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  1. Langoustines key to 'world first' milk bottle prototype...
  2. English fishing vessels sought for trials which may help to reduce discards
  3. Fishermen are staging a mass protest in Plymouth on Sunday
  4. Naust Marine back in Spain
  5. Fleet renewal support not limited to investment quotas
  6. Two escape from fishing boat fire
  7. English fishing vessels sought for discards trials
  8. Nueva Pescanova starts fleet renewal with seven new trawlers
  9. Morgère opens vessel repair facilities in Brittany
  10. Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers positioned to help fishing vessels...
  11. ‘This Is It For Us’ – Harvesters Gather At Confederation Building
  12. Bluefin back in UK waters
  13. £15 lifejacket offer for Welsh commercial fishermen
  14. Spain cracks down on IUU operators
  15. Tributes after death of amazing Grimsby skipper who conquered Mount Everest
  16. Omega Protein adds to its fleet
  17. Russian capelin season reaches 66,000 tonnes
  18. Consultation on the Introduction of the Sea Fishing (Enforcement) Regulations 2018
  19. Yorkshire boat owners to dye toilet waste to clean harbour
  20. Pingtan Marine set to increase catch capacity
  21. One more fishing bandit bites the dust
  22. Fisherman dies after boat sinks off Co Mayo coast
  23. The Tréhic II, new trawler by Charles Jubé and julien le cleac'h launched
  24. Scarborough lifeboat coxswain hits back at RNLI sacking
  25. Seafish welcomes two new board members
  26. Lumpfish days slashed for Iceland’s inshore netters
  27. Giant deal confirmed for Carsoe
  28. Success of Orkney’s V Notch Lobster Project
  29. Secrets of the sea bed: Hunt for Stone Age site in North Sea
  30. Diver dies after being found unconscious in the water
  31. Rare boar fish wash up on beaches in south-west England
  32. Kara-Matt – repower after big hours
  33. Combined IUU vessel list to tackle illegal fishing
  34. Searching for winter/spring spawning Western Herring
  35. Cleopatra 50 for Breton skipper
  36. RFC to build high-capacity Far East factory
  37. Norway : Startup for work on a new quota system
  38. Searching for winter/spring spawning western herring
  39. Dutch fishermen to take protest to Amsterdam
  40. Fighting parkinson’s with deep sea shrimp and crispr
  41. Norway looks to quota shake-up
  42. DAFF authorises rights transfers from Viking Group to Sea Harvest
  43. Trying out the net: Supporting the fisherwomen of Nkombo
  44. Marport opens new Lorient facility
  45. Fisheries social dimension prominent at Seafood Expo Global
  46. Pesquera Centilena gains Friend of the Sea certification
  47. France and Spain reactivate the Bilateral Joint Fisheries Committee
  48. Cod scarce on Westfjords grounds
  49. Young's Seafood announces it is up for sale
  50. Big change in HB Grandi ownership
  51. Iceland’s whalers plan 2018 season
  52. Third Vestværft newbuild for Norwegian owner
  53. Details of Exercise Joint Warrior 2018
  54. Harbour master plan to show world Fraserburgh is “open for business”
  55. Irish government commits to support its fisheries in face of Brexit
  56. Sealord flagship ready for delivery
  57. Kirkella H7 caught dumping cardboard boxes by Norwegian Coastguard
  58. Huge blue fin tuna weighing 350 pounds caught off Devon coast
  59. UK scallop sector establishes voluntary levy to fund research
  60. Commissioner Vella and Europêche hold in-depth dialogue
  61. Still on the hook
  62. Newlyn market – Phase one complete
  63. Eighty-year tradition behind Scandic Pelagic
  64. South Australian sardines under MSC full assessment
  65. RoteX thawing just got an upgrade
  66. Australia apprehends foreign fishing vessels
  67. GPS jamming during military exercise Joint Warrior
  68. SIC to continue providing funding for fisheries research
  69. EU Commission plays key role in strengthening small-scale networks
  70. HB Grandi opts for FleXicut for new factory trawler
  71. No-go scaremongers 'fishing for funds'
  72. Imported and EU fisheries products must be treated equally
  73. Olympic to pack new trawler with green technology
  74. Culinary Kitchen Cabinet radio show talks crabs in Cromer
  75. Skaginn 3X to fit out HB Grandi freezer trawler
  76. Towards swordfish stock recovery in the Mediterranean
  77. Heavy fishing on blue whiting
  78. Eating fish and chips could prevent the onset of Parkinson's disease
  79. Nothing found after mayday alert lifeboats search
  80. Winter wave heights off Scotland rising, say scientists
  81. Fishing Industry Organisations across the UK Unite
  82. Summer Rose launch at Whitby
