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  1. Russia’s biggest MSC certified fishery’s sustainability reconfirmed
  2. Aberdeen officer honoured for heroic actions
  3. Naval Service detains vessel with tonne of shark fins on board
  4. New pelagic catchers for Iceland
  5. New developments in ship recycling
  6. Quota boost for Baltic demersal fisheries
  7. Human Rights at Sea and Stop Illegal Fishing collaborate to raise awareness of ...
  8. Bluefin tuna widespread around British Isles
  9. 3000 tonne shipment takes northern route
  10. Sad news about Terry bunker
  11. Salt fish company wins national award
  12. Science reveals that less than 4% of the global ocean is fished
  13. Shetland’s sustainable shellfish fisheries accreditation renewed
  14. Northern Shipyard starts cutting steel for factory trawler series
  15. Scottish salmon farmers lead the way with transparent reporting
  16. Less than 4% of the global ocean is fished
  17. HB Grandi’s new freezer trawler for sale on the slipway?
  18. New scientific appointment for pioneering fishing industry sampling scheme
  19. Fishroom fire leaves new trawler’s future in the balance
  20. Animal-rights group PETA's beef with lobster industry comes to Canada
  21. The United Nations Is Considering Banning High-Seas Fishing
  22. New appointment for pioneering sampling scheme
  23. Pole and line catcher joins TriMarine subsidiary
  24. Aberdeenshire seafood festival launches in heart of fishing town
  25. New York's offshore wind plan faces commercial fishing opposition
  26. Tybee shrimper sentenced to more than six years in federal prison
  27. Built in Urk: Texel shrimper Bona Fide
  28. Multinational co-operation targets and catches suspected illegal fishing
  29. Waste of 9ft tuna caught off Devon is 'madness'
  30. Shetland seafood industry raises concerns over freight capacity
  31. Proposed Rule for the 2019 Atlantic Shark Commercial Fishing Year
  32. Good fishing on mackerel in international zone
  33. Mevagissey pub landlord Lee Young fined for refusing to reveal crab meat origins
  34. Jersey : Landing bluefin tuna to be banned
  35. Stranraer oyster festival second edition starts
  36. Third Lake Lothing bridge work 'could begin in 2019'
  37. Skaginn 3X continues to expand its international team
  38. RFC plans to boost Russian Pollock factory capacity
  39. Government urged to invest in NI fishing sector
  40. EMK’s six questions for Arie de Visser, skipper of Insolidum WR-18
  41. Russia and Guinea sign fisheries co-operation agreement
  42. Platform for sharing ideas and demonstrating fishing gear
  43. Fish tales: the women working in Scotland’s fishing industry - in pictures
  44. British tsunamis 'happen much more often' than thought
  45. Queenies crowned Isle of Man's national dish
  46. Opposition to mechanical kelp harvesting
  47. Construction begins on Arkhangelsk longliner
  48. 'Cockle-chemo' breakthrough could hold answer to curing cancer
  49. Fish is being landed in Hull for the first time in over a decade
  50. Evidence of major progress in European fisheries
  51. Digital technology combatting IUU fishing
  52. Atlantic Dawn launched at Middlesbrough
  53. Cornwall crab pots 'deliberately' damaged by French trawlers
  54. Bass could be exempt from landing obligation
  55. Great flight shark: Gentle giants prove to be fast and agile
  56. Skipper Expo Bristol underway next week
  57. Seven-trawler propulsion order goes to MAN
  58. FISK Seafood acquires one-third stake in VSV
  59. The European Commission to invest €14.50 million in new maritime projects
  60. Net cleaning robot’s instant success
  61. Visitors landing at Iceland’s eastern ports
  62. France removes toxic tyres from failed reef project
  63. Iceland to sell fish rejected by other supermarket giants
  64. Scanmar: next generation bridge system
  65. Taiwanese fishing vessels accept NZ’s high seas boarding ...
  66. Australian Longline joins GSSI
  67. Help us raise £3m to bring home Yorkshire trawler, says Johnson
  68. Prince Charles to officially open north-east fish market
  69. Free health checks for fishermen launching in Peterhead
  70. RNLI rescue fisherman off Onchan Head after boat breaks down
  71. Highest AA rating for Peterhead market
  72. Artisanal French bluefin tuna fishery enters MSC assessment
  73. Scottish fish landing tonnage rises but value falls
  74. Closer Scottish Government links with industry needed
  75. Pella yard signs up for Far East shipyard
  76. South Africa’s fishing industry announces graduate opportunities
  77. Scottish Maritime Museum acquires iconic Bellany painting
  78. Notus unveils world’s first shrimp detector
  79. Canada looks to modernise Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation
