. But what about the UK?
  32. Fishermen concerned over future use of Sullom Voe harbour area
  33. Call for industry leaders to help shape Responsible Fishing Ports Scheme for..
  34. Navy diver awarded bravery medal for recovering fisherman from upturned boat
  35. Suffolk beach porpoise 'could have been killed by seal'
  36. Cleopatra live potter for Norway
  37. New Zealand Government looking to revise commercial fishing rules
  38. World’s Largest Fish Factory Vessel Stays on IUU List
  39. Formal complaint to EU over Italy’s failure to act on illegal fishing
  40. New fly-shooter for young Thyborøn fisherman
  41. EU fish discard ban 'cannot be enforced without harming industry'
  42. Safety workshops bring together traditional and innovative marine solutions
  43. International breakthrough for Havfront’s Loppa
  44. Korean trawler detained by Argentina
  45. Shetland fishermen caution against development rush in Yell Sound
  46. Canada : Ruling that prevents corporate takeover of inshore fishery upheld
  47. New Zephyr launched in Poland , being towed to Norway for fitting out
  48. Spain's accession boosts key fishing vessel safety treaty
  49. Icelandic factory deck for new Nergård Havfiske trawler
  50. Fishermen rescued from Maughold fishing boat fire
  51. The Incredible Moment Cornwall Fisherman Films 26ft Shark Just Beneath His Boat
  52. Zephyr heads for Norway
  53. Tackling illegal fishing in the UK Overseas Territories
  54. Malta fisheries minister suspended over alleged corrupt Tuna activities with Spain
  55. Coast guard's $227M ships rock 'like crazy,' making crews seasick, unable to work
  56. Taiwanese jigger on fire in Falklands' waters: 64 crew members evacuated
  57. Hatteland introduces 43-inch premium display
  58. Vard series for Iceland on track
  59. Fishermen's tech helps marine scout potential invasion beaches
  60. West Africa joint fisheries surveillance under EU PESCAO project
  61. Wales gets first of new fisheries patrol vessels
  62. Bournemouth restaurant owner fined for illegal fishing
  63. North-east Scotland marine company awarded €140,000 antifouling contract
  64. Why big isn’t bad
  65. Deadly virus outbreak prompted fears over import of fish farm eggs to Scotland
  66. Norway’s supreme court rules – snow crabs are Norwegian
  67. EU passes new technical and conservation rules for fisheries
  68. Trawler Rescued By Tynemouth RNLI Lifeboat After Running Aground
  69. Coast Guard assists good Samaritan vessel to rescue five people from...
  70. UK unprepared for Landing Obligation
  71. Scallop fishermen hope cameras will cut out illegal traders
  72. Veteran Icelandic trawler sold to Spain
  73. Bristow Hints At Bankruptcy, Drops Columbia Deal
  74. Ten crew rescued from sinking fishing vessel off Western Cape
  75. Skipsteknisk to design new research vessel for Ireland
  76. Shark DNA could help cure cancer and age-related illnesses in humans
  77. Man Captures Incredible Photos Of Great White Shark Just Inches From Its Mouth
  78. Trawler order for Jobi Værft
  79. What I learned working with misfits, oddballs and hardened fishermen
  80. MSC suspends Biscay sardine certification
  81. No capelin, as first blue whiting landed
  82. Markus christened in Vigo
  83. woodleigh
  84. Electric winches for Dutch seiner/trawlers
  85. Iceland licences five more years of commercial whaling
  86. A return to sea
  87. Deadly brawl aboard Taiwan fishing boat sparks rescue operation
  88. Winds of Change
  89. Russia-Morocco fishing agreement extended into 2019
  90. Bergey sold to Grundarfjörður
  91. Careful with that seine net...
  92. Seafish reports on UK fishing’s employment statistics
  93. Spanish tuna purse seine fleet meets certification requirements
  94. Taking shark fin soup off the menu
  95. Irish Coast guard praised for 'difficult' rescue on Aran Islands
  96. Eire : Healy-Rae demands major cull of seals
  97. Larsnes Mek Verksted delivers second of seiner pair
  98. Morocco - FAO convention to build artisanal fisheries
  99. New Video Shows Impacts of Offshore Wind On U.K. Fishermen
  100. Plotting the routes of salmon and sharks
  101. South Africa signs fisheries MoU with Namibia
