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  1. Trackwell VMS chosen for Australian EEZ
  2. How China’s squid fishing programme is squeezing its neighbours......
  3. Wraps come off new Peterhead Fishmarket
  4. Robin Hood's Bay festival drops RNLI over 'porn' sackings
  5. Third pelagic vessel launched at Kaliningrad yard
  6. Western Rock Lobster supports new technology to enhance tracking...
  7. Coastguards believe Moray Firth mayday call was a hoax
  8. Licensing headaches delay new seiner
  9. Akurey towed home
  10. Shetland scallop dredging challenge rejected
  11. Versatile trawler for Le Croisic
  12. The Making of RV 'Kronprins Haakon'
  13. West Cork seafood plant badly damaged by fire
  14. New Zealand approves new trawl technology
  15. Fishing Vessel Owner and Skipper Fined
  16. HB Grandi: Changes at the top
  17. Young's Seafood loses £30m Asda whitefish and shrimp contract
  18. Minister follows advice to the letter
  19. Ghost gear: The dangerous killer lurking in the sea
  20. Man Captures Snap Of 15ft Shark Leaping Into Air Off Devon Coast
  21. Kingsbridge Police - Fishermen threatened , gear cut
  22. Woah, monsters do exist! A 352lb goliath sized halibut!
  23. Australia's flathead fishermen request minimum mesh size increase
  24. Stranraer harbour safety needs 'fundamental review'
  25. Vard contract for Nergård Havfiske’s new trawler
  26. Salt designs new live fish carrier for Alsaker Fjordbruk
  27. Sapmer's new seafood retail outlet in France
  28. Viðey makes a great start
  29. Canary Islands one-by-one tuna fishermen join IPNLF
  30. Hoax coastguard distress call released by police
  31. Seabirds following of fishing boats studied in Scotland
  32. Shetland king scallops regain MSC accreditation
  33. Skipsteknisk design – largest factory vessel in 25 years
  34. Hake – the low-impact option
  35. Russian Fishery Company’s new Murmansk factory
  36. Veteran longliner gets full rebuild
  37. Third quarter nephrops quota cut cancelled
  38. New Zealand commits NZD4.9 million towards ending IUU fishing in the Pacific
  39. Candidate for the Darwin award 2018....
  40. Pilots for new Scottish fisheries management arrangements
  41. State regulation of mackerel fishery under audit by European Commission
  42. Fire training for seafarers to be delivered locally
  43. Taking offshore technology to trawling
  44. Project SeSafe aims to transform Australian fishing’s safety culture
  45. Endangered sharks found mutilated in Portrush, County Antrim
  46. Mackerel stock drastically underestimated
  47. Top speakers confirmed for Scottish Fishing Conference
  48. IPNLF welcomes Mialy Andriamahefazafy to its Board of Trustees
  49. Varuna report and flyer published
  50. Shetland community effort praised in marine litter fight
  51. From ghost net to artwork
  52. Best ever trip for Norðfjörður trawler
  53. Call to turn oil rigs into nature reserves
  54. Dead Norfolk whale could wash up on beach within days
  55. Aquarium staff 'gutted' after theft of mackerel statue
  56. Latest Falklands squid catcher hits the water
  57. Kongsberg to acquire Rolls-Royce marine business
  58. Capelin agreement reached
  59. Internet technology at sea facilitates fuel saving
  60. Senegal and Mauritania sign fisheries agreement
  61. Nueva Pescanova strengthens position in South Africa
  62. Australia commits new long-term support to FFA
  63. First of Canadian trawler trio approaching completion in Vietnam
  64. Call at COFI session for mandatory fishing gear tagging
  65. Nautic Rus to develop designs for Russian crabber fleet
  66. Krill companies limit Antarctic fishing
  67. Sinking fishing boat sparks huge rescue operation off Devon coast
  68. French Polynesia albacore and yellowfin longline fishery achieves MSC certification
  69. Martin(14)has teens fishing as a summer job: "I earn around 600 in a couple of hours"
  70. Illegal anglers 'turn Torquay beauty spot into no-go area'
  71. Krill catchers back Antarctic protection
  72. Angry trawler skipper cleared of illegal fishing says case cost him £200,000
  73. Broken down vessel rescued by Ramsey lifeboat
  74. New Cleopatra delivered to Lofoten
  75. Industry,NGOs & UN want socially,environmentally & commercially sustainable fisheries
  76. Spanish fishing boat “Dorneda” sunk in Argentine Waters
  77. Italy 'turns blind eye' to more than 10,000 hours of illegal fishing
  78. Fishing Is The Most Fatal Industry - FACT
  79. Samherji buys Collins Seafood
  80. Global fish production set to grow further
  81. Salmon nets seized in Donegal
  82. Fourth trawler for Black Sea fishing company
  83. Climate change poised to transform marine and freshwater ecosystems
  84. Iceland’s Fisheries Ministry allocates 32,000 tonne special purpose quota
  85. Marel opens for business in Namibia
  86. Kutterfisch Newbuild: Painted and ready to be equipped
  87. Busting the ten billion barrier
  88. Boat crews rescue fisherman overboard in Loch Hourn
  89. Whitby piers' £7.6m repair date set
  90. These sharks could live in British waters by 2050
  91. Nine Foot Blue Shark Spotted In UK Harbour By Teenager
  92. MCA Junior Graduate Surveyor’s week beaming
  93. FAO and WorldFish agreement aims to harness the power of ....
  94. Lerwick Lifeboat callout
  95. Two die after boat capsizes off Malin Head
  96. Seeking options for non-lethal seal deterrents
  97. Work in Fishing Convention 188 shows its teeth
  98. Norwegian innovation for triple purpose fishing vessel
  99. Global seafood industry gender survey results published
  100. Restored old lifeboat returns home to Buckie
  101. Stranraer oyster festival nets financial backing
  102. Kutterfisch pair under construction
  103. Samherji acquires stake in shipping company
  104. Longliner keel laid at St Petersburg yard
  105. Iceland’s mackerel season underway
  106. Mackerel pose huge threat to Scots salmon, says expert
  107. Devon fishermen say they are sure great white sharks are in our waters...
  108. Fisherman who exposed himself in Northern Ireland Tesco blames language mix-up....
  109. Norway sets export records
  110. EU lifts Tuvalu’s yellow card
  111. Puffins starve as Danes grab UK sand eels
  112. Why fish are losing their sense of smell
  113. 'They are still using the ocean as a toilet': NDP Fisheries critic proposes,......
