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  1. Bolette becomes Vera C
  2. Super-Sjark seine netter for Lofoten
  3. NEREUS (INS 172) aground
  4. Sea rescue as six people brought to safety by Hartlepool RNLI
  5. Making demersal seines more precise
  6. Fishing industry’s slim margins generates perfect storm
  7. Abalone thrive on wine waste
  8. Trawler/flyshooter order for Hvide Sande
  9. Grimsby's Ice Factory makes European 'endangered' list
  10. Capelin season in full swing
  11. Day angling skipper fined for breaching small code vessel rules
  12. Nova Scotia limits new entry into shore side of lobster industry
  13. Coastal fishery plays a key role
  14. Loch Fyne search for missing fishermen after boat capsizes
  15. Macduff harbour in line for major ice plant upgrade
  16. Mesh rules: a missed opportunity
  17. DFFU christens two trawlers in Cuxhaven
  18. Blue whiting gets blue tick
  19. CFPO sets up online hub
  20. Thai Union: focus on worker’s voices
  21. Lost Hull trawlermen remembered in memorial service
  22. Recognition for fishing industry companies
  23. Sajoni comes to Skagen
  24. New cold store and processing plant for Makhachkala
  25. New LT-60 from Maaskant
  26. Government sets out minimum wage rights for seafarers in UK water
  27. The obvious title after our day with the RNLI on Monday is that it was the .....
  28. Fishing patrol boat to be named after Rhodri Morgan
  29. Crabber series for Murmansk company
  30. Life on the waves: Photographic tribute to North Sea fishermen
  31. New president for top French fishing port
  32. What happened to the haddock?
  33. French ports blockaded
  34. Shetland Scallop survey
  35. Hundreds of sharks found dead on road in Mexico
  36. Search for missing crab catcher
  37. Winter, a good season for overfishing bass
  38. No surprises on Commission’s position, says NFFO
  39. Establishing Black Sea control and monitoring
  40. Akurey: Stepping into a new century
  41. Final trip for veteran freezer trawler
  42. Llanfairfechan beach razor clam ban 'not working'
  43. Shellfish poisoning of dogs on coast confirmed
  44. Wanted: more shrimping in the Barents Sea
  45. Iceland’s monkfish earns its blue tick
  46. Trawler upgrade for RFC
  47. On board Whitby's new fishing trawler as cod makes a comeback
  48. The need to future-proof fisheries
  49. Iceland and the Faroes agree access
  50. Looking forward to a strong capelin season
  51. Lobsters and crabs should not be boiled alive, say campaigners
  52. European Fisheries Control Agency patrol vessel charter
  53. New seine netter for Iceland
  54. More Norwegian fisheries meet MSC standard
  55. Russia’s capelin fishery
  56. New Serene for Lerwick launched at the Nauta yard in Gdansk Poland
  57. Serene hits the water at Nauta yard
  58. Large-scale op launched as well-known trawler sinks in Brixham harbour
  59. A Very British Superfood
  60. Dementia prevention: Eating seafood could reduce risk of Alzheimer’s
  61. Triple trawler tragedy: The Hull fishermen who never came home
  62. Iceland boosts blue whiting quota, lifts capelin quota
  63. Exhibition at Hull's The Deep reveals underwater life
  64. Treport pair from Socarenam
  65. One Killybegs seafood startup has plans to copy dairy's global protein play
  66. Divers uncover Firth of Lorn 'illegal scallop dredging'
  67. Fisherman dies after falling overboard off Cape Wrath
  68. Plymouth fish quay development plans scaled back
  69. Plymouth's fish quay SAVED from development as 'Sydney' plan scrapped
  70. South West fishermen 'not earning enough to pay for fuel'
  71. Spanish trawler arrested in Argentina
  72. Barents Sea capelin catch hits 6000 tonnes
  73. Strong interest in Skipper Expo Int. Aberdeen 2018
  74. Keel laid at Vyborg Shipyard
  75. Hull's Headscarf Heroes
  76. Remembering the Gaul H243 lost on this day in 1974
  77. 70,000 tonne sandeel quota for Norway
  78. Taking the lead on ghost gear
  79. Greenpeace activist gets arm bitten off after hugging a white shark
  80. Geir: third Skipsteknisk design for HP Holmeset
  81. Survey studies trawling impacts
  82. Longline companies merge
  83. Polar doors go east
  84. Highland and Moray FLAG - Round 6 – Funding Deadline – 2nd April 2018
  85. New crayfish that doesn't need males to mate becomes all-powerful
  86. Animations show dangers of subsea hazards to fishing
  87. Man Overboard Prevention and Recovery Workshop
