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  1. Fishing without a licence costs owner, master and fishing company over £75,000
  2. Port registration
  3. Probe into alleged scallop dredging in protected area
  4. Why the wrasse is the UK's most expensive fish
  5. £75,000+ penalties for fishing without a licence
  6. Danish yard orders Rolls-Royce package for pelagic pair
  7. Stranraer oyster festival 'worth £1m'
  8. Headscarf Revolutionary Yvonne Blenkinsop given freedom of Hull
  9. Cleopatra autoliner for N-W Iceland
  10. Vilhelm Thorsteinsson lands for the last time in Iceland
  11. Goodbye to wet gear
  12. Valka and Murman Seafood sign high-tech factory deal
  13. New Audacious ready to start on whitefish
  14. Woman rescued by passersby after driving her car into Banff Harbour
  15. Scottish kelp harvesting plan 'entirely sustainable'
  16. Peterhead Lifeboat called out to aid creel boat
  17. A metre shorter and ready for scalloping
  18. EU signs partnership agreement with Guinea Bissau
  19. Councillor challenges Marine Scotland on fishing boat inspections
  20. Fisherman rescued by lifeboat crew after engine failure
  21. LIFE Platform based in Brussels
  22. Cornish Fish Producers' Organisation: Episode 4 - The Gilberts
  23. Missed opportunity at ICCAT; progress towards sustainable fisheries blocked
  24. Pingtan sends newbuild trio to sea
  25. First ever Wärtsilä 31 engine retrofit brings massive NOx and fuel savings to Gardar
  26. Falklands toothfish re-certified
  27. Marine Scotland defends its boarding policy
  28. Oyster spawning predicted for 'first time in British seas'
  29. World Fisheries Day dedicated to secure decent work in the fishing sector
  30. Emissions and fuel consumption down with first Wärtsilä 31 retrofit
  31. Keel laid for first of factory trawler series
  32. Probe into alleged trafficking of 23 fishermen
  33. Thai Union opens marine oil refinery in Germany
  34. Distress alert off Eyemouth sparks major search
  35. Iceland’s factory trawler fleet continues to shrink
  36. Cornish Fish Producers' Organisation: Episode 5 - Paul
  37. Seafarers disapprove of 'robotic' coastguard messages
  38. Channel trawler order for Piriou
  39. New rules to develop sustainable fisheries in EU’s outermost regions
  40. Carsoe acquires Freezertech
  41. Distress beacon near Eyemouth prompts second search
  42. What does climate change mean for our fisheries?
  43. Record landings hailed as start of big thing for whitefish
  44. The shifting landscape of fish processing
  45. New shrimper for Jutland partnership
  46. Promising future for Shetland fisheries heralded by survey of juvenile stocks
  47. Trawler fire off Norwegian coast
  48. Successful 2018 for Irish FLAGs
  49. Trawler pair for Atlantic Dawn Group
  50. SIC appoints contractor to build Scalloway fish market
  51. One-of-a-kind krill harvester
  52. Thyborøn Trawldoor launches BlueStream Type 23 doors
  53. French bass fishermen’s worst fears realised
  54. Fishing sector to receive 'vital' £5m European funding
  55. 3500-5000 tonne snow crab quota recommendation
  56. Longline pair delivered to New Caledonia
  57. Plymouth fisherman's rage as £20k worth of sea bass is thrown back into the sea
  58. Whale conservationist tackles fishing industry
  59. Small-scale fishermen’s organisation restructures
  60. Kampi invests in Skaginn 3X tub handling
  61. Urk by name, Urk by nature
  62. Russia and Argentina agree co-operation on fisheries and aquaculture
  63. What climate change could mean for Scottish fisheries
  64. New whitefish boat ordered for Thyborøn
  65. Study focuses on French mussel market
  66. Film shows effect of illegal scallop dredging, say divers
  67. Juvenile stocks survey promises strong future for Shetland fisheries
  68. Vyborg yard launches factory trawler for Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet
  69. Seabird numbers 'at risk due to fishing' according to Aberdeen study
  70. Iceland’s regional quotas allocated
  71. Shipyards interested in Pronomar’s drying systems
  72. Netter completed in time for Christmas delivery
  73. The Herring Men of Cahore
  74. New Birgitte fishing from Hvide Sande
  75. Piriou opens Réunion ship repair and maintenance facility
  76. New leasing fund welcomed by South African fishing community
  77. Thailand seeks Brixham’s trawl technology
  78. Investigation launched into seiner fire and loss
  79. Why Does Halibut Cost So Much?
  80. Cetus places additional new vessel order
  81. RFC forges ahead with modernisation programme
  82. Grand Bank Fire Department called to a fishing vessel fire
  83. Report raises hopes for Mediterranean and Black Sea fisheries