  80. Fish oil drug ‘cuts heart attack and stroke risks by 25 per cent’
  81. Charles describes new fish market in Aberdeenshire as great achievement
  82. China's super trawlers are stripping the ocean bare as its hunger for seafood grows
  83. Baie de Seine’s record scallop stocks
  84. Anyone got photos of the Peter M PE385 when new ??
  85. Increased opportunities for Mediterranean and Black Sea small-scale fishing
  86. Worst year ever for French bass liners
  87. WWF-India and IPNLF sign MoU
  88. Two brothers launch new business allowing people to buy shellfish fresh from a boat
  89. Channel fishing effort threat to bass stocks
  90. Innovative freezing for mackerel
  91. Nodosa delivers new fly-shooter/twin-rigger
  92. Arctic partners agree to outlaw unregulated high seas fishing
  93. Bluefin Tuna breaking INTO Salmon cages for a feed in Norway !!!
  94. British man dies from sea snake bite in Australia
  95. One in five Scottish fish farms 'not meeting standards'
  96. Rick Stein issues crab shortage warning
  97. Naust Marine Spain delivers its first winches
  98. Fishermen health checks scheme in Peterhead extended
  99. No initial quota for capelin season
  100. Request for Assistance
  101. Crabber construction starts at Tersan
  102. Dorset man killed by sea snake in Australia
  103. VMS on the way for UK under 12 fleet?
  104. The Gambia arrests three Chinese fishing vessels
  105. Fishing boat rescued in storm Callum off Fife coast
  106. 'Fishing crew' in hospital after 20ft Plymouth harbour wall fall
  107. Cape Cod Official: Culling Seal Population ‘Unavoidable’
  108. Dead kittiwakes, dwindling fish and oceans of plastic: my voyage of discovery
  109. Clyde shellfish project to support sector growth
  110. Asaro's fishing activities get FoS certification
  111. The tragic sunken Louisa fishing boat is back at sea
  112. 'Colossal' nine-pound crab caught off the Littlehampton coast
  113. Norway to change small-scale quota system
  114. Heavy fishing as herring heads offshore
  115. BWTS for new wellboat
  116. Canada Leaves Greenpeace Red-Faced ( from 1999 but still TRUE )!!
  117. Market forces or broken system? The Scottish fishing quotas conundrum
  118. Keep it in the family: the £500m fish quotas carve-up
  119. Iceland’s seamen’s unions aim to merge
  120. Brand new Research LK62 at Maloy 11th October 2018
  121. Dornoch Firth: Extinct oyster reefs restoration starts
  122. New atlas of Scotland's west coast marine wildlife
  123. Gearing Up unveils an improved platform for sharing technical solutions to ...
  124. Blue Hope initiative launched in Algeria, Tunisia and Turkey
  125. Request by Humber Coastguard for help tracing an EPIRB
  126. Hurricane damaged Seattle company’s Alaska-bound factory trawler in Florida shipyard
  127. New technology, new trawler, and ownership changes
  128. Police Scotland are currently looking for assistance in tracing Minthaka PATABEDIGE,
  129. New Zealand : Far North locals blaming commercial fishing for dwindling fish stock
  130. Five men and the sea: huge marlin sinks Filipino fishing boat
  131. Western Chieftain delivered by Karstensen
  132. Successful Holland Fisheries Event highlights fishing industry’s potential
  133. Research aims to break new ground at the fishing
  134. Restaurant fish fraud not being caught, experts warn
  135. New net loft takes shape in Neskaupstaður
  136. Zero Barents Sea capelin quota next year
  137. Victorian trawl fishers cheer as massive seismic survey rejected
  138. Coming soon: New film series from the Cornish Fish Producers' Organisation
  139. Industry relief as massive seismic survey cancelled
  140. Canadian government and PEI provide over $700,000 to shellfish farms
  141. Anger as majority of fishing funding bypasses north-east
  142. Atlantic Dawn delivered by Parkol’s Middlesbrough yard
  143. EU lacks ambition in setting Baltic quotas
  144. 'Brave' effort to save overboard fisherman, inquiry hears
  145. Fishermen have hauled up 190 tonnes of marine litter in 3 years
  146. Maaskant bids farewell to director Frits van Dongen
  147. Challenges ahead for European POs
  148. Master and vessel owner ordered to pay £28,610 for fisheries offences
  149. Argos Cies delivered by Nodosa Shipyard
  150. Europol: bluefin tuna illegally caught in Maltese waters exported to Spain
  151. Strong start to Aussie lobster season feeds China’s appetite for premium seafood
  152. EU renews sustainable fishing partnership with Cape Verde
  153. Fines for fisheries offences
  154. Sisimiut sold to Iceland
  155. Taking down illegal tuna trade
  156. Could big-game fishing return to the UK?
  157. Russia and Norway agree 2019 quotas
  158. Aker BioMarine to build support vessel in China
  159. 'All this fish and you’re not allowed to catch it':Green Bay South....
