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  1. Clam fishery work wins funding
  2. Shellfish measures must avoid whitefish sector mistakes
  3. ais targets , mallaig/ small isles
  4. Sea protection barrier at Lossie could collapse
  5. Brighton magistrates seize catch of Belgian beam trawler
  6. Prices plummet on Humber markets
  7. Abalone project meeting in Galway
  8. Prawn Fresh come out top on apperance
  9. Fishermen rescued as boat sinks
  10. Atlanto-Scandian herring comes of age for Scots in MSC move
  11. Claims of 'secret seal slaughter'
  12. Row over new trawler mooring fees
  13. Whale's carcass is spotted in sea
  14. Inquiries into fisherman's death
  15. North could lead with UK’s first commercial tuna farm
  16. Fish renamed to spare shoppers’ blushes
  17. Airlift after fisherman injured
  18. Monster lobster comes to aquarium
  19. Isles marine centre wins custom from Iran
  20. Rebuilt facilities help Canadian fishers and mussel schemes win funding
  21. Signs of changing fish patterns
  22. Committee demand “realistic” approach to whiting TAC
  23. Golden Promise runs aground
  24. Mixed picture at the main markets
  25. Bridlington fishermen first to receive free damage control kits
  26. Crossing the bar (Videos)
  27. Road to the Isles single no more
  28. Member sadly crossed the bar...
  29. Need for better West Coast stock surveys met with cash boost
  30. Tuna stock is on a countdown to collapse, say WWF
  31. Fishing grounds threatened by increasing carbon dioxide emissions
  32. Frenchmen Flying the Jolly Rodger
  33. Porbeagle shark landings
  34. Fisherman's hand crushed on boat
  35. Scots contributing to global marine crisis, says WWF
  36. Deadlest Catch
  37. hiya can ya help?
