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  1. Court of Auditors' report fails to reflect control improvements
  2. Fines for obstructing fishery officers
  3. We’re not criminals
  4. Henk Senior ready for fishing
  5. Nature studies: Pulse fishing is the 'marine equivalent of fracking'
  6. New generation, new Pia Glanz
  7. Rescue crews called out to help fishing boat off North-east coast
  8. Monsanto Chemical Glyphosate May Be Destroying Our Ocean Life
  9. Trefjar newbuild for Trondheim
  10. Fine of £5,753 imposed for fisheries offences
  11. Fisherman airlifted to hospital after his vessel caught fire off Lands End
  12. Two rescued from stricken fishing boat near Catterline
  13. Hull's maritime attractions given £27.5m for renovation work
  14. Great White Shark is 'hunting off Britain's shores' claims "expert"
  15. Earnings drop 50% in two years
  16. Fisheries research ship sets sail on North Sea quest
  17. Iceland’s Minister follows advice on quotas
  18. Jersey lifeboat coxswain Andy Hibbs reinstated by RNLI
  19. 'Biggest' 'ghost net' recovered from bay
  20. Dental bus targeting Cornwall fishermen
  21. Survey to give UK fishing communities a voice
  22. A rare glimpse of Hull's fishing industry in its heyday in 1963
  23. Smooth bluefin season
  24. 900 tonnes in 14 days
  25. New Odd Lundberg from Karstensens
  26. Faroese reform hits overseas ownership
  27. Boosting fishing, promoting seafood
  28. Third newbuild for Greenland from Hvide Sande
  29. First Scopale newbuild ready for christening
  30. Second newbuild for Cherbourg company
  31. Fantastic sandeel season
  32. Nauta cuts steel for new pelagic trawler
  33. Busy fishing vessel market
  34. Hoffell goes for Tornado doors
  35. Skippers could be forced to sell up because of “ridiculous” ruling
  36. Stricken scallop dredger towed to safety off Eyemouth
  37. Pelagic fleet on mackerel and blue whiting
  38. Shrimper pair from Luyt
  39. Strong interest in Bristol Skipper expo
  40. Stella Nova hits the water in Szczecin
  41. Fishermen’s north boats warning
  42. Gadus sell-off finalised
  43. Big Problems Ahead For Local Fishermen
  44. Páll Pálsson sold to VSV
  45. Gary lands big halibut on line
  46. Seiner for Lofoten
  47. HSE plans safety clampdown on Orkney scallop boats
  48. Comata orders Southern Ocean longliner
  49. New All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Fisheries (UK)
  50. Four panel codends perform on selectivity
  51. Locals gather for Scottish Week celebrations and crowning come rain or shine
  52. Fines for AIS and logbook offences
  53. Heavy fishing on blue whiting in Icelandic EEZ
  54. Second giant squid landed by crew off County Kerry coast
  55. Ný-Fiskur invests in FleXicut
  56. Aquarium appeal to fisherfolk: Don’t chuck your catch, donate it!
  57. Rapp Marine order for new Odd Lundberg
  58. Commissioner supports EU long distance fishing fleet
  59. Fishermen plan charity bike ride to remember Hartlepool man
  60. Bolder Management of Spurdog Recovery Vital
  61. NOAA locates crabber wreck
  62. Scrabster's got ice news for fishing fleet
  63. Henk Senior - plaice hunter
  64. Ireland in danger of losing 30 more fishing vessels
  65. VSV buys out Glófaxi
  66. Seiner/trawler for northern Norway
  67. Changes ahead for safety in fishing
  68. Killer whale photographed flipping seal into the air off Shetland
  69. Promoting best safety practice
  70. Broch lifeboat called to stricken vessel
  71. Police involved amid concern over orca watching
  72. Rimfrost accuses Aker of misinforming the market
  73. Pella signs newbuild orders
  74. Filey fishermen say regulation changes could kill off industry
  75. 17,000 new jobs due to EFF
  76. Growing Icelandic fleet presents opportunities for Danish suppliers
  77. Investment into Ireland’s NW Flag region
  78. Check your lifejackets lads ALL of you
  79. Divers recovered from sea after failing to resurface
  80. Two divers have died after getting into difficulty in waters off Barra
  81. Bass on Biscay Commission’s agenda
  82. Longliner heads for Greenland
  83. Climate change drawing new species into Cornish waters
  84. Merchant ordered to pay £4,700 for buying fish while unregistered
  85. Packed with ginseng
  86. Fisheries management has failed us
  87. Marine Scotland's Unite union members to strike
