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  1. Australian woman picked up lost shark with her bare hands & threw it back into sea
  2. Troubled waters for Baltic fishermen
  3. New Lunar Bow from Karstensens
  4. Achill Trawler Sinks after Equipment Stolen from Several Boats
  5. Norway and Russia agree 775,000 tonne cod quota for 2018
  6. Lifeboat crew warn of fatal delays amid cuts
  7. The MCA must send launch request to RNLI when fishing boats are reported overdue
  8. Scots concern as scientists warn of shellfish farming expansion over flatulent clams
  9. French industry confident on bluefin recovery
  10. Trawler order for Jobi yard
  11. Record 2017 for Scantrol
  12. 69% of Norwegian catch MSC certified
  13. Coastal States strike mackerel agreement
  14. Lifeboat delays 'could be costing lives'
  15. Iceland’s expanding crab population
  16. ISSF’s Skipper’s Workshops
  17. A thousand tonnes in five shots
  18. Seven washing machines for two nights’ fishing
  19. Plymouth Fisheries evacuated after fishing trawler brings 'torpedo' into port
  20. Sailors slammed after they had to be rescued TWICE during Hurricane Ophelia
  21. Skaginn 3X is ready for the world cup in Russia
  22. Eastern Channel windfarm challenge
  23. No case for transfer of quota to creel fishermen
  24. Moroccan fish on Lorient auction
  25. Sonar’s searchlight and scan modes
  26. Fish 'worth £1m a day' landed from waters around Shetland
  27. FF Skagen acquires Skagerak Pelagic
  28. Long serving RNLI Thurso coxswain to retire
  29. Lerwick fish market project suffers slight delay
  30. Irish Sea funding for Walney fishing communities
  31. No case for transfer of nephrops quota to creel fishermen
  32. Maxine Peake: Why Big Lil is a better role model than Kim Kardashian
  33. Fleet of six for Russian Fishery Company
  34. West Greenland’s growing shrimp stock
  35. GearingUp: interactive tool helps reduce unwanted catch
  36. Shrimpers arrive at Luyt yard for fitting out
  37. No evidence of slavery and trafficking in NI fishing sector, says independent report
  38. Giant tuna causes 'frenzy' at Colonsay salmon farm
  39. New Codes of safety practice come into force
  40. Cod and haddock 'may vanish' from Scotland's west coast
  41. Vónin’s Tornado breakthrough
  42. Ferarri-style trawler design for French owners
  43. New Skagen net loft open for business
  44. Fishing boat towed in
  45. Funding available in England towards new engines
  46. Longliner orders for St Petersburg yard
  47. SPFA Science Industry-science herring survey 2017
  48. Trawl war in Skagerak: "It's a bit like a rocker attack
  49. Dutch predatory fishing continues in Skagerak
  50. Crab catching with light
  51. Public misled by WWF/CBS report, claims EMK
  52. Toothfish longliner pair from Tersan
  53. Fisherman jailed for £40,000 tax evasion
  54. Eire:Concern over new fishing penalty points system
  55. New trawler for Le Guilvinec
  56. Scarborough man dies after falling overboard from fishing boat
  57. Falklands squid catcher from Spanish yard
  58. How the Scottish Government ‘nuanced’ away fish farm pesticide ban
  59. SFF Services : Job Vacancies FISHERIES OBSERVERS
  60. Row over business rates “handicap” hitting north-east fish processors
  61. Fish market tendering restarted after bidder’s challenge
  62. Seine net closures lifted
  63. Thurso Lifeboat in nine-hour storm-hit rescue
  64. Portuguese trawler nets 'prehistoric shark'
  65. Winter season blue whiting
  66. Innovative herring survey video
  67. Giant Russian order for Carsoe
  68. Seattle-based Alaska crab fleet alerted to new hazard: They’re carrying heavier pots
  69. Maintaining momentum on safety and labour conditions
  70. Kap II finishes east coast season
  71. Northern Osprey III ready to be named tomorrow
  72. Fishermen tell High Court quota for Prawn fishing will be almost halved...
  73. Lifeboat collects injured fisherman
  74. Fishing Accelerator presents technology results
  75. Competition is healthy
  76. Avoch fishing boat distress call a hoax, says RNLI
  77. Samherji’s Björg delivered to Akureyri
  78. Industry leads the way on ILO188
  79. Kirkwall’s new Keila
  80. Japan sends rescued fishermen back to North Korea
  81. RNLI close St Helier lifeboat station over crew concern
  82. In China, the Curious Case of the Gel-Injected Shrimp
  83. Piriou sets up in Senegal
  84. Crew walk off cockroach-infested trawler in West Cork
  85. Clipperton launched at Nauta Shipyard