  38. Fisherman’s death underlines in port “hazards”
  39. help
  40. Pictures
  41. Western Training
  42. Fishermen fight madness of £40m of fish thrown away
  43. Britain's first no-fishing zone named - off Flamborough Head
  44. External Hard Drives
  45. Charlestown Harbour Graveyard
  46. Injured Fisherman Evacuated to Hospital By Coastguard Helicopter
  47. Two Men lost off Clifton Galway
  48. John Stephen skipper of the Sunrise FR359
  49. Spaniards and all that...
  50. My Powerpoint
  51. Cod & Country File
  52. Skipper of the Ryanwood FR307 Lost at Sea.
  53. Fishermen call for seal management scheme
  54. Skipper dies after trawler sinks
  55. Man, 21, accused of stealing fishing boat
  56. Fisherman to pay £3.3m in divorce
  57. A query, Why scrap and not sell?
  58. Dorset crabber capsized.
  59. Submitted reposte to an article in total sea fishing magazine
  60. Yet more Proceeds of Crime Act "confiscations"
  61. Using pictures for social networks
  62. Two dead in fumes alert on barge
  63. Fatigue warning issued after collision incident
  64. Fishermen rescued as boat sinks
  65. Fury over Norway’s “heavy-handed” treatment of Scots boats
  66. Drifter 'Reaper'
  67. Trident families receive report
  68. Small boat licences
  69. Youghal Fish , Ronan Forde an apology
  70. Training etc.
  71. Fish importer is wound up in the high court
  72. Joker slammed for putting lives in danger
  73. ‘Blue seas thinking’ as Lochhead launches Scottish fisheries project
  74. Fisherman accused of damaging historic wrecks
  75. Fisherman finds sub in his path
  76. holiday
  77. New crab working group
  78. Best Make Of Creel?
  79. Tesco to source seafood from responsible fishing vessels
  80. Aberdeen children to check out local seafood industry
  81. Blow for Newlyn as Euro grant bid gets thumbs down
  82. Bring the cygnus marine back!
  83. Ireland’s poor quota share must be put right, says Smith
  84. Concerns voiced with Borg over County Down fleet
  85. Fishing is “industry of the future”
  86. Brussels “discriminating” against Scottish West Coast fishermen
  87. Record landings of sandeel
  88. HG306 Tobis - 39,95 m trawler
  89. isadale arrested
  90. boat names
  91. Anyone got any shark stories ?
  92. lowestoft trawlers
  93. drift netting bass and soles
  94. Fleetwood fishermen get extra plaice quota
  95. Scotia-Fundy haddock fishery begins assessment for MSC certification
  96. Faroese mackerel and herring fisheries to enter MSC assessment
  97. MSPs visit Argyll to discuss Marine Bill
  98. Marine Harvest must go for “concrete reforms”
  99. Whale and dolphin safety worries surface after sonar incident
  100. Spurdog worries mount in South-west
  101. English grouping join Scots to underline sustainability credentials ahead of premiere
  102. Man dies following harbour plunge
  103. Greenpeace targets Spanish supermarkets
  104. Selling rod-caught fish could land you a hefty fine
  105. Scottish MP seeks urgent meeting with Minister over Filipino issue
  106. why are grunters bad luck
  107. Strong export performance from seafood sector
  108. Decline in Scotland’s seabird numbers
  109. Fishing chiefs fear crisis near as ‘perfect storm’ brews
  110. Mackerel 2009
  111. Western Training
  112. Fishing Nets
  113. Unfortunately another fisherman drowned in Ireland
  114. Gulf cod fishery shut down to protect stock
  115. Manx reef trial plans out for consultation
  116. Man overboard at Brixham Trawler race
  117. Bristol Channel bass boats go for blue eco-label
  118. Scottish fishing industry study gets under way
  119. Europe must follow Scotland’s lead, say WWF
  120. Important investment for Lowestoft
  121. MFA told: new ray demand won’t work
  122. Trawler firm fined over spillage
  123. Mrs and Mrs Wolf Fish have babies
  124. Crew rescued off grounded dredger
  125. MMO chair designate named
  126. North Sea RAC want industry input for nephrops plan
  127. Member sadly crossed the bar...
  128. New megrim study will fill a knowledge gap
  129. European funding must continue, says MSP
  130. Inshore shellfish industry “ready to protect” their fishing grounds
  131. Norway has used “carrot and stick” policy to end discarding
  132. Porbeagle sharks - Amble
  133. More needs to be done to recognise fishers’ conservation role
  134. Mackerel fishery becomes 50th to be certified
  135. Scottish shellfish firm rescued
  136. Cod dinner is 'a load of old cobblers'
  137. Prince and trawlermen clash over fish stocks
  138. EU fleet overcapacity reporting “insufficient”
  139. Pelagic high grading ban proposal wins warm welcome
  140. seaside rescue
  141. Trawlermen 4
  142. Coast TV series...
  143. Young’s move to meet specialist fish finger need
  144. Drive to attract Scottish companies to German showcase
  145. Seafish Commons motion wins support of more than 50 MPs