  160. Australian caught towing boat with mobility scooter after losing licence
  161. Increased 2019 quotas advised for Atlanto-Scandian herring
  162. Big winner of the Brussels best shrimp croquette contest
  163. EU signs Sustainable Fishing Partnership agreement with The Gambia
  164. Cornish Fish Producers' Organisation: Meet Our Members
  165. Hundreds Of Unexplained Whale Deaths Might Be Linked To Offshore Wind Farms
  166. Herring fishing faces decline in south Down
  167. Firefighters tackle Peel fishing boat blaze
  168. Commercial fishing is worth more than jobs and profits to Australia’s coastal towns
  169. Changing times for Iceland’s mackerel fishery
  170. 30-tonne mackerel haul in a bottom trawl
  171. No Deal disastrous for Dutch fishing
  172. Isle of Man : King scallop catch limit to be cut
  173. Top shrimp season, despite dire warnings
  174. Taiwan hands down heavy penalties
  175. Unequal EMFF funding for NE ports raised in Scottish Parliament
  176. In Nova Scotia,a dispute between fishermen and a pulp mill escalates...
  177. Damen’s first Fishing Seminar in South Africa
  178. Independent adjudicator confirms recommendation for Echebastar certification
  179. Eire : A national marine plan: Making the sea work for us, and us for it
  180. Arbroath-built fishing boat to make home port visit 61 years on
  181. Man pulled from water after plunging into harbour
  182. Unique catcher-processor to be built to Wärtsilä design
  183. Baltic fishermen seek MSC certification for herring and sprat
  184. Scientists warn of trawler damage to coastal waters
  185. Drive for Scottish seafood trade opportunities in US
  186. Morgère at North Atlantic Fish & Workboat Show
  187. Proposed 2019 Black Sea fishing opportunities
  188. Watch footage of winchman being lowered in strong winds
  189. No more lobster soup? Worst catch on record: Total fishing ban under consideration
  190. New fishing vessel working conditions law to come into force
  191. Jobs boost for 'world's biggest' scampi factory in Whitby
  192. Channel Islands : 'Report tuna sightings around the islands'
  193. Canada : TSB calls out fishing industry after deadliest year in more than a decade
  194. Bluefin management must directly benefit coastal artisanal fleets
  195. Support for Nova Scotia enterprises
  196. Skaginn 3X delivers splitting line to Bodø Fiskemottak
  197. Martine, as good as new
  198. Support for Russia’s smaller-scale fishing sector
  199. Cornish Fish Producers' Organisation: Episode 1 - Ben
  200. 'Headscarf revolutionary' to switch on Christmas lights
  201. New investment in Lochaber boatbuilding company
  202. Bluefin tuna: Anglers launch campaign to catch fish
  203. USA : Ocean Shock: Lobster's great migration sets up boom and bust
  204. Twin-rigger order for Hoekman Shipbuilding
  205. MSC announces £1 million Ocean Stewardship Fund
  206. Oyster 'beast' weighing 1.7kg harvested on Mersea Island
  207. Fish fingers surprisingly sustainable, say conservationists
  208. Canada : Near Fish Farms, Lobster Catches Plummet
  209. New fishing vessel working conditions law in force
  210. Heavyweights launched at Gdansk yard
  211. Ocean Choice invests in Newfoundland and Labrador fisheries with new trawler
  212. A big boat in a small hull
  213. UK fishing hits £1billion turnover
  214. Cornish Fish Producers' Organisation: Episode 2 - Danny
  215. Mystery Falmouth WW1 mine-sweeper wreck site found
  216. Marel opens upgraded UK base
  217. One herring season over, another starting
  218. New factory trawler keel laid at Vyborg Shipyard
  219. Trawlermen star blasts unfair business rates
  220. Two rescued from sinking fishing boat in North Sea
  221. EU critical of ‘severe’ weaknesses in Ireland’s fisheries controls
  222. Iconic new home for Sydney Fish Market
  223. HB Grandi cuts back
  224. Gael Force’s investment in Corpach Boatbuilding Company
  225. More than 50 fish food plant jobs to go in Invergordon
  226. Angler catches record-breaking monster 300lb skate
  227. Blaze on board fishing boat docked at north-east harbour
  228. Stricter rules could close salmon farms
  229. Getting the best from the trawl sensors
  230. Tuco delivers ProZero high-pressure cleaner boat to AKVA
  231. Belgium beamer lost in the English Channel , all 4 crew rescued by the RNLI
  232. New commercial director joins Nautical Vigo
  233. Damen presents leasing fund for African shipowners at first Damen Fishing Seminar
  234. Piriou delivers Southern Ocean longliner to Comata
  235. One-year anniversary of Santiago Declaration
  236. Health and safety centre stage in the European Parliament
  237. Some thoughts on WWF’s Living Planet Report
  238. Iceland PM laughs off joining EU project and wants to QUIT Nato too
  239. Snow crab fetches record $24,000 at Japan auction
  240. Samherji vindicated after seven year legal process
  241. Eastern Iceland’s fertile autumn trawl grounds
  242. Peterhead : AA rating for Fish Market
  243. New deals on herring and blue whiting
  244. Echebastar’s Indian Ocean skipjack fishery awarded MSC certification
  245. Cornish Fish Producers' Organisation: Episode 3 - Brackan
  246. Grimsby's lost fishing trawlers of WWI found
  247. Suspected migrants on 'stolen' fishing boat in Dover
  248. Now who gives a shed load of money to these "campaign groups"..
  249. Huginn on the way home from Poland
  250. Successful joint fisheries operation against illegal fishing in FFA region