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  1. Statement on proposed independence referendum
  2. UK self-employed hit hard – that means fishermen
  3. Steadfast Hope from Macduff
  4. Search for missing CG helicopter.
  5. Irish coastguard confirm pilot recovered from sea off Mayo has died
  6. Shrimp fishermen facing catch crisis
  7. Trawler company launches new convenience fish range
  8. EU snow crab fishermen illegally excluded by Norway
  9. Lifeboat called to aid flooded fishing boat off Shetland
  10. North sea Fully Documented Fishery scheme 2017
  11. Prawn/Squid trawlers in Moray Firth take note
  12. Chancellor announces U-turn on NI tax rises
  13. Iceland fleet returning with rich post strike hauls
  14. The Deliciously Fishy Case of the "Codfather"
  15. Businesses back Viola appeal
  16. Welsh patrol vessels,built in Wales
  17. Conservation group backs Scottish North Sea haddock
  18. Good fishing on deep redfish
  19. Capelin over, blue whiting next
  20. Ensure the British fishing waters are returned to the UK post Brexit
  21. Capto gear for Icelandic trawler
  22. Promotions at Plymouth Fisheries
  23. Ireland’s island communities could thrive with fair access
  24. Busy Westmann Islands spring season
  25. New Hovden Viking
  26. Schools get insight into Shetland fishing
  27. Mixed views on Norway fishing changes
  28. New Cleopatra for western France
  29. Successful PFD scheme comes to an end
  30. Scottish vision to double food and drink industry
  31. Top seafood restaurant changes hands
  32. Fifty years of blue doors
  33. Take a look at close-up footage of an 8 metre whale being cut free from fishing nets
  34. Scapêche invests in coastal fishing company
  35. Sweden’s quota system overhaul
  36. Fisherman rescued in Donegal waters close to Arranmore and Maghery
  37. Nissui confirms deal for Sealord UK plant
  38. New Strand Senior to be built at Skagen
  39. Danish industrial fisheries MSC certified
  40. Stadyard signs new build contract-hull no.40
  41. Iceland firm in processing cutback
  42. New harbourmaster takes the helm at Moray's biggest port
  43. Seabed conditions key to survival of juvenile fish
  44. Vestviking scores on blue whiting
  45. Strong króna threatens fishing sector
  46. Save Macduff Harbour Night Watchmen
  47. Donegal fish processor fined €45,000 for tampering with weighing scales
  48. Grimsby expands vessel engineering base
  49. Europe reaches out to small-scale fishermen
  50. New Seacon design to be built at Stadyard
  51. 33,000 tonnes in ten years
  52. Story in link does make sober reading for modern fishing boats
  53. Five crew rescued after boat runs aground in Kirkcudbright bay
  54. Shetland pelagic firm sees profits rise 25% as it awaits new vessel
  55. Castletownbere Fishermen’s Co-operative Society
  56. HB Grandi invites bids for new freezer trawler
  57. Best sandeel quotas for a decade
  58. Fisheries Resource Education Programme
  59. Injured fisherman airlifted from boat off Lewis to Glasgow
  60. Norway to invest millions in cleaner seas
  61. Safe return of humpback whales to Scotland under threat
  62. Electro-fishing trial for razor clams to be held
  63. Don’t feel guilty about a haddock supper
  64. Poole goes for double certification
  65. Meet the Norwegian Kids Getting Paid Thousands to Cut Tongues Out of Fish
  66. Seafood trader buoyant as profits return
  67. Yorkshire fishermen in bid to save fishing heritage
  68. New thinking on forage fish
  69. Woman injured in Lossiemouth chip van explosion
  70. Birthday makeover for aquarium will lead to closure
  71. Isle of Man government proposes new measures to protect whelk stock
  72. N. Atlantic cod could get own brand
  73. Norwegian export rise continues into March
  74. 125 processing jobs go in Poland switch
  75. Research goes electric
  76. Royal Greenland goes for Carsoe – again
  77. New Vónin net loft
  78. Building in Bangladesh
  79. Fishing companies sell media stake
  80. SPSG and PFA North Sea herring fisheries retain prestigious MSC ecolabel standard
  81. Whole Jersey lifeboat crew resigns over sacking of coxswain
  82. Norway’s PM leads seafood mission to China
  83. New UK lobster proposals
  84. Kap sold to Russia
  85. Processor to improve school dinners
  86. Icelandic sells Belgian firm to Iceland
  87. Norway and China agree trade talks
  88. BIM urges fishermen to register safety equipment with ComReg