  88. Promising outcome of SPRFMO negotiations
  89. It’s fishy: rise in warm-water species found off our coasts
  90. Give Traditional Fishermen back their fishing rights now
  91. Capelin season slows down
  92. Nautic enters Russian ship design market
  93. P&P acquires Deutsche See
  94. Open Seas-on on Shetland shellfish
  95. New Zealand Govt considering ditching fishing boat camera plans
  96. Six figure grant for UK fisheries improvements
  97. Gitte Henning’s multi-data display
  98. Coast Guard saves crew of 4 from sinking New Bedford vessel
  99. Salmon fisherman Nigel Mott due quota compensation
  100. New generation longliner/seine netter for Ålesund
  101. Trials to Assess the Effects of Bobbin Groundgear and a 200 mm Square Mesh Panel ...
  102. New Havskjer ordered from Skagen
  103. Knarr Maritime signs contract for landmark factory
  104. We planned to avoid freedom of information law, says council
  105. New Cleopatra for Stavanger
  106. Don Cuddy: SMAST codfish counting innovation looks promising
  107. Where are they now? Old school photo uncovers life stories
  108. Iceland’s saithe undercatch
  109. 10th international fishing film festival
  110. New marine research vessel purchase included in National Development Plan
  111. Ireland: ESB Eyes Two Sites for New 500MW Offshore Wind Farm(s)
  112. Irish fisherman want to LEAVE: Calls for Ireland for FOLLOW Britain OUT of the EU
  113. 33 new vessels and 23 new factories under investment quota boost
  114. Grieg Seafood says 21,700 salmon escaped in Loch Snizort
  115. Janni – Hanstholm fisherman’s dream
  116. Message in a bottle from 1968 found
  117. Open season on Shetland shellfish
  118. Weighing up the benefits of EU-Morocco fisheries agreement
  119. Bridlington marina plans put on hold due to £115m cost
  120. Realistic and flexible approach needed as industry faces a Perfect Storm
  121. Iceland’s finest capelin
  122. Hepatitis E virus found in Scottish shellfish
  123. New landing controls for the crab and lobster fisheries
  124. Boat warfare
  125. Two more for Nauta orderbook
  126. Concerns for fishing sector at a decisive moment
  127. Heavyweight Cleopatra autoliner delivered
  128. British seafood: On the menu after Brexit?
  129. World's fishing fleets mapped from orbit
  130. Russian red king crab fishery gets MSC label
  131. Injector’s Kiwi doors
  132. Duterte orders navy to fire on foreign poachers in Philippine waters
  133. PSV to become catcher/processor
  134. Argentina fires on Chinese vessel 'fishing illegally'
  135. Fishermen satisfied with Sweden’s new management
  136. Heavy fishing on capelin and blue whiting
  137. Refitted Chans 106 heads for deep water crab
  138. Argentina's Coast Guard fires on Chinese squid catcher
  139. Western Sahara waters not part of Moroccan fishing zone, rules CJEU
  140. Russian capelin fishery hits 30,000 tonnes
  141. Warp tensioning saves time and effort
  142. Marine Scotland Bright lights , Big fish trials
  143. Push for sustainability shows results
  144. New Themis delivered
  145. Independent adjudicator backs PNA tuna recertification
  146. New crabber’s keel laid
  147. Truck loads of only-just-alive lobsters being taken off the Holderness Coast
  148. Why Filey’s fishermen fear they may be the last generation to cast their nets
  149. MSPs warning over salmon farming impact on environment
  150. Hull trawler tragedy 50th anniversary marked with service
  151. Waste shouldn’t be tradeable
  152. Sea Harvest transforms Saldanha Bay factory
  153. Eyemouth lifeboat assists broken window trawler
  154. Devon dredging licence suspended
  155. Spanish fleet’s tuna FIP enters second year
  156. Funding boost for Fraserburgh fishing jobs
  157. Isle of Man fishing permit price rise considered
  158. Lobster creels worth thousands stolen in Buckie
  159. Social media 'distracted' Shoreham boat-sinking watchkeeper
  160. Capelin roe season underway
  161. Pointing the finger on lost gear
  162. Tohoku’s Sea of Change
  163. Longhope lifeboat called to assist creel boat
  164. Arctic walrus spotted in North Ronaldsay and Sanday
  165. Isle of Man £80m bid to redevelop harbours
  166. Freezer trawlers take shape at Vyborg yard
  167. Global tuna catch stays at 78% healthy level
  168. Study establishes connectivity between demersal and pelagic fisheries
  169. US hikes anti-dumping duty three-fold on Indian shrimps, exporters in tizzy
  170. Amanda of Ladram: heading for the hake
