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  1. Grimsby firm nets design prize
  2. LIFE line for Scottish creelers
  3. Fish skills contest sails back to Grimsby
  4. New proposal on fishing authorities
  5. Welsh workshops prove popular
  6. New rules for non-EU crew
  7. Fishing news awards 26th may 2016
  8. Gray Seal Filmed Drowning And Cannibalizing A Pup
  9. German show exceeds expectations
  10. Salvaging Med’s small scale fisheries
  11. Getting ready for tuna?
  12. Fed to back Aberdeen show
  13. UK Boating Laws - All at Sea?
  14. Is punishing fishermen more important than policing drug importation?
  15. Icelandic seamen prepare to strike
  16. Cork fishermen to sue The Guardian over migrant workers article
  17. Plans for new Whalsay fish factory in doubt
  18. Atlantic Salmon Trust–The Challenges Ahead
  19. Harbour repair windfall
  20. Gluten-free goes mainstream
  21. £26m trawler ordered
  22. Angling clubs offered £100k
  23. Modern slavery workshop set
  24. Lucky Barstad
  25. Boat surveillance could enforce fish discard ban,study says
  26. Wrong plaice, right fine
  27. Launch Event for North East Scotland Fisheries Local Action Group (NESFLAG)
  28. Scots crustacean consultation
  29. Oxygen key to cod freshness
  30. Danish minister stands down
  31. Supertrawler whistle-blower tells all on 'Atlantic' documentary
  32. Shoppers warm to frozen fish
  33. Academics failing the acid test?
  34. Postwar generation eat more fish
  35. Stock Exchange honour for seafood firm
  36. Grimsby is a ‘great place to be’
  37. Sonar’s real time refresh rate
  38. Fishing must be top priority for next Government
  39. Monkfish Survey - Blog No 1
  40. Irish braced for flagship fisheries show
  41. Lincolnshire frier in frame for award
  42. Naval Service to increase fishery protection duties
  43. Heavy fines for Icelandic trawlers
  44. Sealion caught and released!!
  45. Engey launched in Turkey
  46. Joint venture crab production in Denmark
  47. American looks to Grimsby for smoking advice
  48. Myths that won’t go away
  49. Fishing Vessel towed to safety
  50. Standards need to be levelled
  51. Armon feeling the optimism
  52. Arctic allegations rubbished
  53. Saucy Fish returns to Boston show
  54. Exports up 29%
  55. Fisheries Secretary to visit Broch tomorrow
  56. Fishermen rescued by Coastguard helicopter after fire.
  57. Fraserburgh's EFF windfall
  58. Scots make their Mark in Boston
  59. Scallop sales feedback sought
  60. Lifeline for under-10s
  61. Research project eliminates problem of singing propellers
  62. Seafish Barents Sea report refutes Greenpeace claims
  63. North Devon’s fishing industry facing fresh crisis
  64. Fury against marine minister
  65. Galway survivor lends weight to safety campaign
  66. EU seeks Dutch data improvements
  67. Scots set sights on Boston
  68. Political backing for threatened fish
  69. Norwegian whitefish exports up 28 per cent
  70. Scotland's fishermen look forward to EU referendum
  71. Warning over 'aggressive' Berwickshire fish sellers
  72. Disorientated fisherman sparks emergency
  73. Why look to nature when you can blame management?
  74. Calling future seafood stars
  75. Grimsby firm lands 800-store deal
  76. Hands-on courses prove popular
  77. Chokes: no joke
  78. More than mermaids
  79. Court case in Ireland over the Lisbon Treaty
  80. “Absence Makes The Representation Non-Existent”
  81. Lightweight beam gear for cuttles
  82. Arrests in Spanish IUU crackdown
  83. New Cleopatra from Iceland to Tromsø
  84. Interesting points made in this thread
  85. NFFO remains neutral on Europe
  86. Safety lessons: keeping a safe navigational watch
  87. Safety lessons: hazards of recovering lost fishing gear
  88. Bid to find best British seafood talent