  84. Council to foot the whole bill for new Scalloway fish market
  85. Big fishing on blue whiting
  86. Taiwanese Captain Sentenced 20 Years For Shark Finning In Tanzania
  87. EU industry let down by massive tariff derogations for imported products
  88. Víkuráll cod feeding on capelin
  89. Fishermen’s welfare and human rights report for Ascension Island EEZ
  90. LIFE responds to EU Commission’s proposals on eels ahead of Monday’s Council
  91. Atlantic Sapphire crew rescued from sinking boat: UPDATED
  92. Somalia gives up its fishing rights to China
  93. Dates announced for Skipper Expo Int. Bristol 2019
  94. EAPO sets out position ahead of Council of Ministers
  95. Bluefin Tuna washed up at Bea Sand Orkney this morning
  96. The warm water fish making their way to British waters
  97. Seeing the light and learning the lessons
  98. Line boats fear imminent French bass fishery closure
  99. 37 years ago today the Penlee Lifeboat was lost with all 8 crew
  100. Coastguard airlift abandoned due to bad weather
  101. Giant fish out of water! 6.5ft bluefin tuna 'beast' washes up in Scottish island
  102. Norway increases its share of herring fishery
  103. Europêche re-elects management teamhttp://fiskerforum.dk/en/news/b/europeche-re-elect
  104. Russian Fishery Company’s Far East factory takes shape
  105. Dorset Coastal Stories - The Fisheries Observer Trailer
  106. Fisherman's body pulled from water at Fraserburgh harbour
  107. Lincoln fisherman fined £25,000 over illegal whelk catch
  108. Blue whiting over for the year
  109. New purser/seiner for Hovden Senior
  110. Sotra producer opts for Sub-Chilling system
  111. Government bans large trawlers within six miles of Irish coast
  112. New autoliner ordered for Tasmanian company
  113. Migrants in boat stopped off Boulogne
  114. New Cleopatra 33 delivered to Trondheim
  115. Building blocks of ocean food web in rapid decline as plankton productivity plunges
  116. The marine biologist on a mission to change the image of sharks
  117. The biggest cray boat in australia has launched
  118. Trawlers over 18m to be excluded from Irish 6-mile zone
  119. WA industry opposes government owning stake in lobster fishery
  120. Best ever year for veteran trawler
  121. Normandy pair from Boulogne yard
  122. 'No easy solution here': Premier prepares for worst on controversial pulp mill
  123. Angolan fishing trawler caught red handed causes shock
  124. Pella Shipyard launches Russia’s first custom-built crabber
  125. Fisherman who fell overboard clung on to nets for five miles
  126. Stadyard delivers netter/longliner to Kenfish II
  127. Hampiðjan amalgamates activities in Iceland
  128. Criminal damage in Lowestoft
  129. Trawler crew rescued in Svalbard
  130. Search to find missing man last seen on Christmas Eve
  131. Convicted Newfoundland skipper wants trial reopened
  132. Minimising fuel consumption with LoC tunnel
  133. FISK Seafood buys groundfish pair
  134. Investment continues in Russia’s Far East
  135. Man taken to hospital after being rescued from north-east harbour
  136. Northern Shipyard adds third longliner to its orderbook
  137. Government shutdown,if it continues,could cost Alaska’s lucrative Bering Sea fishery
  138. PrimCrab appoints new director
  139. Pingtan commissions twelve more fishing vessels
  140. Two Missing After Fishing Boat Capsizes Near R.I. Wind Farm
  141. 14 migrants accused of trying to steal French trawler
  142. Welsh whelk measures introduced
  143. Low sulphur fuel for Icelandic fleet
  144. Found: The plane wreck that could solve a 50-year-old mystery
  145. North-east town’s new market helps boost fish landings by 25%
  146. Hoax Coastguard calls putting lives in danger
  147. Australia’s biggest rock lobster catcher
  148. Mega container ship lost 270 containers in North sea, dangerous cargo UPDATE
  149. Warming seas linked to bluefin tuna surge in UK waters
  150. Trawler order for Rolls-Royce and Astilleros Gondán
  151. Double launch at Sefine Shipyard
  152. Rescuers search Loch Eriboll for 'distressed whale'
  153. New rules for living and working on fishing vessels
  154. Super stable Sea Master doors from Rock
  155. Fish carrier grounded in Marshall Islands
  156. Japan sushi tycoon pays record tuna price
  157. Quad-rig technology for the fishing vessel of the future
  158. The US military is warning that China's fishing boats are bullies and could...
  159. Boats destroyed after 'suspicious' fire at historic harbour
  160. Concern growing for missing man last seen on Christmas Eve
  161. Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence cod could be extinct by mid-century: report
