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  1. New Antares LK419 launched
  2. EU Commission sues UK over harbour porpoise protection
  3. Advice up for mackerel, herring and blue whiting
  4. Discard ban–Potential for chaos
  5. Sign up for fishing news advert
  6. NZ looks to Norway for new trawler
  7. Long and strong
  8. Award for small boat fisherman
  9. Bare-bones shipbuilding
  10. Lost trawler exhibition opens today
  11. One step closer to bringing WWI ship home to Hull
  12. 'Indiana Jones' shark gains protection at Cites meeting
  13. Fochabers fish and chip shop batters rivals to be best in Scotland
  14. Man rescued from Eyemouth harbour after falling from boat
  15. Scots fishers welcome commitment given to fishing by UK minister
  16. Nominations open for seafood champions
  17. Boosting 4G comms range
  18. Newbuild for Ireland next year
  19. Industry discusses crab fishery
  20. File under "Total and utter Codswallop"
  21. Fisherman's Friends death trial: Company had 'casual approach to safety'
  22. Norway’s great export surge marches on
  23. Maritime partners prepare historic trawler’s return
  24. Quota cuts a death knell for western Baltic
  25. Bacteria from the intestines of mackerel can kill superbugs
  26. How a 'rogue' environmental group transformed American fisheries
  27. Boat safety failures led to death of fisherman in North Sea
  28. Mix-up lands fisherman in court
  29. SIC backs £3m fish market development
  30. Fisherman's Friends:Jury visits site of Guildford gig deaths
  31. Gin & Tonic mussels for seafood week
  32. Three good years
  33. Scottish Fishermen’s Federation shortlisted for prestigious green energy award
  34. Irish police raid fishing boats in search for illegal workers
  35. Mustad systems successful in Greenland
  36. Vónin strengthens sales team
  37. Call for action to protect 'the lungs of the sea'
  38. Young’s bid to hook new consumers
  39. Herring survey study video
  40. Rolls-Royce design and equipment for Greenland pair
  41. Simek to build new Veidar longliner
  42. Optimar to deliver Sealord factory deck
  43. Isle of Man cuts king scallop fishing licences
  44. Gaul trawler play opens at Hull Truck Theatre
  45. Dolphin pictured killing porpoise by flipping it into air
  46. Research sheds light on by-catches
  47. Herring muscles in on mackerel catches
  48. Russian warship detains Icelandic trawler
  49. Macduff delivers Forever Faithful
  50. Cuts for western Baltic cod
  51. South Korea warns it will shoot at Chinese vessels fishing illegally
  52. Fishermen’s group finalist for award
  53. Successful Holland Fisheries Event
  54. Poor capelin outlook
  55. Two rescued from life raft in Isle of Lewis loch
  56. It’s a family affair as Scotland is named UK’s best food producer
  57. Orcas seen preying on seals in the Moray Firth
  58. TV Fisherman Takes Twitter Helm
  59. Sustainably sourced seafood at European Parliament
  60. New trawler for Dutch owners
  61. 'Black Friday' sculpture unveiled in Eyemouth
  62. Market tour shows best of Brixham
  63. C188 Work in Fishing convention to become EU law
  64. News Kings Cross PD365 named
  65. Multi-purpose newbuild for La Turballe
  66. ‘Show how’ presentation for processors
  67. Grimsby Seafood Village almost full
  68. Barents Sea tension
  69. 29,000 tonnes of herring and mackerel
  70. Norway exports aimed at South America
  71. Spar chain to stock Saucy Fish
  72. Iceland set for strike
  73. Sick crewman in 'life or death' rescue 180 miles off Lewis
  74. Fraserburgh’s Fishermen’s Mission nears completion
  75. Brixham market fish value is £1m record breaker
  76. Wreck of German U-boat found off coast of Stranraer
  77. New Cleopatra for Trondheim
  78. American lobster not on EU list of alien invasive species
  79. More fish, less value
  80. New Helix trawl pays dividends
  81. Russia and Norway set Barents Sea quotas
  82. Scallop deaths linked to seismic surveys being carried out on seabed...
  83. Cockle pickers filmed illegally 'harvesting' protected Adur Estuary
  84. RNLI escorts fishing boat to Douglas harbour after fire