  89. Iceland’s coastal fishermen dissatisfied with 4% of mackerel
  90. Super trawler makes public debut
  91. Norwegian fleet fishing well on blue whiting
  92. New pelagic vessel for France Pélagique
  93. Seafood Pub chain moves into Yorkshire
  94. Wärtsilä propulsion for Strand Senior
  95. Nffo agm 2017
  96. PPS acquires GW Containers
  97. Samherji’s first newbuild for 17 years
  98. Westcon to build Scottish trawler
  99. Fish firms join forces to battle business rate hike
  100. Major refit for Aaltje Postma
  101. 'It's misleading'
  102. Bluestream flexibility
  103. Illegal clam fishermen 'track' fishery protection vessels
  104. MASTS wins five more years’ funding
  105. Illegal fishing warning after strike vote
  106. MPAs - benefits or challenges?
  107. White fish exports continue steady rise
  108. Fish 'pool' their experience to solve problems
  109. Boats tied up while the sea is full of cod
  110. Northern cod stock assessments to be stepped up, starting in 2018
  111. Call to halt wild wrasse ‘gold rush’
  112. Presidential award for Skaginn 3X
  113. NFFO AGM Postponed until after the General Election
  114. General Election: Party Manifesto Commitments
  115. Smart technology keeps fish fresh
  116. Five million in fines for illegal fishing
  117. Blue whiting takes off
  118. Rescue operation in the North Sea
  119. Fishermen living in a police state - makes the Stazi and Big Brother look benign!
  120. What the hell ha' you done?
  121. Traditional Irish food Lobster, The Lobster Man goes Lobster fishing at Rochespoint
  122. English scallop project brings industry and government together
  123. Oil and fish “must live together” – Minister
  124. Icelandic to sell Grimsby based Seachill
  125. Election questions for UK industry
  126. Fiskebåt requests rule change on trawling for herring
  127. Boat skipper fined for Irish Sea wind turbine crash
  128. Fishers need dialogue,not explanations
  129. Seachill union wants meeting with company
  130. Denmark’s Fishing Industry Focus
  131. £1m fund to promote Scottish seafood
  132. European fisheries face ‘interesting times’
  133. Skaginn 3X to supply France Pélagique newbuild
  134. Maaskant to complete beamer for Urk owners
  135. Iceland ups its stake in Norway
  136. Knarr Maritime unveiled at Brussels
  137. Fire shuts Whitby's Magpie Cafe restaurant for three weeks
  138. Respect for fishing regulations improving
  139. Sea trials in China
  140. Scottish Government puts the squeeze on mackerel fishers
  141. Seachill sells factory site to Iceland’s Samherji
  142. The last wooden sidewinder trawler in Newlyn is no more.
  143. Marel’s FleXicut set for sea
  144. Pauline Mary report and flyer published
  145. Norwegian seafood exports slow in April
  146. Fisheries convention alongside Itech’ Mer
  147. HB Grandi freezer order goes to Armon
  148. Mackerel tagging talk by SPFA Chief Scientist
  149. The Business of Fishing…
  150. Westman Islands net loft ready this summer
  151. Factory worker wins £43,000 in damages after being sacked for “21's of inattention”
  152. Price puts people off fish: survey
  153. Alannah Riley delivered to Ireland
  154. Europêche rejects false lobbying accusations
  155. Capelin agreement for 2017-18
  156. Steady fishing on blue whiting
  157. Nodosa delivers Henk Senior
  158. Saucy ‘boosting Sainsbury’s frozen sales’
  159. New filleter for Iceland
  160. Blast at Scots government in mackerel quota dispute
  161. New scallop rules in Scottish waters
  162. £7,195 fine for fisheries offences in case brought by MMO
  163. Breakthrough year for Carsoe
  164. Belgian and German fisheries control
  165. Formality error to end shrimp trip
  166. Social partners call on EU to halt abuses of migrants
  167. Pelagic vessels change hands
  168. Injured fisherman flown to hospital in Shetland
  169. Supermarkets following seafood code
  170. European fish consumption patchy
  171. Ireland's brown crab FIP
  172. Queueing to land sandeel
  173. Iceland’s new world beating fish plant
  174. Norway plans second mission to China
  175. Mmsi numbers for fishing boats
  176. Auction system helps whitefish landings to double
  177. Check out this giant squid caught off the Kerry coast
  178. Spain acquiring taste for high quality cod
  179. Full package for new Granit
  180. ARVI members support C188
  181. 2 sides to every story...