  89. Saucy Fish nets another US store chain
  90. SNP curtail democratic process over salmon fishing measures
  91. Fishermen rescued from sinking trawlers at Dartmouth
  92. Searching for “the cod’s pollocks”
  93. The heart of the matter
  94. NZ coordinates IUU crackdown
  95. Top Notch
  96. Grimsby welcomes Scottish skippers
  97. Kvannøy does well on blue whiting
  98. Environmental Bullies
  99. International overfishing study argues every vessel should be tracked
  100. Chance for top young ’mongers
  101. Praise for Galway gathering
  102. Kiddies’ caper scoops promo award
  103. A Newfoundland fishing crew caught this weird nightmare fish
  104. Ramoen afloat
  105. Processing hardware to the fore
  106. Young’s pools its resources
  107. Four more ready to take to sea
  108. Saucy Fish owner facing action threat
  109. Consumers still don’t know fish is healthy
  110. Tuna deadline tomorrow
  111. Varðin Pelagic expands into surimi
  112. Danes dismantle Baltic gains
  113. Double or chips
  114. Fishing safety campaigner honoured
  115. New partners for Fishering Service
  116. Coldwater Prawns confirmed Friend of the Sea
  117. Scottish Pelagic Fish Group commits to sustainable future
  118. Germany seeks sweeping North Sea closures
  119. 250%-500% more lobsters dying, buyers "losing their shirts"
  120. Iceland catches down in January
  121. ‘Atlantic’-the race for the resources of the North Atlantic
  122. Argentina sinks Chinese fishing boat Lu Yan Yuan Yu 010
  123. Seafood labelling concerns
  124. Take a dip on us, says Young’s
  125. Controllable doors ready for trials
  126. Pathway sold to Russia
  127. Angry fishermen. Call the symbolic blockade of French ports
  128. MOB recovery system by Quiksling
  129. Mixed reception for Baltic plan
  130. Danish minister negotiates better sandeel deal
  131. The Fu Yuan Yu fleet–Illegal Chinese driftnet activities on the high seas
  132. Karmøy factory a possibility
  133. Crowdfunded film points the finger at ocean privatisation
  134. Kleven to build for Spain
  135. American Lobster Invasion Risks Wiping Out European Cousins With Deadly Diseases
  136. Galvanised finish for long-life doors
  137. Lumpfish season delayed
  138. Carraig Chuin G162 sunk this morning,crew all safe
  139. Devon fishermen treated as 'common criminals'
  140. Glazed and confused
  141. Lochhead sets about seafood levy
  142. Boulogne trawler refitted
  143. Remain or Leave?:The impact on the fishing industry
  144. MMO announce next key panel dates for the EMFF scheme in England
  145. Brussels explosions:Scots fishermen's leader caught up in suspected terror attack
  146. Cheap diesel fuels profits
  147. International interest in Aberdeen event
  148. Peterhead landings up by volume and value
  149. Captain Birds Eye back in £8m brand revamp
  150. Harry Ramsden moves into pub market
  151. Blue whiting fleet S-W of St Kilda
  152. Andra Tait , crossed the bar 21/03/2016
  153. Survival langoustines past in detail
  154. £5,000 fine sends strong message on illegal fishing in Manx waters
  155. Marine scene generates £3.7 billion
  156. More actors strip off to save fish
  157. Good fishing on Lofoten grounds
  158. Trawling amendment rejected
  159. Pescado owner aims for new inquest
  160. St Abbs lifeboat replacement to be commissioned by July
  161. Men rescued from fishing boat in North Sea
  162. Reshuffle at SFF Services
  163. Peterhead pair join RFS
  164. Chippie backs MSC initiative
  165. No progress between unions and owners
  166. Cefas Cod tags Irish Sea
  167. Chance for seafood chefs to shine
  168. Unemployment:the Senegalese seamen on the Norman fishing boats
  169. Stonehaven chip shop scoops top award
  170. Lagoon show on the ropes
  171. Scots seafood set for Singapore
  172. Seafish supremo heads to NI