  114. First vessels IUU listed by SIOFA
  115. Nordic Lady: Keeping a good boat up to date
  116. Creeler collides with underwater object
  117. Key refrigeration order goes to Johnson Controls
  118. Poaching down in Australian waters, and latest arrest escorted to Darwin
  119. Fined for breaching small fishing vessel rules
  120. Isles salmon farms rated 'poor' by SEPA
  121. Kilkeel RNLI come to the aid of ill fisherman
  122. Study to delve into cheesy-bottoms sponge belt off Scotland
  123. Osprey orders sister vessels from Spanish yard
  124. Skaginn 3X lands contract for Kamchatka factory
  125. Breki starts on redfish
  126. Trawler/scalloper order for Piriou
  127. Murmansk’s affordable fish shop opens its doors
  128. Canadian Salmon Firm Admits Using Lobster-Killing Pesticide Near Maine Border
  129. Pioneering self-sampling scheme gathers pace
  130. Fisheries Ministers appoint first female FFA Director General
  131. 11,000 tonnes in five weeks with Capto 2304 trawl
  132. Freezer scalloper to be built in Spain
  133. Piracy taskforce makes time for fishermen
  134. Rescuers save man seconds before boat sinks in North Sea
  135. Creel fisherman criticise Scottish government action
  136. At Sea on Taiwan’s Last Fire-Fishing Boats
  137. WARNING : following article WILL make you shake your head at its absolute nonsense
  138. "recreational" criminals in Australia
  139. WARNING : MCS targetting our industry yet again
  140. Dobroflot to build Far East pollock factory
  141. Wearing a lifejacket could save your life, Casualty Review Panel says
  142. Bipartisan Salmon Predation Prevention Act Passed By US Senate Committee
  143. Polish crabber lands in Denmark
  144. Good fishing all summer
  145. Busy morning for Wicklow RNLI's all-weather lifeboat
  146. First mackerel shipment to Egypt and Turkey
  147. Wearing a lifejacket could save your life, Casualty Review Panel says
  148. GB-Lowestoft: Cefas ITT Discard Survival of Sea Bass
  149. Seals crowd rock to escape orcas off Caithness
  150. Do seals affect your commercial fishing activity?
  151. More nonsense from the RYA : Poorly Marked Fishing Gear
  152. Local cod company bags Great Taste award
  153. French trawler goes all-Vónin
  154. Master and owner charged for illegal salvage of sunken vessel
  155. Seafood festival hosted by Clyde fishermen is returning to Glasgow
  156. Wicklow widow suing 'those with an interest in' fishing boat after husband drowned..
  157. Atlantic Fisheries Fund support to rebuild burned out seafood factory
  158. Rescue gear stolen from RNLI station during break-in
  159. Asleep at the Wheel: Fatigue Led to Capsize of Fishing Ship and $27,200 Fine
  160. Five thousand tonne year for veteran trawler
  161. Fifth generation fisherman leads Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United....
  162. Warning issued after protected Bluefin Tuna targeted in Donegal
  163. Fatigue led to fishing vessel’s capsize and $27,200 fine
  164. Hoax call sparks major rescue effort off Aberdeenshire coast
  165. The woman who saved 15 sailors from drowning
  166. Fishing vessels try out Mareano charts
  167. Fishing and food companies aim to merge
  168. Migrants found drifting in fishing boat off Kent coast
  169. Iceland plans new marine research vessel
  170. Promising performance by Poseidon doors in Spain
  171. Netting and rope manufacturer Garware rebranded
  172. Samherji sells pelagic factory vessel
  173. Successful FFA monitoring, control and surveillance operation
  174. Seafood festival for the Blue Toon
  175. Lifeboat tows fishing vessel
  176. NFFO throws its support behind Skipper Expo Bristol
  177. Thai Union support for Bali Process recommendations on modern slavery....
  178. Man dead and others treated after Fraserburgh harbour incident
  179. Footage suggests basking sharks use Scottish seas for courtship
  180. Dramatic scenes as fishing boat rescued by lifeboat off Norfolk coast
  181. Fish supper in Stonehaven rated top global food experience
  182. Groundfish fills the gaps between pelagic seasons
