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  1. Shellfish behaviour:Canada,US lobster industry at odds with Sweden
  2. Watch as big hearted foodie saves lucky lobster from the pot at Glasgow restaurant
  3. International waters agreement looks possible
  4. Angler anger as Eustice doges demo
  5. Vónin trawl doors
  6. Fishermen claim partial Supreme Court victory in Wash fishing case
  7. Whitefish vessel investments continue
  8. Double TUB
  9. Centre of attention
  10. Ruth kicks off with Vónin gear
  11. The Fishing Industry and Brexit
  12. Pringle Questions Department Claim that Killybegs Harbour is safe for Dredging
  13. Last call for young mongers
  14. Cracking down on unlicensed fish sales
  15. Saithe and redfish production between seasons
  16. Blistering barnacles
  17. Keeping Lydd on it
  18. One rule for oil,another for fish
  19. Major search for overboard fisherman off Orkney
  20. Seafish set for Brussels expo
  21. Ocean climate change report scheduled
  22. Sofrimar scoops green award
  23. Fish ‘n’ chip sales top 12 million a week
  24. Fishing compensation claim worked up
  25. NFFO fights unlicensed fish trade
  26. Norway to catch young consumers
  27. Stefoly: quick and shallow
  28. Wake-up call for EU Member States to ratify Work in Fishing Convention
  29. Longliner joins Faroese fleet
  30. Changes predicted to Russian fishing industry laws
  31. Man dies after Deal fishing boat capsizes near pier
  32. The great Grimsby giveaway
  33. Under Control
  34. Simrad unveils live 3D data streaming
  35. Russia looks for quotas in Iceland’s EEZ
  36. Double trawler launch
  37. Halibut swiming on the surface
  38. Brussels rebrand for ASL
  39. Royal recognition for Black Isle firm
  40. Saithe show up off Westfjords
  41. Gear lift with Vónin Flyer
  42. Newfoundland cod stock shows signs of recovery
  43. Highland Council may lease out Tain mussel fishery
  44. Saithe recertified
  45. Fishermen plead with MP to throw them a lifeline
  46. New Crystal Sea comes to Newlyn
  47. Sweden extends quota system for Baltic pelagics
  48. Danish trawler lost, crew rescued
  49. Nerds unleashed on on-board camera conundrum
  50. Rising prices boost trawler firm’s fortunes
  51. Twin trawl milestone for Rapp Marine
  52. Crew of Radiation - photograph take sometime in the 60’s
  53. Petition calls for monitoring of anglers
  54. Steady on blue whiting
  55. Trefjar delivers to Norway
  56. Norwegians reeling in record numbers of giant 'coffee cod'
  57. Seafood labour rights in EU spotlight
  58. Free seafood database launched
  59. SFF stalwart joins fisheries museum
  60. Young’s expands its Gastro range
  61. Sign up to fish scheme,M&S tells suppliers
  62. French fishing vessel STEREN MOR sinking off Ouessant
  63. Russian fishing group plans whitefish,pelagic newbuilds
  64. 'Urgent need' to measure Arctic fish stocks
  65. Irish seek alternatives to MCZs
  66. Fish hackathon seeks answers
  67. Iceland:Coastal quota increase
  68. United front on Baltic fishing
  69. Simrad app simplifies PX Trawl monitoring configuration
  70. Brexit 'could cost fish exporters £100m'
  71. Certified seafood discussed at Brussels
  72. Seafood and the Panama Papers
  73. Fishing boat sunk off St David’s Head,Pembrokeshire SAR ongoing
  74. Brexit 23/6/2016 FINALLY LEAVING THE EU 11pm 31/1/2020
  75. New Kings Cross PD365 launched
  76. Galway line-up revealed
  77. Greenland halibut play hard-to-get
  78. Work in Fishing comes a step closer
  79. Why have the SNP abandoned fishermen along the Clyde coast?
  80. ALEX C BRD18 sank alongside Mallaig pier,no one aboard thankfully
  81. Faroese mackerel furore heats up
  82. Boost for fish working conditions
  83. Fish overtime row goes to Brussels
  84. Norway to press for better EU access
  85. Porlock Bay oysters harvested for first time in 100 years