  173. Swedish request could end American lobster imports
  174. Faroese blue whiting quota set
  175. Blængur heads for Polish refit
  176. RNLI Fishing Safety Team talk at Fraserburgh
  177. Scientist clueless over Seal deaths
  178. Fish buyers still mistrustful,says MSC
  179. Spain:The artisanal fleet requests a specific quota system "to survive"
  180. Greenland sets pelagic quotas
  181. Scapêche adds ring netter to coastal fleet
  182. Gearing up for 2017
  183. Wirral fisherman lands the biggest cod caught by a Briton
  184. Lizard area fisherman drowns after going overboard
  185. HB Grandi pulls Brussels stand due to terrorist attacks
  186. Former fishing association chief executive denies embezzling £7,000
  187. Tributes to 'irreplaceable' fisherman found tangled in nets
  188. Scapêche to end deep water fishery
  189. Gdansk fishermen in protest
  190. Danish coastal fishermen push for own quotas
  191. Heavy fishing off S-W Iceland
  192. Spreading misinformation about our fisheries
  193. Tributes paid to "visionary" skipper and head of north-east fishing dynasty
  194. McGrath Says New Kickstart Needed For Ardglass Harbour And Fishing Community
  195. MSC gets foothold in Italy
  196. Biggest rise in dolphin, porpoise and whale deaths 'since 2006'
  197. Guernsey-UK fishing deal suspension subject of judicial review
  198. Official endorsement for sustainable seafood
  199. Icelandic is back in black
  200. Deep sea decision denounced
  201. Sensible reform
  202. Hybrid longliner on the drawling board
  203. Unprecedented Leak Exposes Criminal Financial Dealings Of Some Of World's Wealthiest
  204. UK Fisheries Minister visits Toon to talk EU
  205. Body found in the search for missing Josh Winsper, 24
  206. Netsmen under fire
  207. Welsh ready for Brussels show
  208. New measures to assure seafood expo safety
  209. Icelandic Seachill returns to profit
  210. France Pélagique moves to Brittany
  211. Hard words for beleaguered government
  212. Norway live cod fishing
  213. Anglers land three HUGE cod fishing in the River Mersey
  214. Shark shows it 'jaws and teeth' while feeding off Lewis
  215. Seafish sets out annual schemes
  216. New whitefish record
  217. Trawl specialist ready to snag Scots business
  218. Major study into climate impact on fishing launched
  219. Iceland cod fishing “on the up”
  220. Organisations press for new sandeel review
  221. Dolav Boxes new at Brussels Expo
  222. Iceland increases blue whiting quota
  223. New boat for Peterhead , hull being towed across for fitting out just now
  224. Fishing boat sinks in Maryport harbour
  225. Saint Malo.port dredging works are launched
  226. Growers clear up foreshore
  227. Marine scheme consultations kick off
  228. Ramsgate yard’s healthy orderbook
  229. Frøyanes sets a record
  230. Vyborg to build for Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet
  231. Moray Council's harbour dredger Selkie launched
  232. Views sought on IoM coastal management economic and conservation plan
  233. Brussels shortlist announced
  234. Bass demo planned
  235. €7.5 million added to EMFF
  236. Iceland Fisheries Minister appointed PM
  237. Jón Vídalin sold to Iran
  238. Full HD underwater
  239. No free-for-all warns minister
  240. Scots set for Asian showcase
  241. More than just a gaff
  242. Pioneering hydrolysing technology at sea
  243. Iceland appoints new fisheries minister
  244. 'Louisa' named locally as sunken fishing vessel
  245. A Donegal fisherman has been rescued this evening after his boat overturned.
  246. Iceland sets mackerel quota
  247. Sean Anthony S628 ashore near Kinsale , all 3 crew safe
  248. Lobster fisherman rescued by helicopter after becoming caught in ropes
  249. Vella sets Luxemburg agenda
  250. Fisheries Iceland director steps down