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  1. Darren Brown's tragic final words revealed in report into Newhaven fisherman's death
  2. Vissersbond: Stop North Sea windfarms
  3. Small boat fishermen under pressure
  4. Spanish fleet renewal
  5. Happy New Year from Fiskerforum!
  6. 21 metre freezer netter/liner from Raudeberg yard
  7. Bulgarian fishermen protest
  8. Rock lobster thieves high and dry
  9. Atlantic Lady switched to French flag
  10. Skipsteknisk to design new Regina C
  11. Family firm lands bumper Aldi deal
  12. Global seafood expert dies
  13. Iceland sets herring and blue whiting quotas
  14. Engey delivery this week
  15. New boss for Seafood Scotland
  16. Pressure on Iceland to settle strike
  17. Union turns down exemption request
  18. Catches up, tension down
  19. Grimsby area processor closes
  20. Seamen’s dissatisfaction runs deep
  21. Fuel consumption and emissions halved with pulse gear
  22. Bulgarian fleet blockades Varna
  23. Fishermen net 1,000th tonne of marine litter
  24. Fishermen stranded in North-east boat emergency
  25. New head for Seafood Scotland
  26. New bid to end Icelandic strike
  27. HB Grandi, volumes and values down
  28. Meal down, frozen up at Síldarvinnslan
  29. Vidal off the hook
  30. USCG and fishing crew rescue five
  31. Fisherman lands £250k on scratch card
  32. UK Coastguard helicopter flies 100m to evacuate crewman from Resurgam PZ1001
  33. Norwegian fishermen enjoy bumper year
  34. Hopes rise in Icelandic fish strike
  35. Crisis averted on southern bass
  36. Fire wrecks new tuna seiner
  37. Icelandic Group to sell Belgian processor
  38. ITQs: A Road of No Return
  39. New Svend C calls in Faroes
  40. Fishermen welcome conservation measure
  41. New Iceland government rules out strike ban
  42. Iceland’s new Fisheries Minister
  43. Robert Tait (former pelagic skipper) crossed the bar
  44. HB Grandi's Engey sails for home
  45. Herring season starts well
  46. Breki heads for sea trials
  47. Small fleet doing well
  48. Coast Guard rescues sinking lobstermen
  49. Fish talks aim for weekend settlement
  50. Mooney Boats announces 2 new build orders
  51. Whitby newbuild launched
  52. Dolphin damage 'consistent with shark'
  53. Calls for project ideas for 2nd phase of fishing gear discards reduction initiative
  54. Award for responsible cod fishery
  55. EU study examines seafood consumption habits
  56. Thyborøn Trawldoor celebrates its 50th anniversary
  57. Boy Andrew is the catch of the day
  58. Trio honoured for Macduff sinking car rescue bravery
  59. Crab catcher arrested in Svalbard zone
  60. Skipper fined for being drunk while in charge of boat that sank off Sumburgh
  61. Trawler crewmen under investigation
  62. Unwell skipper winched from boat in rough seas off Lewis
  63. Strike sees 1,300 factory jobs lost
  64. Engey halfway home
  65. French fishermen fined £84k for fishing in Jersey waters
  66. Brussels validates Spanish fisheries control system
  67. Using pots could be the way of the future for cod fishery
  68. Greenpeace evidence shown as LIES