  171. Search for boat off west coast after mayday received
  172. Argentina seeks detention of five Chinese fishing vessels
  173. In hot water over poached lobsters
  174. Trawling North Sea: Dicketa, 1974
  175. Fishing Boats 'Going Dark' Raise Suspicion Of Illegal Catches
  176. Capelin season over for HB Grandi fleet
  177. New Radek from Stadyard
  178. Global fishing footprint study presents artificial results
  179. Dutch electro-pulse beamer arrested for undersize nets , taken to Dunkirk
  180. Hooked on sustainability
  181. Argos Froyanes longliners delivered
  182. Nightmare scenario for world’s oceans by 2300, UCI study finds
  183. One fish farm produces waste equivalent to 'all of Scotland's west coast towns'
  184. Flawed global fishing footprint claims
  185. AFMA responds to Dark Ship claims
  186. Avalanche risk forces fishmeal plant evacuation
  187. Nerpa yard gears up for fishing business
  188. Two fisherman wearing lifejackets saved from their liferaft after their vessel sinks
  189. With aging ships stuck in refits, nearly $300K being spent on charter...
  190. Fishermen saved from their liferaft after their vessel sinks
  191. Mid-Channel delegates agree to maintain co-operation
  192. Taiwan responds to EJF on human rights claims
  193. Vard to build liner/seine netter for Remøybuen
  194. Landing Obligation: No Solution So Far to Choke Problem
  195. Trawler pair on the way home to Iceland
  196. Fisherman 'stunned' at Cove Bay removal legal letter
  197. MEPs vote to end EU-Comoros fisheries deal
  198. Cargo Ship Turned Over and Adrift in English Channel After Collision
  199. MSC suspends certificate for Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence snow crab fishery
  200. New HARDHAUS ordered
  201. Constant Friend report and flyer published
  202. Clyde Fishermen’s Association leaves SFF for CIFA
  203. European fishermen take the lead on marine litter
  204. Shellfish industry under threat due to fishing restrictions
  205. 110 year old picture of Aberdeen man hauling cod sold
  206. NFFO Elects New Chairman
  207. New Hardhaus gets battery hybrid propulsion
  208. New Stormhav from Stadyard
  209. New Fiona K III T117 launched in Poland at the Nauta Shipyard in Gydnia
  210. ‘The truth needed to come out’: A decade after the sinking of the Alaska Ranger....
  211. Royal Navy prepares for future UK fishery patrols
  212. Hampiðjan strengthens its position on Canada’s east coast
  213. Pelagia chooses Skagen
  214. UK-46: first new beamer for a decade
  215. Lough Swilly RNLI rescue four fishermen in all night call out
  216. Groundfish production provides employment lifeline
  217. European Fisheries Alliance – a year on
  218. Value of Ireland's seafood hits €1.15 billion
  219. Huge herring spawning ground discovered in Wester Ross
  220. Developing a participatory approach to the management of fishing activity...
  221. New NFFO chairman elected
  222. Simek delivers Veidar
  223. Greenie calls for GENOCIDE,this is what we're up against folks
  224. Fishing Vessel Sees Large Fuel Savings
  225. Fishing film festival comes to a close
  226. More effective post-2020 EMFF needed
  227. Coast Guard locates stricken trawler adrift in the Atlantic
  228. Scottish vessel prosecuted for illegal fishing
  229. Prosecuted fisherman is on scallop board
  230. Major fines for visiting fishermen
  231. Fisherman rescued after boat capsizes off Buckie
  232. Albania boosts sustainability in collaboration with Friend of the Sea
  233. Fishermen and scientists working together for a common aim
  234. A benefit of “ocean acidification” – more herring
  235. Highest revenues on record for UK fishing fleet
  236. Practise makes perfect
  237. Launch of the new Taits FR229 in Poland
  238. Second Far East pelagic catcher launched
  239. Fixing Ireland’s love-hate relationship with fish
  240. Fishing needs space to work in the North Sea
  241. CFPO Science
  242. Foreign crew cost Norwegian owners heavy fine
  243. Brian Young appointed Seafish chair
  244. Skagen breaks records
  245. Jobs threat as seafood firm plans closure of Annan factory
  246. Jaws drop as great white shark interrupts Australian police operation
  247. Severed thumb fisherman flown to hospital in Shetland
  248. Russia’s industry renewal contracts signed
  249. Plea to fishermen after seal is killed by dumped net
  250. Castletownbere’s new €20m pier extension a major boost for area