  85. Grimsby FMA outlines bold new strategy
  86. Cod exports approach two billion kroners
  87. Almost a fifth of UK fish landed in Shetland in 2015
  88. Fish strike: Grimsby may send delegation to Iceland
  89. Stretched and rebuilt
  90. Survey shows Scottish fishing fleet nationalities
  91. New processing factory almost ready
  92. £3 million fishmarket development proposed for Scalloway
  93. French fishermen condemn British scallop raiders
  94. Skipper Expo Int 2016 ready to roll
  95. Ramoen ready for sea
  96. NI not entitled to fish for mussel seed in Republic – Supreme Court
  97. Captain fined £12,000 for unlawful fishing in Manx waters
  98. Fisherman fined £1,255 for fisheries offences in case brought by MMO
  99. Sales and turnover increase at Thistle Seafoods
  100. Seafish demonstrates stability at Skipper Expo
  101. 36 metres is ideal
  102. Howth fishing voice speaks out!
  103. Iceland industry awaits election fall-out
  104. Herring show up
  105. Canada-EU deal ‘great for seafood’
  106. These deep-sea creatures are 10,000 years old
  107. Surrey firm buys Grimsby processor
  108. £4.10 million investment for sustainability improvement
  109. Fishermen welcome Welsh Government’s positive step to scallop fishery in Cardigan Bay
  110. Annie T, Harvester and Apollo reports published
  111. Lifejacket law 'should be prioritised' after four deaths
  112. Fishermen against compulsory wearing of lifejackets
  113. North-east fish firm to supply royal banquet in Monaco
  114. Mackerel–Scotland’s marine gold
  115. Growth ‘behind Grimsby seafood acquisition’
  116. New SFF President
  117. New Gunnar K from Larsnes Mek
  118. Free training for Scottish fishermen
  119. Pulse Trawl Impact Assessment Project 2016-2019
  120. Firm fined £30,000 over Fisherman's Friends deaths
  121. Fishermen to fight long-running eviction battle in court
  122. A meeting of minds in Warsaw
  123. Two people and a dog rescued from Lyme Bay after fishing boat sank "extremely quickly
  124. Another early morning call for Peel lifeboat.
  125. Mackerel prices soar for UK processors
  126. Weak pound may push up fish finger price
  127. Pelagic fleet renewal in full swing
  128. Independent processors back fishermen
  129. No excuse for dumping at sea
  130. Commissioner meets European social partners
  131. 69,000 tonne season
  132. Boat race over 'unusually good' Isle of Man king scallop crop
  133. Design Catamarans LTD
  134. New orders for Piet Brouwer
  135. Remembering seafarers’ sacrifice
  136. Irish seafood gets €12 million funding
  137. Fisherman dies off southwest coast
  138. Iceland dispute edges towards agreement
  139. Good week for pelagics
  140. Reliability, power, low fuel consumption
  141. Hampiðjan introduces DynIce Power Warps
  142. Icelandic fleet on strike
  143. Iceland strike ends
  144. Isle of Man catch limit imposed after 'fishing race' concerns
  145. Processing relief after strike deal
  146. Arrests after Deadliest Catch star Jake Harris assaulted
  147. Japanese fishing boat at Rockall
  148. Search under way after reports of man overboard off Wicklow coast
  149. Thousands of Chinese ships trawl the world, so how can we stop overfishing?
  150. French boat sank in Devon harbour due to 'language difficulties'
  151. WW2 bomb prompts evacuations in Portsmouth
  152. New processing factory almost ready
  153. Agreements signed–pending membership ballot
  154. Thomas Questions Taoiseach on legal issues facing Northern Ireland Fishermen
  155. Search resumes for missing fisherman off Wicklow coast
  156. DFDS buys Shetland fish transport firm
  157. Regional quotas allocated
  158. Man collapses and dies working at harbour in Aberdeenshire
  159. Fleet back at sea
  160. New seine netter for Icelandic owners
  161. Whitby Harbour users call on Scarborough Borough Council for 'urgent renovations'
  162. Fishermen fall ill after WW2 chemical bomb they dragged aboard in their nets EXPLODES
  163. Pennan’s Local Hero harbour master found dead near his seafront bothy
  164. Hopes and fears for capelin
  165. New eastern Iceland net loft