  102. Central harvesters dig in on state of groundfish
  103. Seafood jobs at risk from massive hike in export charges
  104. Singing the ‘blues’ with SNG
  105. No capelin season for Iceland
  106. Seafood industry furious with Transport Scotland
  107. Northern Ireland fishing boats impounded by Irish Navy
  108. Irish inshore sector’s industry-led strategy
  109. FFA wins global stop IUU fishing prize
  110. Fishing harder on south-western grounds
  111. Britain’s oldest working fisherman
  112. Hoodwinker sunfish: Rare fish washes up on California beach
  113. A look inside Clearwater’s offshore lobster fishery
  114. The Friendliest Port
  115. No evidence supporting the inclusion of mako shark in CITES Appendix II
  116. New Cleopatra for Ålesund
  117. Fish crisis: Stocks hit by climate change
  118. Disappointment for Danish fishermen over quota terms
  119. CEFAS scientists create first UK map of shipping 'noise'
  120. Future of Scottish fishing set out in Government paper
  121. NGO causing trouble on the West Coast again
  122. Poland's small-scale fishermen take to the streets
  123. UK flag? Get your IMO number
  124. Moving tribute to Triple Trawler Tragedy and Headscarf Revolutionaries is....
  125. Parliamentarians pull together to promote UK fishing
  126. Russian Fishing Company supports industry training
  127. MSC certificate remains suspended for Gulf of St. Lawrence snow crab fishery
  128. T90 codends on DynIce Quicklines performing well
  129. Ofcom to review depth of analysis and impartiality of BBC news and current affairs
  130. Flawed science led MSC decision to drop mackerel
  131. Fishing guide says Sydney Harbour is infested with deadly and aggressive sharks
  132. Capelin shortfall hits hard
  133. Clash in Argentinean waters
  134. Strand Senior delivered by Karstensens
  135. New fisheries and quota manager joins Waterdance
  136. New research vessel for Greenland
  137. Auditors recommend MSC certification for Atlantic menhaden
  138. EU fisheries fund to meet the industry’s needs
  139. Taits christened at Westcon
  140. Chinese ship rams, sinks Vietnamese fishing boat
  141. Fisherman rescued from 'very rough seas' off Devon
  142. Brax will be away for diving lessons after hauling this anchor up lol
  143. Rosehearty fishermen secure funding for harbour upgrades
  144. Trouble in Oysteropolis: Whitstable in uproar over booming fisheries trade
  145. MCA : First Inspection For Small Fishing Vessels To Remain Free
  146. The real-life Jonah! Incredible moment a diver is spat out by a WHALE...
  147. South Africa’s fishing companies caution government over rights allocations
  148. Dutch industry prepares for No Deal
  149. Canada invests in BC fishing communities
  150. First fishery achieves MSC certification for bigeye tuna
  151. A legacy of leaving less behind
  152. UK vessels illegally threw away 7,500 tons of cod in North Sea, campaigners say
  153. Sitting out the storm in Donegal Bay
  154. Coastal Fisheries Initiative underway in West Africa
  155. Fish via Russia’s northern sea route
  156. Nil Desperandum to be scrapped
  157. Crew Rescued From French Fishing Vessel Off Lands End
  158. Landmark Arctic surf clam agreement reached
  159. Tuna seiner contract for Galician owner goes to Freire
  160. Freezer trawler’s record trip
  161. Memorials to honour lifeboat crew who perished in capsizing
  162. Critical timeline to reinstate fishing agreement with UK, says Creed
  163. Shetland : Seven local nominations for fishing awards
  164. Responsibly caught canned tuna in Spanish supermarkets this year
  165. Norway sees commercial fishery in copepods
  166. Multimillion-pound north-east development to include a fishing industry...
  167. World's largest hybrid fishing boat reaches home
  168. French film about Whelk fishing in the English Channel
  169. Council to charge for filming at harbours
  170. EUFA: Ready to discuss a future
  171. Pelagic Association’s capelin questions
  172. Over 100 jobs to be created at Pinneys plant in Annan
  173. Lifeboat called out to flooded trawler in Eyemouth
  174. Oysters reintroduced to Humber estuary
  175. Moray Council’s former dredger, which was sold for scrap seven years ago...