  182. Young’s showing strong sales growth
  183. Two newbuild contracts for Stadyard
  184. Snow crab gold rush
  185. Life Cells for coastal fishermen
  186. Skipper Show this week
  187. Local fleet chooses Tornado
  188. New contract for Nauta
  189. Remøy still held in Murmansk
  190. Fisherman rescued and another missing after trawler sinks of north Dublin coast
  191. EMFF conference to be held in Tallinn
  192. New Cetus designed by Salt
  193. Swan needs new sources of income to avoid becoming a museum exhibit, trustees warn
  194. Family escapes sinking boat in Sunderland
  195. FAO launches global record
  196. Built for langoustine
  197. Busy weekend for Whitby RNLI
  198. Busiest weekend on record for Whitby RNLI
  199. Great white shark jumps into Australian fisherman's motor boat
  200. Oslo meeting focuses on IUU
  201. Fisherman suffers serious facial injury aboard boat
  202. Faroese fishermen protest
  203. Fishermen petition Brussels on discard ban
  204. Disused Buckie shipyard in revival hope after sale
  205. More controls needed
  206. Solent bridges the gap with new slave hauler
  207. Bomb maker targeted fish company
  208. OSF brown crab enters MSC assessment
  209. 'Shoal of fish' to remember lost Hull trawlermen
  210. Under-10 trawler fits Notus
  211. Remøy released
  212. New Swedish lobster rules
  213. Successful Aberdeen Skipper Show
  214. Akurey to sail next week
  215. Easy catch returns with iCatch
  216. Rockall launched at Nauta
  217. Corpach wreck's beacon sparks search
  218. Norway pledges NoK10 million to combat IUU fishing
  219. Charisma sold to Iceland
  220. Fisherman rescued by ferry off Skye after boat sinks
  221. New Greenland crabber from Vestværftet
  222. Dalvík welcomes Björgúlfur
  223. SFA’s new policy officer
  224. Fire destroys pelagic factory
  225. Swedish pair ordered from Skagen yard
  226. Second sighting of deadly moray eel in Irish waters is 'alarming' - says expert
  227. Sophisticated new trawler from Danish yard
  228. EU Guide for Risk Prevention in Small Fishing Vessels
  229. Smaller operators under threat
  230. Flag boat got hammered
  231. Charles meets young skipper at event on sustainable fishing
  232. Call for shake-up of Scottish west coast creel fisheries
  233. Ardent II report and flyer published
  234. Recommended Barents Sea cod quota down by a fifth
  235. Research chooses Wärtsilä 31
  236. Shellfish warning after high levels of E Coli found
  237. Greener fishing fleet
  238. Devon fishing port invited to twin with America's top port
  239. Banff harbour pier hit by structural collapse
  240. North-east man honoured by the Queen for his services to the fishing industry
  241. Baffin Fisheries plans new 75m trawler
  242. New beach-launch seiner/netter
  243. Caraïbes II’s showday
  244. Blue Wave: future fishing vessel
  245. Ostervold to get Ibercisa deck hardware
  246. Second HB Grandi trawler delivered
  247. EU braced for fishing war: Norway furious as Brussels makes power grab for OIL
  248. Faroese fisheries reform bill goes to parliament
  249. Coloured lights contribute to sustainability
  250. Double penalty system dropped