  166. Higher prices boost Norwegian cod exports
  167. Big steps taken at ICCAT 50th anniversary meeting
  168. 1200 tonnes in five hauls
  169. Shellfish industry:Minister working on Irish court ruling
  170. Now storms hamper Iceland fishing
  171. Temporary NZ fishery closures
  172. Purse seine hotel booked up ten years ahead
  173. Manx fisherman denied scallop permit
  174. Brittany concerns over Brexit
  175. Granit launched at Tersan
  176. ECA Group acquires stake in Mauric
  177. P&P end Australian venture
  178. Spain taunts gibraltar
  179. Brixham honours fishermen lost at sea
  180. Danes launch new fishmeal alternative
  181. Haddock prices to ‘soar’ next year
  182. UK federations stand together
  183. H&N looks at Ramoen
  184. Northern Ireland captain fined £8,000 for illegal scallop fishing
  185. Bass: Ban on Gill Net Fisheries “Misguided and Harmful”
  186. Iceland fishing industry reduces debt
  187. PSV to go to fishing
  188. Radio Caroline seeks Ofcom licence for Essex and Suffolk
  189. Oslo Airport plans new seafood hub
  190. UK type approves inshore VMS
  191. Money well spent
  192. Quiet on herring grounds
  193. EU fish consumption falling
  194. Sunset captured at sea by Grimsby fisherman
  195. Scottish skipper fined £5,000 for illegal scallop dredging
  196. Scottish Fishermen’s Federation scoops green energy award
  197. Norway hikes herring quota
  198. New Antares LK419 for Shetland ready to fish
  199. Pelagic newbuilds go electric
  200. Antares takes Simek back to fishing
  201. RNLI Lifeboat rescues fishing vessel of West Cork coast
  202. WA fisheries seize top dollar fishing boat for lobster pot mischief
  203. Caterpillar to deliver direct from China
  204. Incredulous and angry – French fishermen
  205. Our Sarah Jane report and flyer published
  206. Life Cell achieves SOLAS certification
  207. Herring over, blue whiting next
  208. Arctic Corsair set to be given new home under £3.5m 'maritime tourism' plan
  209. New fish sustainability chief at Co-op
  210. Welcome to Norway’s newest, smartest fishing vessel
  211. Exchange rate and Brexit hit Icelandic producers
  212. Faroese pelagic fleet relies on Vónin gear
  213. Quick fix for 30-year old engine's turbo
  214. EU Ministers urged to claim Svalbard fishing rights
  215. Squid may become favourite UK meal as seas become warmer
  216. Fishmonger RR Spink & Sons secures first supermarket deal
  217. Tougher requirements for EU vessels fishing outside community waters
  218. UK immigration minister to hear of fishing crew shortages
  219. Bass ban could split French industry
  220. Eyemouth lifeboat called out to assist stricken trawler
  221. MDV-1 IMMANUEL: the future of fishing vessels
  222. Ný-Fiskur sold to Nesfiskur
  223. Positive results for Spain
  224. Icelandic fleet on strike–again
  225. New Icelandic strike threat to supplies
  226. Europêche managing team confirmed for another two years
  227. Fishing groups concerned over opening of territorial waters
  228. Best year for Shetland fish landings since 1987
  229. New grants boost for north-east
  230. Industry disappointment over unchanged Birds and Habitats Directives
  231. Newbuild trawler for Danish family
  232. Warning issued as rogue traders sell rotting fish to elderly in North-east
  233. Fisheries agreement 'could wipe out boats'
  234. Fish washed up on Marazion beach in Cornwall
  235. Thyborøn industrial trawler replaced
  236. In pictures: The plight of the fishermen
  237. Automatic VP freezer unloading a huge success
  238. Faroes and Norway agree 2017 access
  239. Fly shooter gets an extra six metres
  240. New Cleopatra for Finmark
  241. Deeper widescan sounder from WASSP
  242. 20% rule a failure
  243. Fishing company contributes to UNICEF relief fund
  244. Maritime honour for Cherbourg trawler owner
  245. New longliner for Norwegian owners
  246. Fishing crew missing off Kent coast after boat capsizes
  247. Stefanie ready for sea
  248. Russian yards race for orders
  249. Holding government to account on blue ling
  250. Torbas goes to Faroese owners