  86. Isle of Wight tidal project failure 'would ruin shellfish beds'
  87. Europe to devolve conservation measures
  88. Seafood netting ‘huge benefits’ from EU
  89. Ten years of Hydrowing doors
  90. Plymouth Fisheries welcomes new ethical fishmonger
  91. What is Pew really up to?
  92. Fishing must be top priority for next Scottish Government
  93. Fishing Industry Access to IFCAs Called into Question
  94. Seaweed set for food fair debut
  95. Surge of interest from Shetland skippers
  96. Norwegian export boom continues
  97. Search for rising seafood stars heats up
  98. Solid start to year for Marel
  99. Fire badly damages Grimsby smokehouse
  100. Nauta newbuilds
  101. Danes encouraged to choose local fish
  102. Exciting times at Optimar Stette
  103. Static gear requirements within the scottish zone (12 nautical miles from baselines)
  104. New shrimper to offer greater versatility
  105. Successful tests with steerable doors
  106. Tariff-free EU access for Norwegian seafood
  107. Hook and Net on deep water debacle and Work in Fishing
  108. Russia’s largest fishing firms in ‘crouch start’ position on fleet renewal
  109. North-east lifeboat crew called to aid injured person on fishing boat
  110. Shetland landings show their worth
  111. EU trade deal vital says Norway
  112. Blue whiting getting lively
  113. Encouraging results from fishing trials with new trawl for reducing unwanted bycatch
  114. Public sceptical of sustainability claims
  115. Kattegat set for fresh protection
  116. Growing demand for Norwegian skrei cod
  117. Blue Growth snake oil
  118. Good news for trawl wire
  119. Atlantic mackerel back in MSC fold
  120. Traceability guidance issued
  121. Fish chief quits in ‘burnout’ claim
  122. Greenpeace files complaint about UW fishery professor
  123. Help raise £5,000 to Help buy the safety equipment for our fishermen
  124. Call for action on overfished seabed within Isle of Man’s territorial waters
  125. Scottish landings fall 15%
  126. Shetland hosts Seafish board
  127. Quiet show doesn't subdue sales
  128. No shortage of cod and golden redfish
  129. Campaigners demand probe into mislabelling of restaurant fish
  130. Flag day for action groups in €6.4m fisheries funding quest
  131. Dutch bid for French tuna operator
  132. Successful Exocets
  133. Strong start on offshore redfish
  134. Howth RNLI rescue ill fisherman
  135. Exporters invited to China food and drink event
  136. ‘Excellent’ start to Irminger redfish season
  137. Scientists launch in-depth study of salmon and mackerel
  138. Little dinghy with a giant fish quota
  139. Sanford responds to UBC claims
  140. Navico Simrad ECDIS gets Russian type approval
  141. Fife fishermens association joins SFF
  142. Councillor urges probe into plastics pollution
  143. DEFRA newsletter addresses EU referendum
  144. Dawn of new era in fight against illegal fishing
  145. Warning on inshore fishing imbalance
  146. Lorient, modern and still modernising
  147. Piriou newbuild and repair services in Lorient
  148. Ullapool's The Seafood Shack has licence challenged
  149. New Scottish Fisheries minister : Fergus Ewing
  150. Shellfish marketing group shortlisted for award
  151. RNLI aids injured trawlerman
  152. EU fish imports increase by €1 billion
  153. Blue whiting shifts west of the Faroes
  154. Refit boosts fishroom capacity
  155. Bopp expands in Ireland and Scotland
  156. Lorient’s langoustine
  157. MMO launches fisheries statistics survey
  158. Rising demand for fish
  159. Project targets teen seafood
  160. First landings of North Sea herring
  161. Newbuild for Cherbourg
  162. Queenie festival cancelled because 'the sums didn't add up'
  163. Easter boosts seafood sales
  164. Great expo-tations
  165. Land reclaimed for new net loft
  166. The Road to the Referendum