  88. Rates hike drives seafood lorries out of north-east
  89. Mackerel scattered, switch to herring
  90. Fishing for the financial truth in north-east ports
  91. Clearwater buys Scottish crabber as part of bid to expand
  92. Outstanding results with 1760XW Gloria and new T90 codend
  93. The Trawler "Ocean Star" Launched 28th July
  94. Following story shows utter hypocrisy of "greens" toward scallop dredgers
  95. Third of Iceland series steaming home from Turkey
  96. Nord Pilgrim newbuilds choose Wärtsilä propulsion systems
  97. New Adenia commissioned
  98. Louisa fishermen deaths lifejacket probe widened
  99. It started as a normal day…
  100. The following BBC report is nothing but a whitewash
  101. Zamakona to build new Adenia
  102. Heading for Greenland with new Gloria XW and Bluestream doors
  103. Shoreham boat sinking: Romanian man named
  104. HB Grandi sells freezer trawler
  105. Fish goes in different directions
  106. Skipper Expo Bristol four weeks away
  107. Keeping it in Boulogne
  108. Lancashire fishseller pleads guilty to buying without registration
  109. This is where business gets done, says IceFish Events Director
  110. Lifeboat tows creel boat
  111. Grateful delivered by Karstensens
  112. Coastguard helicopters in long-range sea rescue off Lewis
  113. Cornish fish restaurant named best in the UK
  114. Sinking fishing boat rescued in Douglas
  115. Fisherman Dave Lawrence attacked by gang of youths in Deal
  116. Scottish skippers get to grips with the Business of Fishing
  117. Lost seismic float
  118. Donegal celebrates oyster industry in new exhibition
  119. Faroes auction quotas
  120. Scottish firms out to net new business
  121. Rare blue lobster Chelsea rehomed at Anglesey Sea Zoo
  122. No foreign ownership probe, says MMO
  123. When the boat comes in
  124. Royal Navy ships chase off Spanish trawler which entered UK waters in Gibraltar..
  125. Fine first trip for Engey
  126. Presenting fishing to the next generation
  127. Dunbar based prawn trawler,May Queen,sunk in Eyemouth,NO injuries
  128. Ocean Positive swimwear line highlights marine litter
  129. Lobsters worth around £1300 pinched from Fife harbour
  130. DFFU’s Cuxhaven sails for first trip
  131. SweDen Pelagic acquires Danish producer
  132. Injured crewman in long-range coastguard helicopter rescue
  133. Sussex lads better check with the coastguard if they're fishing anywhere near this
  134. Memorial to be laid for Lowestoft’s hero fisherman whose crew took down U-boat
  135. Marine wildlife 'being threatened by boats'
  136. Frida Amalie ready for the North Sea
  137. Dismay and despair as 'dogs of the sea' threaten fishing livelihoods in Tasmania
  138. Sea Shepherd to suspend pursuit of Japanese whalers
  139. Zephyr goes Norwegian for new pelagic trawler
  140. Westcon to build new Gunnar Langva
  141. Catching well on Greenland halibut
  142. Crew fishing vessel held for attempted manslaughter
  143. Hull City of Culture: Play honours campaigner Lillian Bilocca
  144. USAID and Inmarsat partner for legal, traceable and sustainable fisheries
  145. Hybrid netter from Norwegian yard
  146. Cod Wars weapon presented to Hull Maritime Museum
  147. MSC hits back at On the Hook campaign
  148. Boat sinks in Largs marina after catching fire
  149. Ísfiskur moves production to Akranes –as HB Grandi moves out
  150. Bacalao 740 hits the spot
  151. Relaxing regulations to boost Barents Sea shrimping
  152. Crab fishermen off Orkney taken to safety in Scrabster
  153. Clyde Fishermen's Association
  154. Unions call on government to enforce the rights of fishing vessel workers
  155. 50 new jobs in pipeline as revival of former Aberdeenshire seafood factory under way
  156. £1m trawler washed ashore and ends up on rocks near Padstow
  157. Northern lights linked to North Sea whale strandings
  158. Toy ship sails from Scotland to Scandinavia
  159. New Ocean Star FR77 launched in Poland
  160. Fisherman Catches A Rare 'Ghost' Lobster — And Sends Her Back Home
  161. USCG: U.S.-Built Trawler is Not Jones Act-Qualified
  162. Vónin; Everything’s bigger
  163. Thousands of king crabs released in lost gear cleanup
  164. Fish and chip shop shortlisted for top sustainable food service award
  165. Nordic countries united against fisheries crime
  166. ‘Cromer, famous for its c**p’ - BBC Breakfast subtitle blunder insults coastal town