  83. Trawler pair leave Marlboro territory behind
  84. Catch 2022
  85. Bjørnson for Brønnøysund
  86. Tech helps keep fishing businesses afloat in Sweden
  87. Public Consultation on Minister's Review of Trawling Activity Inside the 6m limit
  88. Mighty predator back in business....
  89. Halibut flourishing, cod struggling, says DFO stock assessment
  90. B.C. fishing company ordered to pay deckhand $15K despite confiscated catch
  91. Gunnar K christened and delivered
  92. Heeled-over trawler in Newlyn Harbour rights itself
  93. Family will finally get redress from Lost at Sea scheme
  94. Ghanaian men in possible trafficking case are in State care
  95. Russia and Norway join forces on effective management
  96. CFP continues to deliver
  97. Natalia: Keeping On Keeping On
  98. Optimar know-how will maximise use of scarce marine resources
  99. New chair for Norway’s Pelagic Association
  100. £100,000 of lobster pots are destroyed
  101. Arctic walrus 'Wally' spotted on Isle of Harris
  102. Community gets behind campaign to save a thousand year fishing tradition
  103. Booming blue whiting fishery
  104. 50-year-old Suffolk fishing boat found rusting in Tunisian harbour
  105. Long hours? Faroese fishermen remain laid back
  106. Emeraude ready for first trip
  107. Last of Gléhen trawler trio delivered
  108. EU supporting fight against illegal fishing in Western Africa
  109. Room for quota system to be improved, says Fiskebåt
  110. Capsized kayaker saved by fishing crew at Skinningrove
  111. Norwegian design and build for Southern Ocean catcher
  112. Master and vessel owner fined for fishing in Bass Nursery Area during closed period
  113. Man rescued after falling into water at Fraserburgh harbour
  114. Man washed up on beach after fishing boat capsizes
  115. New market is latest phase in development of Lerwick’s fishing industry hub
  116. Norwegian mackerel is a hit in Korea
  117. Westmann Islands celebrate new trawler’s arrival
  118. Brim sells Brimnes to Russia
  119. Sweden proposes three-month eel ban
  120. First spadeful of earth for new Fjarðanet net loft
  121. Taiwan imposes record fine for IUU fishing
  122. Lifeboat helps fishing vessel
  123. Bearded seal makes rare Shetland visit
  124. Hake fleet completes sustainability certification
  125. Flatfish video goes viral
  126. San Pedro fisherman officially hangs it up at 99 years old
  127. New pelagic flagship for Danish fleet
  128. New shrimpers delivered in Den Oever
  129. Canada : Two fishermen dead after lobster boat capsizes
  130. $2.5 million investment delivers 29% emissions reduction
  131. Monster 'great white shark' feared to be prowling British coast
  132. Price of fish helps Aberdeenshire family onto rich list for first time
  133. Chefs to join Filey fishermen in salmon campaign
  134. Fishing crew treated man after shark bite
  135. Northern sea route brings fish from the Far East to Europe
  136. Thai Union announces support for regulation to protect fishing crews
  137. Investor confidence shaken by surf clam controversy: Fisheries Council of Canada
  138. UK’s largest fishing show landing in Aberdeen for eighth year
  139. Halibut trash
  140. USA : Coast Guard responds to report of collision
  141. Throwing back a $100,000 squid
  142. Holland Fisheries Event: where real business gets done
  143. Mariner’ Almanac and Tide Tables
  144. New strategy for Ireland's €1.15 billion seafood sector
  145. Damen shows its first completed UV 4312 fish farm support vessel
  146. Remember when were told sea creatures couldn’t run from global warming? Never mind.
  147. Fishing and seafood industry raises questions and concerns...
  148. USA : South Shore lobstermen finally put traps in water
  149. New Skagen shrimper Emli Pilegaard
  150. Whole redfish fleet using Gloria pelagic gear
  151. Buchan fishermen invited to participate in trials
  152. Failure to invoke fishing rules could net multi-million euro penalty
  153. Last Chance Saloon for UK coastal fleet
  154. Steaming home with 2200 tonnes of blue whiting
  155. New vessel ends a 30-year boat building gap in Buckie
  156. Rethinking the Ocean Factory Trawler
  157. Warning over Highlands shellfish due to toxins
  158. SeaWise trials to improve safety at sea
  159. Emilie delivered by Jobi Værft
  160. Swedish fleet’s pelagic flagship
  161. Rethinking the deep sea trawler
  162. MSC certification for Atlanto-Scandian herring renewed
  163. Arctic walrus spotted in Scotland 'looks healthy'
  164. New Zealand : Bottom trawling for orange roughy has scientists worried
  165. Alaskan fishermen aren’t the only ones noticing the rise of Atlantic halibut
  166. Running out of Options