  176. Electronic Monitoring: Aiding a Culture of Cooperation or Surveillance?
  177. Baltic trawler’s keel laid at Kaliningrad yard
  178. Lüderitz: The City Born from the Sea
  179. Crab poaching under cover of darkness earns 10-year commercial fishing ban...
  180. Electronic Monitoring: A Culture of Co-operation or Surveillance?
  181. Fine fishing for saithe on home grounds
  182. Iceland and Faroes strike mutual access agreement
  183. Personnel changes at Samherji’s European division
  184. Investment firm acquires Spanish fishing operator
  185. End of the line for Nil Desperandum
  186. Rogue waves occurring less but 'becoming more extreme'
  187. Electric longliner sold to Canada
  188. Maritime and Coastguard Agency : If you’re at sea on or after April 6, you might...
  189. Atlantic Fair – highlighting Faroese optimism
  190. Ocean Farm Services orders net cleaning units
  191. Construction starts on second Norebo trawler
  192. Lingbank leaves Hanstholm for Canada
  193. Waterdance crabber launched at Den Oever
  194. Mersea Island oysterman discovers Bronze Age skull
  195. NFFO Elects Next Chairman
  196. Murmansk plans new fishing terminal
  197. Luyt builds beamer for Ireland
  198. Is China's fishing fleet taking all of West Africa's fish?
  199. NFFO elects next chairman
  200. Fisherman airlifted to hospital in Aberdeen from Macduff
  201. Portavogie: Fishing crew shocked by body caught in nets
  202. Creed declines calls to meet fisherman on hunger strike over fisheries bill
  203. Electric winches for twin-rigger/fly-shooters
  204. Fiskebåt cautious on calanus
  205. Carsoe signs major US factory deck deal
  206. Fisherman dies after being pulled from water off Macduff
  207. 'My son's jawbone is all I have left of him'
  208. Fascinating drone footage exposes shipwrecks scattered across Lowestoft waters
  209. Patchy fishing for saithe
  210. Crab catcher launched at Tersan
  211. New inquiry urged over ‘gagged’ Scottish Government whistleblower tied to chair
  212. Loch Carron reef given permanent protection after dredger damage
  213. Bill to reinstate North-South fishing deal passes in Dáil
  214. SAD AND DISTURBINGThis morning Dinish Pier Castletownbere is again like Port De Vigo
  215. Hopes for Scottish herring recovery as huge spawning shoals spotted
  216. £30k funding boost for Peterhead Seafood Festival
  217. Cleopatra 36 for Kjøllefjord
  218. Strong BIM presence at Skipper Expo Int. Galway
  219. Cromer and Gorleston lifeboats called to assist 110 tonne guard vessel with...
  220. Spring is here – and so is the new FiskerForum website
  221. Good fishing – weather permitting
  222. Keel laid for third in longliner series
  223. 13th ItechMer looking promising
  224. Orders announced for Norwegian coastal fleet
  225. MAIB safety digest 1/2019 published
  226. SeaWise monitors stability
  227. Value boost in red prawn extract
  228. North Devon characters to appear on new Devon & Cornwall TV series on More4
  229. Informal consultation on two sets of management measures
  230. 'Incredibly early' basking shark spotted off Cornwall
  231. Pella ready to launch first of trawler series
  232. Ísfell is Rock Trawl Doors’ Icelandic dealer
  233. A photographic tour of the Mississippi oyster industry
  234. Ireland : Money To Be Made In Fish 1974
  235. Arklow RNLI launch to assist stricken fishing boat
  236. Parkol delivers Kirkwall crabber
  237. Record year for Coprexma
  238. Rejecting industry levies
  239. Gin-spirational event backs campaign to bring the Viola home
  240. Shark's-eye view of a great white hunting
  241. Sightseers 'causing undue seal stress' in Aberdeenshire
  242. New netter/seine netter for Hanstholm
  243. Generational shift at Royal Greenland’s fleet
  244. Russian supertrawler’s factory will come from Iceland
  245. Ecuador co-operates with CCAMLR on toothfish
  246. Papua New Guinea hands down fines for illegal fishing in Australian waters
  247. Chilean fishing company awarded Friend of the Sea certification
  248. IMO Urges Users Of GPS-SPS To Check Their Systems Ahead Of GPS Roll-Over
  249. Impersonating a fishery officer is a risky business
  250. Pronomar’s COMBO Drying Systems for Damen’s VOLT Processor