  167. NOAA designates critical habitat for Atlantic sturgeon
  168. Skipper show opens its doors in Bristol
  169. Bringing the fishing industry together in Aalborg
  170. Granit, Norway’s newest and biggest
  171. Back in the black, and red all over
  172. Unexploded device found near North Sea platform
  173. Reconfiguring Canadian Arctic surf clam fishery
  174. Nordic region unites against fisheries crime
  175. Videos of fishing in Norway
  176. Stranded great white shark 'Fluffy' returned to sea after night in aquarium
  177. Russia pushes ahead with investment quotas
  178. Baltic fishermen stunned by EU eel ban proposal
  179. New thinking on headline lift
  180. 'Alien Faced' Fish Caught by Fisherman in Russia
  181. Fisherman praised for rescue of girls at Farr beach
  182. Industry awards presented in Iceland
  183. Fisherman Catch Rare One-Tonne Fish That Could Make 1170 Portions Of Fish And Chips
  184. Red tape prevents EMFF 2014-2020 uptake
  185. Knarr Russia floated in St Petersburg
  186. Cold water hotspot for mackerel
  187. BIM launches The Mussel House
  188. NAFO meeting in progress
  189. Spain to halt irish tuna vessel landings
  190. What are the Health Benefits of Mussels?
  191. Zinke recommends opening three marine monuments to fishing
  192. Hunt to catch slippery thief who stole fish and chip van
  193. Fiskebåt wants mackerel restrictions
  194. Cromars in St Andrews named Scotland's top fish and chip shop
  195. Warning that fish processors face collapse if high business rates are maintained
  196. Illegal fleet caught in a dawn raid
  197. £28,220 penalty for release of non-native species
  198. Russian catches reach 3.7 million tonnes this year
  199. Furuno Denmark launches VideoWall
  200. Pelagic first in Iceland
  201. Macduff completes largest new fishing vessel to date
  202. Latest new addition to the County Down fishing fleet , Mar de Creta N1065
  203. NAFO meets for the first time under modernised convention
  204. Europêche vessel owners defend full respect for fishers’ social and labour rights
  205. Bara Breizh launched
  206. North Shields memorial unveiled to fishermen lost at sea
  207. DFO cracks down on fishing licences it says are fronts for corporations
  208. Plenty of roughy
  209. The shell season is not yet open but the war is already declared
  210. Action on Mediterranean and Black Sea small-scale fisheries
  211. Solstice PH199 overdue have you seen her today ??
  212. Noise from building wind farms could harm fish, study shows
  213. Swan Net Gundry opens up in Shetland
  214. Saithe chasing capelin
  215. Big bags and big tensions on blue whiting
  216. MMG brings Loppa H&G machine to DanFish
  217. Coastguard appeal over false Peterhead beacon alarms
  218. Samherji sells trawler to Russia
  219. Síldarvinnslan fleet finished on mackerel
  220. Landing berried lobsters outlawed
  221. 'We proved everybody wrong and we got our boys home'
  222. Carsoe acquire shares in Holmek Palletering
  223. Broken Loophole agreement, says Norwegian federation
  224. Broch firm lands £1m contract with Aldi
  225. Peterhead fisherman jailed for 20 months
  226. Samherji says farewell to Baldvin
  227. Hanstholm trawler sold to Ireland
  228. Scanmar appoints Global Sales Manager
  229. SAGB appoints new Business Development and Promotions Manager
  230. Supertrawler hearing at EP
  231. Six fishermen rescued in 15-hour mission off stormy Donegal coast
  232. Explosion on dredger off Cornish coast injures two
  233. Toothfish for all, says Réunion CRPMEM president
  234. New Shetland Cleopatra
  235. EU must ensure high standards for all fish sold within the Community
  236. Fishermen fear Scottish lobster stocks 'could collapse'
  237. Scientific and data support needs to be developed for fishing
  238. Icelandic keynote at Vladivostok Fishery Congress
  239. Coastguard update after fishing boat smashes onto rocks at Mount Batten pier
  240. Successful NEVA 2017 Exhibition for Vyborg yard
  241. Fisheries crime report released
  242. Gitte Henning leaves Poland for Norway
  243. Macduff Harbour bosses urged to find replacement staff quickly
  244. EU fishing industry makes significant commitments at Our Oceans conference
  245. Echebastar purse seiner order for Zamakona
  246. Master and vessel owner fined for fisheries offences
  247. Scottish Government ‘passing the buck’ on north-east’s fish processors business rates
  248. £39 million of fish landed at Scrabster during 2016
  249. Women in Seafood, raising awareness
  250. 'Red Baron' fishing boat seized, owner banned over stolen WA rock lobster pots