  69. Ruth hits the ground running in 2017
  70. Iceland and Faroes agree fishing rights
  71. Iceland’s strike into second month
  72. Jersey minister says there's 'not much he can do' over £500 Guernsey fishing fee
  73. Seafood showcase heads to Grimsby
  74. Machine deals in online ‘shop’
  75. Positive economic trends in EU fishing fleet
  76. Blue whiting recertified
  77. Seamen end talks with owners
  78. Fishing compensation claim considered
  79. Young’s confirms Showalter as CEO
  80. Trawler company sees earnings drop
  81. Concerns over technical regulation
  82. Marport and Scantrol integrate systems
  83. King scallop catch quotas lifted in Manx waters
  84. Move to Bristol for Skipper Expo
  85. Passport to Processing delivers career opportunities for youngsters
  86. Young company, old name
  87. 57,000 tonne Icelandic capelin quota
  88. Britain’s best chippie
  89. Sticking with fishing
  90. Old fishing schooner Regina Caelis sinks in Northern Ireland
  91. While you were sleeping…
  92. New mercury threat to oceans from climate change
  93. Norway gets most of 2017 capelin quota
  94. Lucky escape for five crew rescued from trawler before it sank off Irish coast
  95. New life for 'Dead Bod' graffiti in Hull
  96. Saucy Fish enters the freezer cabinets
  97. Viola a step closer to Hull
  98. Araho steaming home
  99. One hook, one line, one fish at a time
  100. Eyemouth lifeboat tows Leith-registered trawler to safety
  101. Bideford boat sinks on Appledore lifeboat station's slipway
  102. New man overboard prevention and sea survival course for fishermen
  103. Pressure mounts in Icelandic strike
  104. Skipper Expo goes back to Bristol
  105. Tony Delahunty appointed to MMO Board
  106. Norway targets China again
  107. Iceland strikers to meet on Friday
  108. Companies join forces under Skaginn 3X name
  109. Northern Ireland captain fined £26,000 for illegal scallop fishing
  110. Scottish Fishermen’s Federation to sponsor Skipper Expo Int. Aberdeen 2017
  111. New MoB course for fishermen
  112. Capelin season starts
  113. VHF Channel changes coming in 2017
  114. New Pathway PD165 on trials
  115. NFFO Concordat Response
  116. NFFO Calls for Bass Appeals Process
  117. Fishermen experience shocking reality of going overboard
  118. New Boy Andrew WK170 home to Scrabster
  119. VHF Channel changes coming
  120. EU industry disappointed over vote on external fleet regulation
  121. Striking seamen stand firm
  122. Pleas to save historic fishing boat that took on the Germans during World War II
  123. Furious customers urge Nissan to recall 4X4 Navaras
  124. Fishing companies sign collagen deal
  125. Iceland fish strike talks fail again
  126. NFFO sets out need for appeals process on bass
  127. First Finnish fishery enters MSC assessment
  128. Aksel B delivered to Tromsø
  129. Hampiðjan sets up in Murmansk
  130. Bad weather hits January cod exports
  131. EU fishing sector alarmed by vote on external fishing regulation
  132. 2017 Begins With A Large Number of Thai Shrimp Refusals for Banned Antibiotics