  86. Yantar launches first of Kamchatka pelagic trio
  87. UK damage to seagrasses caused predominately by recreational boaters anchors
  88. Lunar Bow chooses Wärtsilä
  89. Management measures agreed at NEAFC meeting
  90. Knarr member company strikes design deal for Russian newbuilds
  91. Large-scale search for missing fisherman near Applecross
  92. Albatrosses hit by fishing and climate
  93. Urk’s fishing fair gears up for 2018
  94. Ekofish Group orders Maaskant twin-rigger
  95. Merchant Navy service is sunk by Council’s refusal to waive red tape
  96. Rescue workers find a body in search for missing fisherman in Galway Bay
  97. Fishing creel Christmas tree makes waves
  98. Wesmar changes hands after 52 years
  99. UK fisheries inquiry launched
  100. Scanmar North Sea Conference
  101. Duns fish factory targeted in 'brazen theft'
  102. Bluefin disappointment
  103. New research highlights recipe for success in SSFs management
  104. Success with Storm doors
  105. Black Sea fishing opportunities for 2018
  106. A wealth of experience joins the Hampiðjan team
  107. High speed boats deployed to tackle Devon's illegal crab and lobster trade
  108. Europêche regrets ICCAT bluefin recommendations
  109. A week to go for new Sander Andre
  110. Coigach community turbine name honours missing fisherman
  111. Boost for Lorient fleet
  112. Big Brother at Sea
  113. Over £5,000 raised for Charlie House
  114. Six trawlers for Murmansk operator
  115. Seafood processors present united front
  116. Orcas make a splash in Lerwick Harbour
  117. The Viola: Rusting WWI trawler needs £3.5m to be rescued
  118. Kenya becomes party to Port State Measures Agreement
  119. Fishing grounds opened for oil exploration
  120. Brazil’s largest fish processing facility
  121. Fines for undersized scallops
  122. Norwegian Orca Survey
  123. Dunmore East Lifeboat damaged
  124. New lifeboat for Western Isles RNLI station
  125. Recreational fisherman gets prison time for lying about red snapper haul
  126. Kronos: second of Brittany trawler trio
  127. New government, new minister
  128. Arctic high seas agreement
  129. Cape Cod Wind offshore power project is dead in the water
  130. Fisheries WA - Caught in the act
  131. Anne Risley joins Canadian clam fishery
  132. Jobs to be created at Fraserburgh fish factory
  133. How Newfoundland is grappling with the return of cod fishing
  134. 'Historic agreement': Canada signs High Arctic commercial fishing ban
  135. Seven trawler series for Iceland
  136. UN commits to stop ocean plastic waste
  137. The drug-smuggling fishermen vowing to clear their name
  138. Toothfish limits announced for Heard and McDonald Islands
  139. Kaliningrad yard to build factory trawler
  140. ISSF extends testing of biodegradable FADs
  141. Texel shrimper taking shape at VCU
  142. Gearing Up for the Landing Obligation?
  143. Fishermen on British boat fined for fishing in Guernsey waters
  144. 4000 tonnes of blue whiting landed at Vopnafjörður yesterday
  145. 'Slaves' found on docked fishing boat in Portsmouth
  146. Faroe Islands reach 2018 agreements with Russia and Norway
  147. Fisheries abuses and related observer deaths in the Pacific region
  148. Industry asked for feedback on Responsible Fishing Ports Scheme
  149. Crewmen freed from slavery conditions on fishing vessel
  150. Fined for putting crew lives at risk
  151. More lies by green "scientists"
  152. Leatherback turtle freed from rope and buoy by Orkney fishermen
  153. French call to end pulse fishing
  154. Ready to go – and up for sale
  155. Moray Firth fishermen hit out at compensation offer from £1billion energy project
  156. Icelandic longliner order for Polish yard
  157. Businessmen fined a historic $2 million for overfishing rock lobster
  158. Eastern Atlantic tuna purse seine FIP launched
  159. Bertie, lobsterman to The Queen, dies aged 80
  160. Warning next link contains serious greenwash bullshit
  161. Catamaran launch for Algerian yard
  162. Fisherman escapes after creel boat hit rocks
  163. New appointments at Europêche
  164. Longliner pair for Ervik
  165. Major refit for Baltic trawler
  166. Thai Union and Nestlé launch demo boat to promote human rights
  167. Dunmore East fishermen tackle marine litter
  168. Making safety your New Year resolution
  169. New Cleopatra 36 for Norway
  170. Shellfish industry accuses conservation group of 'smear campaign'...
  171. Scotland signs up to global 'ghost gear' pledge