  146. Eel plan rejection heavy blow for fishermen
  147. San Diego menaced by jumbo squid
  148. off to Cornwall
  149. Boats in skye
  150. Three dead after boat overturns
  151. looking for 32ft cygnus or holten
  152. Lifeboat skipper to be honoured
  153. Fishing boat sinks following fire
  154. CCTV aims to reduce fish discards
  155. Fishing boat finds oldest underwater human bone
  156. Flooding precaution reminder issued in wake of vessel loss
  157. Nimrod fishing for prawns ?
  158. Mini tornado wreaks havoc on isle
  159. Admiral Gordon owners and skipper found not guilty
  160. Irish fishermen propose three month closure for nephrops fishery
  161. FISHING fleets in South Eastern England are to start tagging scheme
  162. Man dies in harbour jump accident
  163. Sad loss of Martin Heard (Boat builder)
  164. Scotland’s fishing industry entering challenging phase
  165. White fish market has been “pretty buoyant”
  166. New scheme launched for cod war compensation
  167. Compass supports sustainable seas with increased Fish to Avoid list
  168. Funding for a large number of fishing and seafood projects still available
  169. Scalpay/Harris Old Photos and Interviews
  170. Welsh thumbs-down for Devon peace plan
  171. Coastguard warning as detonators found on Scottish island
  172. The "Fishing News"
  173. Illegal Camel fishing results in fine for Padstow man
  174. New seafood plant for Inverness-shire
  175. Sad news ...
  176. Unexploded bomb detonated at sea
  177. Bloody Greenpeace IDIOTS again
  178. Astronaut SY80 saved from sinkng.
  179. Fishermen 'want out' of industry
  180. Looking For Trawler
  181. Looking for info on a set of Pair trawlers
  182. Thousands of dead fish washed up
  183. Inquest into trawler crew deaths
  184. Cod quota sparks worries as Norwegians tighten screw
  185. Cod stock collapse and ecosystem change in the Northwest Atlantic
  186. rigging gill nets
  187. French fisherman injured by wire
  188. Cefas looking for vessels for North Thames fisheries research
  189. new ”Serene”
  190. new series of trawlermen....
  191. Looking for potter named ' Sea Eagle '
  192. Vandals at Stornoway Harbour.
  193. Fish report 'to help net profits'
  194. Trawlers ,rigs and Rescue
  195. Pictures
  196. Heather Isle M Rescue
  197. 'Pirate fishing' fear over planes
  198. Deep water longlining??
  199. Fishing Net Lecture-ne Scotland
  200. Luce Bay marine reserve
  201. Speak to the BBC Landward team this week in Peterhead and Fraserburgh
  202. Scottish seafood restaurant wins MSC certification
  203. Sustainable fishing sea trials success in the south-west
  204. Oban in the spotlight as new drive to cut discards gets underway
  205. Skipper in trouble in the Humber
  206. weatherhead boats...
  207. Stevenson voices support for bluefin tuna fishing ban
  208. French government to declare 70-mile EEZ in the Mediterranean
  209. Police warn of fish scams
  210. Marine science festival heads for SAMS
  211. Skippers
  212. Boat is abandoned after collision
  213. bad news..........
  214. Fife SWAN sailing at speed (video)
  215. Sailors saved after 'hit-and-run'
  216. Crew saved from grounded trawler
  217. Fishermen set for 'tough times'
  218. Accident leads to new call for fishermen to don lifejackets
  219. Trawlers on 'Guard'?
  220. Member sadly crossed the bar...
  221. Superstitions
  222. Trawler AIS
  223. help
  224. Charity calender for the Galway Hospice
  225. outboard choice
  226. SFF challenges Government to champion the cause of sustainable fishing
  227. Scottish scientists partner in the first underwater video observatory for science
  228. Trawlerman star Jimmy Buchan returns to the Seafish blog
  229. Eastern Channel cod fishery to remain closed
  230. Fishing leader welcomes cod scam prosecution
  231. Warm seas bigger threat to North Sea cod
  232. Arklow Maritime Museum
  233. Tributes after fish firm boss dies
  234. Links to Online Condolence books
  235. cardigan bay scallopers!!
  236. Two Fishing Boats Run Aground At Eilean Isay, Loch Dunvegan
  237. 2008 UK Fisheries Statistics published by MFA
  238. October Fish Fest to highlight Peterhead’s fishing heritage
  239. must read find out how what we arereally up against
  240. Illegal scalloping costs former lifeboat Coxswain £3,000
  241. Welsh Assembly assumes full responsibility for sea fisheries and launches consultatio
  242. Margin of Tolerance proposal must be dropped or thousands of fishermen will be crimin
  243. Global net tightens around illegal fishing
  244. Yorkshire fishermen told to change practices
  245. lisbon vote (again) ireland
  246. Norwegian boats in mackerel ban
  247. Insurance company wants £1.2million in compensation
  248. Young thieves steal live lobsters
  249. The Skipper.
  250. Swordfish find shocks fisherman