  167. Dry oilskins – happy crew
  168. ISSF outlines top asks for Indian Ocean Tuna Commission
  169. Shetland fishing industry future 'positive' says port authority
  170. Fisherman found guilty of harassing café owners over unregistered scrap of land
  171. New crabber and new beamer to join Waterdance fleet
  172. 'Whistleblower' taped to chair and gagged
  173. Is this hairy crab the newest species found in the UK?
  174. Fisherman (62) drowns off Galway coast
  175. Record month for fresher pair
  176. Latest science supports bigger jack mackerel quota
  177. Arctic walrus Wally turns up in Wick
  178. More funding for fishing and aquaculture
  179. Scotland’s buoyant fishing industry
  180. East Anglia – running out of options
  181. Ten-year transformation of Scottish fishing village wins top UK planning award
  182. MAN to equip first LNG-powered fishing vessel
  183. First certified sustainable squid fishery
  184. Parkol newbuild orders signed at Skipper show
  185. Samherji staff graduate in fisheries technology
  186. Dutch owners order MDV-pattern newbuilds
  187. BIM partners with Cork Education and Training Board
  188. Thai Union’s progress report on commitment to 100% sustainable tuna
  189. NOAA Fisheries begins Eastern Pacific FAD management
  190. Keeping track of ocean plastic
  191. Irish Islands Marine Resource Organisation - statement
  192. North-east fishermen warming to new ice machine
  193. Oban Seafood Hut : Lobsters stolen reward for information
  194. EU Commission proposes new rules to step up enforcement
  195. Ora et Labora – PTS delivers partially outfitted trawler for Vestvaerftet
  196. Family wants fishing boat Speedwell raised from seabed
  197. New Scottish marine initiative to tackle lost fishing gear
  198. Urgent safety lessons issued after the failure of a throw bag rescue line..
  199. Slim pickings on blue whiting
  200. Equal treatment for EU and imported fisheries production
  201. New Prestfjord ordered from Gondan
  202. Fishermen take protest to Amsterdam
  203. Arctic walrus Wally turns up at Skerries in Shetland
  204. Fisherman in £53m drug plot vows to clear name
  205. Local shellfish sector shows its muscle
  206. Support for Scotland’s coastal communities
  207. Blue whiting boosts Danish pelagic sector
  208. Life Cell recognised as 2018 Top Product
  209. Inquiry opens into fisherman Scott MacAlister's death
  210. Fraserburgh facing the future with bid to devise masterplan for harbour
  211. Joey Murrin has crossed the bar
  212. Cornelis Vrolijk joins GSSI
  213. New Far East factory venture secures extra quota
  214. Royal Navy rescues Algerian fishermen stranded for four days
  215. Gannets, puffins, kittiwakes: birds at risk in Scottish windfarm surge
  216. PFD scheme deadline extended
  217. European fish processing sails through fitness check
  218. Newbuilds take shape at Macduff
  219. How to spot the secretive activities of rogue fishing boats
  220. Solway Firth razorfish are taken off the menu
  221. Historic Hull trawler prepares to be moved to museum
  222. Recreational anglers charged for breaching bass regulations
  223. Plans for infrastructure project at Buckie Harbour come one step closer
  224. Should ‘superspawners’ stir up fisheries management?
  225. Guiding Light champions green fishing practices
  226. UK’s first Master Fishmongers are certified
  227. Good trip with new codend design
  228. Record Far East salmon season expected
  229. Leatherback turtle entangled in fishing gear freed
  230. New algal bloom research
  231. Karstensens sets up hull production in Poland
  232. AFMA responds to Edgar et al. on Australian fishery stocks
  233. Orca John Coe causes a stir off Anglesey
  234. Meg’s research uncovers Scotland’s historic fishing songs
  235. Rolls-Royce signs largest ever fishing vessel contract
  236. Woman 'tied to chair' by colleagues 'contacted Dignitas'
  237. Securing a sustainable future for Black Sea fisheries
  238. Higher visibility - Women in Seafood video competition
  239. NFFO Chairman’s Report 2018
  240. Mike Cohen NFFO Chairman Personal remarks to the NFFO AGM,held this year in London
  241. NFFO New Man at the Helm
  242. Falklands face Brexit uncertainty
  243. Europêche urges swift adoption of new EU fisheries fund
  244. EFTTA backs court action against EU over bass
  245. New man at the NFFO helm
  246. Farne Deeps nephrops catch limit cut
  247. Recommended Barents Sea cod quota down by 100,000 tonnes
  248. Shetland flyshooter heads home from Denmark
  249. Lifeboats Launched to Fishing Boat Run Aground on Rocks 17/6/18
  250. New MD at Icelandic fishing gear supplier