  133. Capelin landing in Iceland
  134. Tub theft rife
  135. New shellfish licences
  136. Strike could affect M&S – trawler chief
  137. Hard line on Svalbard crab
  138. A new role for Jimmy
  139. Stricken Eyemouth trawler towed to safety
  140. Cosmos buys Ray’s Vodbinderi
  141. SWFPA will stand tall, truth and facts will always triumph
  142. Meeting with Minister
  143. Urgent Bass Talks
  144. Strike talks fail again as sides dig in
  145. Cleopatra for France
  146. Could capelin prospects lead to strike settlement?
  147. Bass answers needed urgently
  148. Fishing boat towed to safety after engine failure near Plockton
  149. Scots urged to eat more fish
  150. Young’s showcase at Boston expo
  151. Britain’s top chippy in line for Michelin star
  152. Boy Andrew delivered by Vestværft
  153. Wärtsilä joins Seabin Project
  154. Lundey sold to Norway
  155. Birds of prey plan to cut North Yorkshire 'gull-muggings'
  156. Grimsby can still supply fish – seafood chiefs
  157. Norwegians eating less fish
  158. First Scopale hull complete
  159. Final offer from unions
  160. Scots minister withholds mackerel quota to deter foreign landings
  161. Fish strike set to go into third month
  162. Iceland boosts capelin quota
  163. CFL Hunter launched at Nodosa
  164. Aith remembers ‘superhuman’ effort to rescue 12 fishermen from trawler
  165. Study: Seismic Testing Disrupts Fish Behavior
  166. Fisheries Minister hears about plans for Plymouth
  167. NFFO encourages vessel owners to make the most of EMFF
  168. Fish auctioneering firm trials machine grading
  169. Pair deny using illegal workers in fishing industry
  170. Fish strike settlement on horizon?
  171. Seine rope nightmare
  172. Norwegians land in Iceland
  173. Royal Greenland pair to be built in Spain
  174. New flag boat for the fleet....
  175. How Ireland got fishing all wrong
  176. Make the most of EMFF, says NFFO
  177. Closer collaboration with Albania on sustainable fisheries
  178. Iceland strike over
  179. The Last Fisherman 1958
  180. The Sea Trial of N.B. 503 Japonica 1961
  181. Public funding boost for Scotland's fishing sector
  182. Ewing: seven seafood firms to benefit from EU funding
  183. Voyage of discovery
  184. Russia blasts Norway in fishing row
  185. Fishing gear technology remains recognised trade
  186. Icelandic fleet back to sea
  187. new Voyager for Northern Ireland launched
  188. Floating turbines project approved by councillors
  189. Cod Wars fishing vessels to exchange bells in cooperation gesture
  190. Chippie offers millennium markdown
  191. Employers face £15m strike deal bill
  192. Steaming home with 5200 tonnes
  193. Strong sandeel recruitment
  194. Sources anticipate collapse in Icelandic fresh cod prices
  195. Norway to counter cod quality complaints
  196. Voyager launched at Nauta Yard
  197. Court takes hard line on safety offences
  198. Stranraer fishing boat catches unexploded grenade in its nets
  199. Fisherman dies after being airlifted
  200. SFF Services scoops Scottish SME Award
  201. Bass Appeals Process
  202. Bulgarian protest
  203. Freezer back to sea
  204. MMO agrees to bass appeals process
  205. JFK sells two, buys one
  206. Judge clears Whitby skipper of sinking boat in harbour
  207. Trawler returns to Denmark from Ireland
  208. T90 codend boosts catch values
  209. Young’s goes global at Boston show
  210. Grimsby celebrates return of Icelandic fish
  211. Fish merchant back in court after inspection finds under-size clams
  212. Sainsbury’s top sustainable seafood retailer
  213. Young’s unveils £128m quarter turnover
  214. Capelin roe season starts in Iceland
  215. Straight business
  216. Improved quality of coastal cod
  217. Crocodile shark discovered on UK coastline for first time
  218. Fisherman dies suddenly
  219. New Research to be built in Norway
  220. Fishing needs socially sustainable policies
  221. 3000 tonnes in 13 hours
  222. Carsoe wins complete shrimp factory order
  223. Second lifeboat heads to stricken fishing vessel
  224. Crew jumped from sinking fishing boat Ocean Way
  225. Kaldbakur home today
  226. Norwegians step in to rescue Shetland Catch
  227. Hull fishing trawler safety fighter Mary Denness dies aged 79
  228. Fishermen warned of the dangers of using drugs while at sea
  229. RNLI rescue fishermen twice in same day after two boat faults
  230. Norway cod exports fall despite Iceland strike
  231. Shetland Catch becomes Pelagia Shetland
  232. TA Senior delivered
  233. Milton takes shape at Hirtshals
  234. Irish Seafood processing and aquaculture sectors awarded EUR 1.8 million
  235. New standard to certify Irish seafood product sustainability
  236. Fighting for the Future in Filey
  237. Scottish Group Aims for Eight MSC-Certified Fisheries
  238. Whole new world underwater with new multibeam sonar
  239. Heavy capelin fishing off western Iceland
  240. Ramsgate fisherman has slammed a 'crazy' policy he says is costing him £50k a year
  241. Justice Prevails. Case against Lenny Hyde and Pat O'Mahoney dismissed
  242. Britons urged to eat more fish
  243. New sjark rigged for netting
  244. Large Rogue Waves More Common than Previously Thought
  245. Anger at 'excessive' shellfish landing charge
  246. Polar trawl doors in South England
  247. New Keila K121 launched for fitting out
  248. NFFO urges Government rethink attack on Self-Employed Share Fishermen
  249. Fishing’s film festival held in Lorient
  250. Le Zachary heads for Lorient