  162. Dutch fishermen’s cleanup initiative
  163. Liberia arrests cargo ship for illegal fish trade
  164. Warning as 80mph winds set to batter parts of Scotland
  165. Taiwan imposes heavy penalties on fishing companies
  166. Police patrols increase after Cove and Aberdeen harbour fires
  167. WA man fined more than $30,000 for selling recreationally caught lobsters
  168. Course offers insights into the Business of Fishing
  169. Rimfrost awarded second Antarctic krill licence
  170. North-east fisherman gifted new boat after suspicious fire at north-east harbour
  171. Machine learning to put Aker BioMarine in the lead
  172. Thailand’s yellow card lifted
  173. Moray Council’s £2.5 million dredger has failed dramatically in its role
  174. Who is Stonehaven's 'secret sculptor'?
  175. Crab Boat From Capsizes Killing All Three Crew Members
  176. Julie of Ladram joins Waterdance fleet
  177. Endangered eels get a helping hand
  178. Appeal over car seen leaving scene of Cove fire
  179. Sea Shepherd vessel falls under assault by poachers in Mexico
  180. Seafood giant Clearwater convicted of 'gross violation' in lobster fishery
  181. Cornelis Vrolijk invests in Nouadhibou processing plant
  182. Samherji acquires stake in Valka
  183. Target for 100% of Irish Trawlers to Recover Plastic Waste from the Oceans...
  184. Tributes to hero fisherman who pulled off a million-to-one rescue
  185. Oregon starts killing fish-eating sea lions from California
  186. Saupiquet orders tuna seiner from Piriou
  187. Decisive step towards improving Mediterranean fisheries management
  188. PETA lobster complaint not being prosecuted
  189. Fishermen hit with legal bill after harbour boat dispute
  190. Common Market | Common Fisheries Policy | Scottish Fishing |TV Eye | 1983
  191. World's largest wellboat – heading for Tasmania
  192. Crabs caught in UK picked in Vietnam due to staff shortage
  193. Oysters released onto Solent seabed in bid to boost stocks
  194. Irish minister launches Clean Oceans Initiative
  195. They investigate the ship "Viriato I" in France for selling hake in Spain
  196. Eastern Shipbuilding Group launches North Star
  197. Nodosa delivers first of Cuxhaven pair
  198. MSC certification renewed for Kerguelen and Crozet Islands toothfish
  199. Factory trawler detained as Marine Scotland carries out investigation
  200. 2018: Record year for Norwegian fisheries
  201. Spanish tuna fleet evaluates results of three years under Code of Practice
  202. Iceland Coast Guard warns: keep clear of the cables
  203. Fishing boat crewman airlifted to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
  204. Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch visitor centre to open in Peel
  205. Agenda: Creel fishermen can tackle legacy of industrialised fishing
  206. Blockchain platform to track food products’ environmental and ethical impacts
  207. Lidl Ireland commits to 100% sustainably sourced fish by end of year
  208. Sustainable fishing is 2020 target as stricter regulations improve stocks
  209. Rampesca orders second Falklands freezer
  210. Aker BioMarine christens new krill catcher
  211. 'Ghost' fishing net washes up on Perranporth beach
  212. This is the future – steerable trawl doors in action
  213. EMFF must maintain support for small-scale fishing, says LIFE
  214. Watch the moment huge 'torpedo' dragged in by Brixham trawler is blown up out at sea
  215. Lost Trawlermen's Day: Families gather for 30th Hull service
  216. Markus Sea Trial 2019
  217. Auditor slams Iceland’s Directorate of Fisheries
  218. New Amethyst BF19 being built
  219. Peel lobster pot thefts probed by police
  220. New Resolute is Wärtsilä design
  221. Season ready to start
  222. Kilkeel harbour £350k offer turned down by department
  223. Research body to fund humanitarian efforts
  224. Hull trawlermen's memorial graffiti attack
  225. Antarctic krill: Key food source moves south
  226. Fin-tastic chippy up for top prize at National Fryer awards
  227. Electronics group appoints new managing director
  228. Norebo supersizes order with four more trawlers
  229. Isle of Man : Lifeboat called out to assist fishing boat
  230. Decisive step towards EU-Morocco fisheries agreement
  231. Keel laid for first of Russian Fishery Company's new fleet
  232. Major contract for firm
  233. Another French attack on UK fishing boat
  234. Film of possibly Lowestoft 1975
  235. Port St Mary rescue: Three rescued from stricken trawler
  236. Another Sand Point fisherman is chomped on by a sea lion
  237. No One Is Prepared for Hagfish Slime
  238. Rare angel sharks found living off Wales
  239. Get your training while it’s free
  240. EU Commission gives final warning to Denmark over fishing regulations
  241. Jan Mayen cod mystery solved
  242. Seafood city throws giant tuna party
  243. Canada and New Brunswick fund seafood projects
  244. Second wave of Boulogne newbuilds
  245. ‘Astronomical’ rates rise threatens north-east fish processing
  246. Venezuelan pirates - the new scourge of the Caribbean
  247. Smart drum lines:contractor to be paid $6000 a day to catch sharks in WA’s South West
  248. Cornish court hands down fines for scalloping offences
  249. Shrimp trawler order for Karstensen
  250. Setting a new standard