  183. Norway’s new fisheries minister
  184. RFC secures quota share for new cod and haddock production
  185. Fishermen celebrating after council fails to claim coastal path land
  186. Prince Edward County fisherman hands family business to Syrian refugee
  187. Lifeboat volunteer rescues father off coast of Fife
  188. Innovative trawler design keeps its promises
  189. Liegruppen: Innovation Prize finalist
  190. Canadian government invests in Newfoundland and Labrador small craft harbours
  191. Longline gear suppliers strengthen co-operation
  192. Taking the mystery out of sensor selection
  193. Vladivostok takes top spot
  194. Vónin’s flyers take off
  195. Hirtshals dock heels over
  196. Joint lifeboat rescue operation to bring stricken boat back to Hartlepool
  197. Scottish Wildlife Trust's Living Seas project wins major funding
  198. Managing Scotland’s inshore fisheries – have your say
  199. ProNav to expand across UK, Ireland and Nordic region under JRC ownership
  200. Successful 2017-18 year for HB Grandi’s groundfish production
  201. Man arrested after 'stabbing' on boat at Scrabster Harbour
  202. Mustad Autoline signs major contract with Ervik Havfiske at Nor-Fishing
  203. Pia Glanz acquired by Dutch owners
  204. Investment in rural jobs and skills earns Scottish Sea Farms platinum status
  205. Can dogfish save Cape Cod fisheries?
  206. New Typhoon 38 crabber for Stornoway
  207. Liegruppen and Salt Ship Design scoop Nor-Fishing Innovation Award
  208. Holland Fisheries Event: economic and innovative stimulus for the fisheries and...
  209. Fish and chip shop translates menu for Chinese visitors due to dish's popularity
  210. Why three weeks on a fishing trawler off the coast of Iceland was the...
  211. Scots mackerel and herring fishers at forefront of sustainability
  212. Concerns raised over plans to harvest kelp on west coast
  213. Vympel yard lays new coastal trawler’s keel
  214. Rimfrost successful in patents dispute
  215. Electric fish pump demo in Trondheim
  216. Ulstein Unveils New Trawler Series
  217. Mackerel moving fast
  218. New generation trawler design from Ulstein
  219. Widespread Barents Sea plastic waste
  220. New UK beamer is Luyt yard’s largest contract
  221. Three rescued, two missing
  222. Proposals for revolutionary Australian fishing vessel
  223. Skaginn 3X awarded European Innovation Council’s SME Instrument Grant
  224. Macduff delivers new seine netter Achieve FR-100
  225. Bursary offers unique opportunity to study fisheries in other countries
  226. Fisheries Innovation Scotland Speak to veteran Skipper John Clark on his life...
  227. Scallop wars 2018 kicks off with French fishermen attacking UK fishermen...
  228. Shetland pelagic vessel Serene christened
  229. Thai Union: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  230. Crew plead guilty – boat destroyed
  231. Fisherman who lost four pals in trawler tragedy returns to water as lifeboatman
  232. Cromer crab fishermen shortage a 'real concern'
  233. Bournemouth restaurant car in 'illegal fishing' probe
  234. Fishermen seek clear seabed as oil and gas infrastructure is decommissioned
  235. Canadian fishermen see benefits of Exocet doors
  236. Iceland’s mackerel fishery heads offshore
  237. Pioneering Black Sea research initiative
  238. Banff pier closed due to collapse risk
  239. Fishermen rescued after boat overturns off Caithness
  240. Survey shows mackerel decline
  241. HB Grandi’s ‘unacceptable’ 2nd quarter loss
  242. Spanish surface longliner arrested by Irish for alleged shark finning
  243. Urgent need to tackle fisheries management and climate change together
  244. New Cleopatra 46B delivered to Kambur
  245. Mersea fisherman catches huge WWII bomb while trawling off Essex coast
  246. Tropical sunfish spotted in Highland waters
  247. Man's body found near fishing boat on Skye loch
  248. Three-way competition for Ship of the Year
  249. You should have seen the ones that got away...
  250. The strange deep sea creatures off Scotland's coast