  167. Grimsby Kasbah dock buildings given go-ahead for demolition
  168. Buckie firm’s pride in award shortlist
  169. A crow that knows
  170. Three rescued after Cumbria fishing boat hits wind turbine
  171. Date set for Lerwick upgrade
  172. Aberdeen show set to break records
  173. Port State Measures Agreement to become law
  174. Skagen top Danish port
  175. Scots scoop six gongs
  176. Irish land €4 million in funding
  177. Downsizing due to diktats
  178. NGOs silent on critical film
  179. Serene a milestone for Danish yard
  180. 10 species on Skipper menu
  181. The end of the line for www.fishnewseu.com
  182. Researchers upbeat on Barents cod stocks
  183. French fishermen being paid £1,000 a person to take migrants across the Channel
  184. Last Fleetwood trawler owner plans to sell his boat
  185. Skippers’ show boasts record crowd
  186. Young’s in ‘Dragon’s Den’ packaging quest
  187. Processors and retailers agree Arctic deal
  188. Sun investigation reveals gang is charging £140k to smuggle migrants across Channel
  189. People Smugglers Find New Route Into Britain
  190. Redfish quota took ten days
  191. Brussels show ‘tremendously successful’
  192. Clean shores, clean seas
  193. Tornados take off
  194. Precision nets award
  195. PM and Boris clash over EU fishing laws
  196. Fishermen Offered Cash To Smuggle Migrants
  197. MPs 'considering using majority' to keep UK in single market
  198. Seafood Week to return in autumn
  199. Norway seafood exports increase 28 per cent
  200. Ögurvík acquired by Brim
  201. Trawl footprint frozen
  202. EU referendum: Would Scotland's fishermen be better in or out?
  203. Fleetwood trawler skipper charged with alcohol offence
  204. EU and Norway cut prawn quota
  205. Trefjar delivers seine netter to Norway
  206. Lerøy takes over Havfisk and Norway Seafoods
  207. Morgère recruits design engineer
  208. Two Fisherman Rescued From Sinking Boat In West Cork
  209. Sustainable catch doubles in five years
  210. Loppa gutting machine launched at NorFishing
  211. Norwegian trio from Poland
  212. Conveyor system for Amber J
  213. Three lifeboats launched to reports of man overboard
  214. New laws for lobster and crab fishing
  215. Cornish fishermen win praise for sustainable catch
  216. Van Dijck back on track
  217. Iceland quota recommendations
  218. New longliners for Ervik Havfiske
  219. Teeth last three times longer
  220. Pranksters set-off flares as coastguard rush to sinking ship
  221. Sea Change Champion Award 2016 goes to Sussex fisherman
  222. Saithe up, cod and haddock down
  223. Taking Omega-3 a step further
  224. EU fish consumption increasing
  225. Icelandic warns of job losses in M&S blow
  226. All about that saithe
  227. Growth in fishing attracts new suppliers
  228. Co-operation on new inshore fleet
  229. Cleopatra for Lofoten
  230. Fisherman airlifted from boat off Cape Wrath to hospital
  231. London team wins young chef title
  232. Hirtshals hosts gear course
  233. Legal action forces MMO to the table over Whitsand Bay dumping
  234. Making sense of fuel usage
  235. Good May for Síldarvinnslan trawlers
  236. Mark's new Gloria trawl works like a dream
  237. Faroese pelagics get MSC approval
  238. Pilots and plotters made for fishing
  239. Gloucestershire salmon fisherman wins right to damages
  240. Scottish fishing leaders meet new Minister
  241. Cod and haddock quota cuts in Barents Sea
  242. Icelandic meets council over job losses
  243. Fishermen encouraged after meeting Minister
  244. Young’s strengthens operating board
  245. Pair teams arrested in Faroese waters
  246. Better shrimp grading with short belly trawl
  247. Two deliveries from Boulogne yard
  248. Enterprise report and flyer published
  249. Bugaled Breizh: Court of Cassation closes trawler deaths inquiry
  250. NZ seafood firms rebel against sanctuary plan