  172. New conference and industry sector awards as Seawork International comes of age
  173. Fishing well on blue whiting
  174. New longliner/netter Ragnhild Kristine
  175. UK Fisheries: the Year Ahead
  176. Marin Teknikk designs Russian longliners
  177. New netter heads home for Christmas
  178. EU issues proceedings against Ireland over seafarer training
  179. Investment ahead for Grindavík fishing company
  180. Illegal fishing of bluefin tuna. € 135,000 in fines required
  181. King scallops: Declining stock concern closes Isle of Man fishery
  182. Trawler trio complete
  183. Winds of worry: US fishermen fear forests of power turbines
  184. Free from debt and bonded labour in Sri Lanka’s fisheries
  185. Donegal coastal community left devastated after Irish fisherman dies
  186. Skaginn 3X picked to build new Varðin Pelagic plant
  187. Damaged Scottish reef 'biggest of its kind'
  188. Minister hits back at NGO’s ‘brazen dishonesty’
  189. Keels laid for Murmanseld 2 trawlers
  190. Fishermen in Mexico shoot down environmental group's drone
  191. The heavy price of a fuel leak
  192. €1.9 billion investment in Russian fishing
  193. Deep-water experiment reveals lobsters’ appetite for jellyfish
  194. 9th Circuit Gives Enviros New Way to Shut Down Hawaii Fishing Fleet
  195. Fishermen urged to become safer at sea after 100 deaths in 10 years
  196. Bridon wire selling well in Iceland
  197. Commandos rescue kidnapped fishermen
  198. Underwater sound from vessel traffic reduces the effective communication range...
  199. Kirkcudbright scallop fishermen set to be hit by Isle of Man law changes
  200. UK ports call for bold vision from ministers
  201. Scottish mackerel and herring on your New Year menu
  202. One careful owner – HB Grandi trawler sold to Westmann Islands
  203. 'Urk has a problem': Dutch fishing town caught up in cocaine-smuggling trial
  204. Southeast fishermen seek help after Storm Ophelia loss
  205. Two more newbuilds at St Petersburg yard
  206. Iceland excludes Faroese fleet
  207. Shetland sets another whitefish landings record
  208. Campaigners call for protection of whales and dolphins off Scotland’s coast
  209. Tony Delahunty OBE
  210. Iceland’s industry reduces fuel footprint
  211. MacGregor acquires Rapp Marine
  212. Fishermen and wind farms struggle to share the sea
  213. Berlin in its first trip
  214. Frozen lobstermen face additional winter challenges
  215. Seafood industry's heavy reliance on EU workers
  216. Two people rescued by Wells Lifeboat from fishing vessel which ran aground
  217. Lough Swilly lifeboat rescue six crewmen in overnight operation
  218. Isle of Man scallop rules 'could put Scottish jobs at risk'
  219. David Scott
  220. Tough year for groundfish production
  221. Russia’s largest fishmeal plant under construction
  222. Carsoe’s China breakthrough
  223. Fishermen encouraged to apply for safety training
  224. Frozen sharks wash up on Cape Cod beaches as winter storm hits US East Coast
  225. Fisherman airlifted to hospital after becoming unwell at sea
  226. Level lift is a lifesaver
  227. Brothers De Boer make a switch
  228. Harbour wall in Moray at risk of ‘imminent collapse’ as damage worsens
  229. Japanese pole-and-line tuna fishery enters MSC assessment
  230. 25 years in the trawl door business
  231. Single bluefin tuna at Tokyo fish market sold for £238,000 to sushi chain owner
  232. Capelin at the heart of Iceland-Faroes dispute
  233. Cod is king as Norwegian landings maintain top values
  234. Got this fish in the sea on Innersia
  235. Marine wildlife charities' worries over management plan
  236. Capelin fishery starts off NE Iceland
  237. Fishing for Crayfish in Australia
  238. Offshore platforms 'should be cleaned and left behind'
  239. Dunmore East RNLI lifeboat launched today (Tuesday January 9) to assist a 23m trawler
  240. EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership negotiations
  241. Training trawler into commercial operation
  242. Lobsters must be comfortably numb before cooking, rules Swiss government
  243. Monster surprise: Rarely-seen deep sea fish found on beach
  244. Rare Sharks With Bizarre Jaws Have Turned Up Off The Coast of Taiwan
  245. Foul weather hurts fishing industry’s peak period
  246. Some tuna stocks fail to meet minimum standards
  247. Building a sustainable future for the UK inshore sector, post-Brexit and beyond
  248. ‘We’re going to see a lot of capelin’
  249. Russia’s record year
  250. Restoring Gulf of Mexico tuna and swordfish